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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Progress on all fronts.

OK so I've already slipped up in my Blogging this year and its been a few weeks since I last updated. Not a good start I know but I have my reasons for this, even though I've not been blogging I have been busy hobbying so my mojo is still good.
What have I been up to? Well I realised the size of the project that I've taken on with the Bolt Action gaming table is pretty big, just the sheer size and the actual amount of buildings that I can actually fit into this table made me sit down and have a rethink on how to approach the build.
My original plan has now gone out of the window and I'm aiming for something even better, this has also made me realise that this table isn't going to be completed anytime soon. A year? Maybe two years building at this pace but I'm positive that it will get finished and once completed will be well worth the effort.
I went and ordered some additional moulds so I could cast bricks even faster and in greater amounts as I realised the home made moulds that I have manufactured looked ok but you just don't get the same look as the first building and the varying colours of the individual bricks. Building wise the Offices are complete and the power station just needs a few more rows of bricks to complete too but the two buildings look miles apart.
The first thing I did was to break down the table into more manageable chunks, ie 2x4 sections. I aim to concentrate on one 2x4 section and get that completed before moving onto the next section etc, until I have a fully completed table. To get the right amount of buildings for the industrial zone would I realised cost me a fortune, so I formulated a plan and using the existing buildings as a templates (for doors and window layouts) started to make some buildings from 5mm foam board. These buildings will then be covered in brickwork like the MDF ones from Sarrisa Precision and should when completed look no different from each other.
So getting the first 2x4 section I've had this laid out on the dining room table whilst building up the buildings and getting a good layout fixed (roads, pavements and buildings)
First built was a huge Office/ design building which in scale is probably twice the size of the Sarissa Precision factory. I've designed this to have 3 working levels, ground, first floor and roof sections, I've even built some stairs to link the ground and first floors. Internal detailing such as brick support pillars which the first floor rests on will I hope really make this building stand out.

Side section

Front section

Started by building up the internal pillars in brickwork. Had to do this first as it would be a nightmare trying to do these sections when t was fully built.

First two sections completed, (front and side and glued together on the base.

Ground floor with ceiling
First Floor

 Quick and easy stairway made up, the outside will be covered in brick work.

 Once the internal pillars had been done it allowed me to start the brick work at the front on the building. Starting in the corner to ensure the bricks are square

 Then just followed it around to the side until I was happy.

 Next its just a case of continuing laying the bricks

This is how it looked on the board just after I had cut it out


These pictures show just how big the building actually is in relation to the Sarissa Precision stuff. Once I was happy with this I also realised how much the Factory didn't really look right sitting there, so I designed another slightly smaller office block to fit into the space it vacated. One of the main reasons I decided to move the factory was because of the factory doors were actually opening up onto the pavement. Which is ok but I thought it would look a lot better if the road actually continued up to and then through the actual building and out of the other side. So both of the factories have now been moved to the second section of the table and will be linked together with the block paving road which I'm hoping will link them better to the rest of the table.

Looking better together, fallschirmj√§ger troops form up on the road.

The look I was after is slowly coming together.

This is what the office building looks like now

Well that's it for now thanks for reading.

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