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Monday, 28 October 2013

Da Flying Fortress part 5. Pic heavy again!

Well its been almost a week since my last proper update. Mainly because I've been pretty busy at work and also R.L. has pulled me away from my hobby. So after asking some friends for their opinions on the Rotor Blades the MkII version was chosen and I have to agree it looks 100% better than the MkI.
So what have I been up to? Well quite a lot actually, this build has been frustrating in certain parts but once Ive got over the frustration Ive really enjoyed how its turning out.
So I was waiting for some some rare earth magnets to be delivered for most of last week. They arrived two days ago and this has been the frustrating bit. I was expecting these to be better than they actually were, but maybe its my fault for expecting too much from these little things.
Anyway more on that later, from the last update I managed to fill out the rear section on the port side with more armour plates, Ive also had to rip off the top section of the hull and cut out a rectangular hole to place a grot gunner in.

With the edition of these plates I think the Ork Mek's handy work is starting to show.
 A Grot gunner will sit inside watching the rear of the craft for any enemy planes.

Next up was the wings, out came the millipult and I started to roll out the leading edge of the wings, after applying and shaping they were left to harden over night.
Now the bits and pieces that I was keeping to one side came out and the wings started to take shape, strengthening strips, repair patches and rivets were then added. Holes were cut into the wing and magnets glued into position ready for the wings to magnetised to the main Hull. Here is the frustrating part, when I actually got everything on the magnets weren't powerful enough to hold the wings in position. Plan B, I glued the wings onto the Hull and everything else would be magnetised, so that's what I decided to do. 
 The start of the detailing process

 Engine and engine mounting point magnetised and ready

 A nice fitment, measured three times and cut only once, makes for a better job.

In the above photo you can just make out the strengthening strips applied to the upper hull with which the wings will be glued to. It was at this point that I started on the wings again and stripped a few strips off and replaced them with other bits so it tied it all together with the Hull.
 Rethink on the detailing, the tape was there to hold everything in place whilst the damn (slow to set) plastic glue went off.
 First wing in position and glued, when it had set I moved onto adding some more detail which also included more rivets.
 Both wings attached now.
 So whilst these dried off I set to looking through my Bitz box . This is what I came up with, these will form the basis of my tail engines.
 Ok maybe not the best but this is my first mock up.

Tail engines drilled, magnetised and ready to be installed.
 Tail section designed and partly glued/ bluetac'd into position.
 Finally both engines in position on the tail, I think this starts to bring the model together.
 Starting to look more and more like the image I have in my head.

So next up I need to fill out more detail again and the wings/ engines and bodywork, tail flaps need to be designed and mocked up, rear access door needs to be removed and reduced in size so it actually fits closer to the tail section. Then the landing gear needs sorting... Wheels or skids? what would you do?
Also Im really ensure as what to do with the the middle sections either side of the cockpit doors and the transport hold to the rear. Do I plate this off at and angle? or do something else? Any suggestions? let me know your ideas and I can think about it whilst doing the rest of the model.
Anyway thats it for now hope you enjoyed reading

Cheers Skal.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Mk II version of the Rotor Blades.

Something was nagging me about Da Flying Fortress last night. I realised that it was the Rotor Blades. They just didnt look Orky, too human are as Shane put it, Eldar looking.
Well Ive tried a few times to post it on Facebook but I keep getting error messages when I try and download the photo so here it is.

My Mk II version of the Rotor Blades.

Three blades instead of four, quicker to make up but they are going to be a pain to mount as they are slightly thicker at the base.
What do you think guys any better this time?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Da Flying Fortress Part 4. Warning pic heavy!

So in the last few days I've made good progress on my Ork project. I can see it all starting to come together which is a good thing as it helps keep me motivated. I also finished my modelling on my WarBoss, but whilst studying him I have noticed a few rivets that are missing or have dropped off at some point so I will have to replace them.
Well from my last update I've managed to get the wings shaped so they actually look like wings and not bits of plastic just glued to the body. I started by gluing a spacer either side of the wing (top and bottom) then molding 1mm plasticard over and gluing the edges. Elastic bands held it in place whilst the glue dried and what I ended up with was some nice looking wings. The front edge of each wing still needs shaping but that will be done with milliput at a later stage.

First outer sheet attached, one more to go.

Here you can see how the spacer forces the 1mm outer to bend into a wing shape.

 Once the glue had dried I was left with something resembling two wings. The flaps slot into the holes at the rear edge of the wing. The engines were drilled and pinned so that I could mock them up against the wings and blades.


Here you can see what its sort of going to look like when assembled.

Next up whilst I was waiting for the wings to fully dry I decided that I didn't really like the look of the front of the cockpit around the Window/ viewing port. So I carefully removed this front piece and added extra armour plates then re-glued the window/ viewing port back on and it looks a lot better like this.

 What it looked like on the first attempt.

 Second attempt, with extra armour plates, I think it looks much better.

I did the same with the doors, carefully slicing them off and adding another armour section underneath before gluing back on the door.

 Rivets were then added to finish the effect off.

So after some thought on how I wanted the blades to look I made a template and made eight rotor blades. This was made out of 2mm plasticard and was a bitch to cut and shape properly, but after an hour I had the blades shaped more or less how I wanted them. They aren't perfect but these are Orks so it doesn't really matter.

After taking so long on the blades the wings had fully dried so I fitted them both together and pinned the engines in place.

With a blade next to the engine for a size comparison.

  Whilst talking about size comparison I was chatting with Shane the other night as he was wondering just how big this model was going to be. Well I grabbed my Chaos Landraider as a aid and this is what they look like side by side.

 Next up was fixing the blades together  and working out how to actually fit them to the engine. After a few attempts I decided to use some plasticard rod inside the engine, two different sizes that allows me to slide one into the other. This allows me to remove the blades for transport so they shouldn't get damaged in transit. Four blobs of blue tac and plenty of glue and I had myself my first rotor blade done.

 Here is a picture of the rods inside the engine section.

 Engine and blade fitted together whilst the glue dried.

Work continues on the engines, sections/ holes blanked off ready for bits to be added later.

 The two Rotor blades side by side and awaiting detailing.

 Strips of 1 mm plasticard were added to strengthen the whole piece as it was still a bit flimsy, the rivets were added.

 Finally additional detailing was added and rivets again to make it look like they had sustained damage in the past and had crude repairs carried out on them, crappy picture sorry, but if you look closely you can just make it out.

 Next I wanted to add some more detailing to the engine components, I had a spare exhaust system left over from the Ork Bomber so after a bit of cutting and rearranging I got it to fit pretty well. Apologies for the poor focus on this picture but you should get the idea.

Finally a quick mock up against the hull of Da Flying Fortress.

 Shes going to be a beast when shes finished. Next up is finishing the second wing then working out how the rear section will look. I want to fix a tail to either side but that's going to be tricky as I don't have much room between the flaps from the wings and the rear door/assault ramp, but I do like a challenge and I think a tail section will make it look sick.
After that it will be the labour of love which is adding more rivets to the vehicle, 160 ish so far with a long way to go.

Here are a few pictures of my finished War Boss.

 Thanks for reading guys.