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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Battlewagon conversion

Ok two posts in two days, I'm going to have to be careful otherwise this might actually start to become a proper Blog.
Well recently I've been thinking about the new Warriors Code G.W. have come up with for their Throne of Skulls Tournies. Basically if G.W. makes a model then you are expected to use it, also no other parts from different company's can be used on your army. If they suspect that they aren't G.W. parts they will ask you to remove them from your Army.
This basically made me think about my Flying Fortress and if it would be acceptable in the Tournie scene, so I've decide to put it on the back burna and convert more recognisable Battlewagons. I've had an Imperial Guard Chimera sat on the shelf for a while now and decided to break it out and start converting. I managed to get the dimensions of an Ork Battlewagon and started measuring up against the Chimera, first thing is that the Chimera is not long enough and would need to be extended by 5cm to bring it in line with the G.W. Battlewagon model. So I marked up and chopped the track/ hull section in two and added a strip of Plasticard to extend the length of the vehicle.

Once I was happy with this I added strips of plasticard along the top track sections on each side to strengthen the hull. These would also provide a basis of the firing platforms where the Loota models will stand and shoot.

Next up was the hull floor which needed extended, pretty easy really and straight forward so no hassle.

The firing platforms were added and Loota models were added to check that they had enough space and everything looked right and not odd. The drivers section was added to as the original would be too small for the Ork driver.

I then started adding details like a drivers hatch and view port, the Lootas firing platform received armour plating etc. I still have to add rivets but I will do that towards the end once most of the model is complete. 

That's it for this short update, I'm out on the town again tonight for another Xmas do. I might do some more tomorrow but I doubt I will be in any state to do anything.
Till next time.

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Future is Green

So here I am once again writing shit to the few who still bother reading Blogger anymore. Tbh most of my gaming community have moved onto using FB and even I resisted for a time but I must admit its a lot better or seems that way for me.

So the title "The Future is Green" basically next year is all about Orks/ Marauders for me. I have my 40K project that has been on a steady burn for a few months. My Flying Fortress had its first outing in a game on Wed night and did ok. Ok as in it didn't die but neither did it do anything special.  Not that I was expecting it to do so, all I wanted was for it to keep my Orks safe which it did.
Me, Mart and Jonny decided on playing a three way battle of 750 points with only one objective placed centrally in a wreck of a Baneblade to aim for. Now I certainly have'nt played 6th edition (3 games so far) this year and Mart has just returned to the Hobby after a year or two out so we are noobs when it comes to playing. As you can imagine the game play was halted by rules queries virtually every turn as we tried to get our heads around the new rules and the older 5th edition rules that keep getting us confused. But we stuck with it and I really started go enjoy the battle. Now my aim is to attend a T of S Tournie late next year with our chosen armies. I've picked Orks and it's something that I'm going to stick with, little time or money limiting on me changing things now.
So Orks? Well they are pretty meh atm, and with the new 6th edition Codex not due out until mid 2014 according to the rumours. So I need to build a force now that can take on the newer and cheaper armies gracing the gaming tables. As 6th seems to be all about shooting and c.c a rarity nowadays I'm looking at building a shooting force of Orks which can still assault if need be or they get close enough.
 Lootas are the main ingredient to this. Their high str weapons are ideal at cutting through transports and also fliers to some degree, but their poor armour saves and lack of a cover save against Tau and their marker lights means I need another way of protecting them. Enter the mightly Battlewagon, 90 points for AV14 frontal armour,12 on the sides plus open topped means I have a better chance at keeping them alive whilst being able to fire the unit at full effect, I'm thinking 8 Lootas with 2 Meks for repairs on the Battlewagon if it gets damaged should do some nice damage and give the option of repairing hull points too.1-18 loota shots and 2 kustom mega blasta's + 15 big shoota's from the Battlewagon (for 20 pts) should hurt something, yes it will probably get shot to pieces in the first few turns but the Lootas will be harder to take out when inside than if they were hiding behind cover.
That was the first lesson that I learnt from the 750 pts game Lootas die quickly, so do Boyz to mass bolter/ gauss fire. Again a 6+ save doesnt cut it in today's Tournie scene, so I'm going to try out Ard shoota Boyz next which gives me a 4+ save. The extra save comes at a cost though, coming in at 10 points per Boyz adds quite a lot of extra points to squads of 20, 80 points in total but with the Boyz footslogging/ running across the table in the first few turns this 4+ save should help keep more of them alive to fire at the enemy and then assault when they finally get in range.
So here's my rough list.


Big Mek with KFF


Ard Boyz x 20

Ard Boyz x 20

Ard Boyz x 20

Deff Dread or Dakkajet.

This is what I will be testing over the coming months till the release of the new Codex. Maybe I might stand a chance against the newer tau, Eldar and SM Codexes.