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Monday, 10 June 2013

Baby Girl

Born Sunday by C Section at 15:45hrs, 9lb 1oz our little baby girl took her first breath in this world, had a good look round, poo'd in her fresh blankets after the mid wife had just finished cleaning her then closed her eyes for a well deserved sleep.
Hats off to my wife who actually started the whole progress late Thursday night after i had just got back from work and managed to fight on through the pain for another 3 days I really don't know how the hell she managed to carry on, but she did, right up to the point the doctors and mid wife's decided enough was enough.
Another big shout out to the baby/ delivery suite at Scunthorpe general hospital for their support and help over the weekend. A real professional team. Thanks.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Eldar and Dead Zone.

In my last post I talked about the my Eldar and some of the point differences in the New Codex from the old one.
I dragged out my old 1500 points Saim Hann Eldar list and set about doing the same list with the newer Codex. The results even shocked me, so this was my old list.

Jetbike, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding, Runes of Witnessing, Doom Fortune and Guide.

Warlocks x4
Jetbikes, Singing Spears, Destructor x3, Conceal x1.

Guardian Jetbikes x6
2x Shuriken Cannons

Guardian Jetbikes x6
2x Shuriken Cannons

Guardian Defenders x 10
Scatter Laser Platform

Wave Serpent

Vyper Squad x 2
Star Cannon, Shuriken Cannon

Vyper Squad x 2
Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon

Fire Prism.

Not a massive model count really for 1500 points but it relied on its speed, buffs from the Farseer/ Council to survive, whilst using the long range cannons for side shots against vehicles and mopping up the infantry that spilled out and couldn't get close to my troops due to my speed.
Most of the points sink was in the Jet bike Seer Council as you would expect, well this same list using the newer codex is roughly 300 points cheaper at 1500 points.
That to me is a massive amount of points to play with and in the very near future I would expect a lot of Eldar players to start using more Troop/ Foot lists and Windriders (Jetbike) armies as the point savings from these are greater in the newer codex.
So for example a squad of 6 Jetbikes with 2 Shuriken Cannons comes to 122 points, I could add another squad to fill out my troops a bit more and I have always liked the Ranger models so maybe a small squad of rangers to camp back field objectives and at 60 points base for 5 they are dirt cheap.
So that leaves 100 to 120 points left, not sure what to do with the spare points now, I could maybe add another Vyper but I will have a think.

1800 points local tournie level is what makes this really shine, the new Eldar fighter at 160 points, yes please, this is a flyer killer and not bad at taking out vehicles as well.  But in typical Eldar fashion its a class cannon, front, side and rear AV 10 (ouch), I cant see it lasting more than a turn of shooting so this thing needs to be handled with care. Waiting until the enemy flyers are on the table before turning up and dealing with them. Just have to make sure that the Quad Cannons in the ADL are destroyed first.
I did debate on the new Wraith knight model and fluff wise with it being a Jump MC it could in theory keep up with the Windrider host but I'm thinking its points would be better spent else where. Yes Toughness 8, 6 Wounds and Strength 10 are nice but it lacks an invul save unless you upgrade to a scattershield (5++) and doing that means you lose out on the Wraith Cannons which sucks, GW have been very clever with the rules here. Yes its big and will dominate the table top but being a MC means its only able to fire two weapons a turn, so no point in even upgrading for the additional weapon configurations as they are wasted/ waste of points. Also because its so big it wont be getting a cover save very often, if at all and for the base cost of 240 points it needs a 4++ invuln imho to keep it going for a few turns.
Anyway heres the first list that I have been playing with

Jetbike, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding, Runes of Witnessing
Taking Divination, Telepathy and Fate powers.
Primary power in Divination is Prescience, I'll take that. (unit within 12" re-rolls missed to hits rolls)
Primary power in Fate is the good old guide, which I will also take. (unit within 24" re-rolls missed to hits rolls)
leaving a a third roll which I will choose depending on the opponent.

Warlock Council x5
3x Jetbikes, Singing Spears (one Warlock in each Windrider squad)
2x Warlocks on foot (attached to Guardian Squads)

Windriders x 6
2x Shuriken Cannons.

Windriders x 6
2x Shuriken Cannons.

Windriders x 6
2x Shuriken Cannons.

Guardian Defender Squadx10
Scatter Laser weapons platform

Wave Serpent
Spirit Stones, Twin Linked Brightlances.

Guardian Defender Squadx10
Scatter Laser weapons platform

Wave Serpent
Spirit Stones, Twin Linked Brightlances.

Vyper Squad x2
Star Cannons and Shuriken Cannons

Vyper Squad x2
Scatter Lasers and Shuriken Cannons

Crimson Hunter

Fire Prism
Spirit Stones.

Total points 1791.

A few points left over to decide what to do with. Overall I'm quite happy with the list.
The Warlocks will provide the shrouded effect to their attached squads, Farseer will buff the shooting units so they they have max damage on any unit they target.
Guardian defenders to hang in the back field and camp my objectives.
Windriders aim to get side shots on enemy transport vehicles whilst staying out of sight/ charge range.
The Wave Serpents are to be used as mobile cover for the jetbikes/ vypers whilst also targeting enemy vehicles with their Bright Lances.
Vypers are the elite killers with their Starcannons Str 6 Ap2 weapons.

