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Friday, 8 January 2016

Power Station

Being able to cast my own sections of brickwork has now sped up my ability to create complete buildings. I wanted to start something roughly the same size as the Office and both factories are considerably bigger so the power station would be the one.
Initially I wasn't keen to do this one because of the chimney/ stack was quite thin and I was thinking that I would have to use individual bricks again but as it turns out my brickwork sections are quite easy to break to the required shape/ length and with careful use of file and needle nose pliers you can get the shape you want. It took roughly 3-5 mins to complete the rear and side wall of the power station, it left a thin layer that needed filling with individual bricks.

 The front took another section and more individual bricks but that was always going to be the case with the doors and windows situated there.

 Another couple of hours of work and the building was more or less complete apart from the top of the stack and the sections between the doors and windows.

 Next up I have to fill in the mortar and repair the MDF roof fence which I managed to break off whilst sticking all these bricks.

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