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Sunday, 28 February 2016

First Bolt Action Tournament

So I attended my first Bolt Action Tournament at Hulls Angels gaming club. I had been wanting to try out the 47 RM Commando's list/ force so after writing several differing lists and not actually finding one that I was truly happy with I went along with this list.

2Lt, smg
4x RM Cdo's, smg's

RM Medic

8 x RM Cdo's, 4 x rifles, 4 x smg's

8 x RM Cdo's, 4 x rifles, 4 x smg's

8 x RM Cdo's, 4 x rifles, 4 x smg's

8 x RM Cdo's, 4 x rifles, 4 x smg's

RM Cdo's Mmg

RM Cdo Med Mortar

RM Sniper team

CS Centaur

FAO (forward Artillery Observer)  free.

So the glaring weakness in this list is the lack of anti tank. I've used a Piat team in the first 3 games that I played but they just don't cut it imho, in those games the team did nothing, even when they got point blank range and firing twice into side and rear armour. Yes it is probably my bad dice rolling but at the time I thought the points would be better spent elsewhere. So that's what I did, I went into the Tournament with the aim of ignoring any armour that I came up against and at a push I would have to use the CS Centaur to hopefully do some damage.
So how did this tactic do? Well every list I came up against had some armour, 2 lists were Russian and came with the T34 with a flamer weapon and another Brit list with the good old Sherman.

My first game against Russians was more or less over by turn two or so I thought as he just drove down a central road onto my Objective and flamed to death my Cdo's that were guarding it. It was only by a pure fluke that my Mortar team rolled two 6's to hit and destroy the T34 that kept me in the game. The game carried on but in the end I still lost but it was close right up to the end, even though looking at the points he more or less wiped me from the board.

Second game was against a fellow Brit player, this one went better for me and I managed to get my Cdo's into close combat to deal out the damage. I think if it carried over to turn 7 I would have managed a win, but in the end it wasn't to be. This game gave me back some confidence from my loss in the first game, I played it more aggressively and my force stuck together instead of splitting up into assaulting/ fire supporting elements. this helped as I was able to apply pressure early on in the game.

The last game was against more Russians, again with a flamer T34 tank. This game never really played out as I was under a time restraint as I have to leave early from the tournament. We played a bit of cat and mouse and we called it a draw by turn four as that was when I had to leave.

Overall I finished middle of the pack which I was very happy about, I've now played 6 games of BA and have started to get a real feel for how the Cdo's work.
At 1000 points and coming in with 11 dice I'm pretty happy with how the list performed, yes having no real anti tank was a downside but Cdo's make up for this in other ways.
Tough Fighter is a great rule and when paired with up and at em makes them great if they get close enough to assault. When in assault they punch above their weight due to tough fighter and generally come out of top (though not always).
What would I change if I could? I would probably drop the smg's and free up more points for more bodies or goodies, though I'm going to wait until after the next Tournament in April before making the decision. Why drop the smg's? Well the Cdo's don't really need them as they get two attacks in assault anyway due to tough fighter. Smg's give two shots but if my guys are close enough to fire twice, they are also close enough to assault and this is where I would prefer my guys to be, dropping the smg's from all squads and just running rifles would free up about 48 points worth about another three extra bodies, another small team or going towards something else.
The RM Medic didn't do a lot but its a cheap extra dice so still undecided about him.
My mmg placement was poor in two out of three of the games and I still need to work on that, but its another possible replacement.
The next Tournament in April will see a few changes to my list. Its again 1000 points Generic list only and no flamer weapons/ vehicles. I've struggled to fit everything I want in the generic list, but the list I'm going with has anti tank this time. A light Arty/ anti tank which will baby sit my base/ objective teamed up with a small squad of Cdo's providing covering fire and also a Piat team just incase anything comes too close. I'm not expecting the Piat team do blow anything up but just provide a bit of a deterrent.
Well that's it for now, hopefully my next post will be sooner rather than later but I have been busy painting my Germans up. So next time expect to see some more photo's

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