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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Road sections.

I fancied a change from brick builds so I moved onto making up some road sections for the board. I didn’t really have a plan for this, I had an idea what I wanted it to look like so I just cracked on and went with the flow.

My first issue was that fact my road sections didn’t/ don’t line up very well, this fault was something made by me when laying down the original mould and I will change this in the future if/ when I make another mould but till then I will have to live with it.

I needed a suitable base for the road as I didn’t want anything fixed onto the table so I decided on using plasti-card. I then laid out two sections of road and really didn’t like the gaps when joining these two sections together so I spaced them out to fill the whole plasti-card sheet, this left a gap of around 2 inches. In this gap I placed a sewer/ manhole cover and steadily built up the bricks around this whilst adjusting the spacing so that the two sections of road fitted together better.

Along the edges I built up the pavement using some sections of cardboard, in hindsight I should have used something else as when the glue used to do this dried it caused the plasticard to warp and lifted up the edges slightly. Not much mind but enough to make it noticeable so in future I will look at something else, maybe some thicker plasti-card as hopefully that won’t warp. I did try to straighten out the road section but doing this caused some of the pavement flag stones to crack, tbh that wasn’t what I wanted to do but it actually did make the road section lay flat again and it also made the pavement look more realistic.

In the above picture I’ve only filled one side of the gap and below the final piece more or less completed. Once mortar and weathering is added you won’t be able to tell. You may have noticed that I left a slight overhang of bricks on the left side of the road. This overhang will help two sections of road to be able to slot flush together.
Commando’s advancing along the road with Centaur support.

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