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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Just a little something.

Well RL has punched me in the hobbying head again, training for the new job is coming to the end phase so it's becoming harder to do much of anything as I'm getting tested most days and running stuff by my lonesome which leaves me pretty much spent by the time I get home. Another issue is that I've run out of plasticard rod and tube so I need some more before I can finish off the undercarriage section on Da Flying Fortress. But this close to Xmas other things need to be bought first.
In the spare moments that I have actually managed to do something, the undercarriage has almost been completed. All that's left is to finish another two landing skids (which I need the rod and tube for), and affix the last bits of armour plating to the underside to make all nice a smooth, well smooth for an Ork anyways.
I've slowly been planning the army build, I'm going totally fluffy, with units I like the look of and which have a strong story theme. There are also rumours of a June release of the new Ork Codex next year so I've been looking these past weeks on EBay to see if there are any bargains, what I have noticed is that ork stuff sells pretty well, which makes grabbing a bargin harder as there is quite a lot of competition out there.
Anyway here is the progress report.

I started by building my landing skid and working out a way to house it on the undercarriage .

 Next up I built up the undercarriage around the position of the front landing skid and continued it towards the rear.
 Strips of plasticard were then added to make it stronger, these will then be riveted at a later date to tie it in with the rest of the vehicle.
Armour plates were then added at angles to bring everything together.
 Landing skid trial fit
With no rod or tube left Ive just propped up the rear to give you an idea of what it will look like.

 In all its glory so far

Well that's it for now, hopefully it wont be long before I can get some more rod and tube and continue building. Till then thanks for reading