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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

3 Weeks

So three weeks have passed since my last post, tbh my arse hasn't really touched the sofa much as we have both been really busy with Olivia. It's truly amazing how something so small can take up so much time, still me and Bec are over the moon with her and she is growing at an alarming rate, on a side note she is a very content baby and we are incredibly lucky as she has already settled into 4-5 hr feeds during the night.
So with my hands being so full I haven't been able to do much hobby wise as every time I get her settled and have 5 mins spare I crack out the paints, get the paint on the brush and she wakes up lol.
Still I have managed to get started on my Dark Reapers for my Eldar. I'm using  a dark red on certain raised areas on the armour, this is followed by several washes of chaos black. I'm wanting to keep the red armour very muted, deep, dark and sinister looking which is the way Dark Reapers should look.
I've also decided on just painting whatever I fancy now, so whenever I get bored (on a regular basis) I will switch to my Chaos/ Necron etc. I seem to have better success at finishing models this way.
I have also noticed recently that my Blogger update has been playing up, so I do apologise if I haven't commented on blogs recently as only certain blogs are up dating. Mark, Chris yours are not working anymore so I'm having a look into the reason why its so messed up, but I'm damned if I know why yet.
I've also realised that I'm missing the social aspect of gaming, which is why I follow so many blogs I guess.
In fact I've actually had to get with the times and have started a Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what's happening down at the club, now I'm a complete noob with this social networking crap and I'm not sure I'm doing it right as I can't see anything that's actually going on with Hulls Angels page on Facebook. Any help would be appreciated, and as no one appears to be using the forums anymore I thought this would put me in touch more with the vibe do at the club, but I must admit I'm out of my depth lol. Ive managed to become followers to a few on Twitter, but Facebook, well I don't know wtf I'm doing.

Will post some WIP pictures as soon as I can.