Fluff wise a very fast, hard hitting force, plenty of Jetbikes for Siam Hann and everything fits nicely.

Next up was the Dead Zone Kick starter campaign.

A massive success for Mantic with 4306 backers and raising more than 1.2 mil dollars.
I pledged $250 dollar.
$150 dollars of this got me the Strike Team package, which means I get everything shown in the diagram below - an incredible number of miniatures!
Not bad for £100, and I also have to choose another $100 dollars worth of models or scenery. This game is due out in Dec so it will make a lovely Xmas present and should keep me busy over the xmas period. Just have to sit back and wait now.
Oh and the lovely wife still has given birth yet! so the wait goes on.

Thanks to Mark and Kris who again pointed out the fact that I somehow messed up posting on the Blog again, cheers guys.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ponderings take two

Right I will try again as my last post seems to been lost in the blog`O'sphere and I cant seem to post it no matter what I try, serves me right for writing it on the i-pad. I thought I might have trouble as it went a bit strange half way through typing it, but seemed to post fine.
It was only when Mark pointed it out to me that there was something wrong that I realised you couldnt read it, so thanks Mark for letting me know m8.

Well what did I have to say? Well it was about a few things, namely the New and upcoming Eldar codex and also Kickstarter.
The Eldar codex ponderings that I wrote was a load of crap to be honest so you didn't miss out on anything.
But let me just say the the Codex is looking sick. I downloaded my E-Codex on my i-pad this morning and I wasn't disappointed, my Siam Hann Farseers/ Warlocks can still mount their Jet bikes and kick arse like before but with a few new changes.

The old Eldar powers are no more, even the Warlock powers have changed and they too, also have to roll their powers like normal Pyskers. This makes a lot of sense to me and ties them more in line with the rest of the Pyskers in the 40K universe which is a good thing I think. The only downside is Warlocks are now Leadership 8 which isn't great and might hurt getting off some powers right at the moment you really need them.
Each of the powers (Battle or  that they can choose comes in two forms, a Blessing or Malediction which gives you two powers in one choice so to speak, you can either buff your own unit or curse an enemy unit with the same power. Pretty neat and makes the Farseers/ Warlocks more versatile in the game and able to react better to the enemy.
Runes of Warding and Witnessing are one use only which is a major nerf which will probably upset a few hard core Eldar players. The Singing spear also got a small nerf, used in the 5th edition to basically take out enemy transports it no longer gets a bonus against armour if used as a shooting weapon, however its still str 9 Ap- and wounds on a 2+. In close combat it truly shines being armour and fleshbane, but it puts your prize models in a more riskier situation as you really dont want these guys in close combat.

Eldar have followed their Dark Kin in being BS4 now, how long did it take GW to finally get this sorted? Seems like forever. Overall points cost has gone down as you would expect, for example Rangers are now 7 points cheaper than the last edition, Guardian Jet bikes (now known as Windriders) are 5 points cheaper. However its not all good Fire Dragons have gone up, now costing 7 points more, Scorpions up a poin.
Vypers have also gone up in points, costing the same as a basic Landspeeder before weapon upgrades. In fact it looks like the Eldar Vehicles have all had a slight increase in points, nothing major though and easily absorbed with the savings that you make in the troops.
Only real nerf was the points cost of War Walkers which have basically doubled in cost over the last edition which seems strange to me but the cost of the Walkers weapons is considerably cheaper now so I guess it sort of equals it out.

I will be getting to know the Codex over the next few weeks and seeing what the points cost is versus my older list. Tho I can already see potential problems as the New Eldar Fast Attack slots are pretty packed with 6 choices but Heavy are now at 8 choices. So lots of decisions to be made 8)

Next topic is the latest Kickstarter project from Mantic.
I've been steadily painting through my Chaos Models and its made me realise just how precious my time has become and will once our little girl decides its time. To that end I decides to look for other gaming systems that dont take 3 hours to play a game. I've been looking at 45-60 mins max per game and also on a smaller scale than 40K. Step up Deadzone from Mantic


At the time of writing this there is less than 27 hours to go and the funding has smashed through the 850,000 dollar mark. I myself have pledged 150 dollars as I think this game is going to be pretty big. I pledged 150 dollars roughly 100 pounds and this got me the Strike team, a bargain in my book, 73 mini's, gaming board and scenery, rules, dice and so far lots of add ons as every stretch goal which is achieved adds something else to the list. The link above gives you all the info you need so check it out if you are interested, but be quick as time is running out.
Here are a few pic's

 The Plague
 Gaming table Scenery
Design Concepts for Enforcers

 Also here is a quick video of what the game play will look like, remember this is still in the Beta design phase with the game due to be launched in Dec this year.


Thanks for reading.

PS. Our Baby girl is due tomorrow lol, my world is so going to be upside down for the next few weeks.