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Saturday, 28 September 2013

2014, the year of he hobbyist.

Right, so it's a bit premature on the title of this Blog but I have something to aim for and judging how often I've actually blogged this year I think its a good thing.
2013 is more or less written off in my eyes. We are almost into October and I still haven't even played a game this year. In fact I've only  been at Hulls Angels once and that was to drop off some models that I managed to sell, so here I am now planning for 2014.

So what have I managed to do this year? Well not a lot.
The 40K/ GW clear out continues, I managed to sell my Eldar Army on E-bay, and also a few models from my Ork collection. I've written off selling my Chaos due to the simple fact that their latest codex just sucks big time and I won't get the money that it is worth, if I do sell.
My Tau army will be sold next but I'm thinking again I won't get much for them as the painting isn't great (first army painted after returning back to the hobby) but maybe someone will want them (fingers crossed).

Now to my keepers, Necron's and Dark Eldar. Necron's mainly because they are painted and ready to go into battle whenever the call to play comes. Dark Eldar simply put, are for me, the best looking and sexiest models/ army in the game. Even if it does take another year or more to paint they are going to be a keeper for me as I just think they are sick.

So what about my Orks? Well I've sold the Battlewagon, Bikers, Koptas, Stompa and the single Trukk to members of the club, so now I have two converted Trukk/ Koptas, loads of boyz and a few Nobs left over. It's whilst I was sorting these models out that I made a mistake, I picked up one of the converted Trukk/ Kopta and started turning it over and over. Now for a first attempt I thought they didn't turn out so bad, they could be better, a bit beefier, more armour plates, rivets, glyphs etc. Before I knew it I was slowly dismantling my work cracking out the plasticard and converting again. Its strange how this hobby messes with your mind, one minute I'm looking to sell, the next I'm madly cutting and converting again and I'll tell you now, I was actually enjoying the Hobby again.
Pretty soon I had broken out all the Green Boyz and was looking at the Nobs thinking maybe I could convert these into Mega armour. I managed to get a good guide off You-tube from a guy who's actually done this using plasticard and with that rough idea I started on my WarBoss and a Nob from Black reach starter set.
So here are a few WIP pictures on what I've done so far.

First up the Warboss and Nob.

This is my Transport Kopta before the conversion work started note the years worth of dust lol.

 Work on going to make it Da Best.

 I didnt like the Turret gunner, not Dakka enough for me so I'm working on adding bigger and better guns and I will probably swap out the Ork for a Gretchin.

 Main and Tail Rotor modified from previous version, and looking a lot better.

Well that's all Ive managed to do for the time being. I will try and keep up/ working on the latest project as and when I can. so far I'm managing a few hours a day when the Baby is sleeping. Fingers crossed I might have some more progress in a week or two.

Cheers Skal