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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Stalk Tank update

Well the Stalk tank is progressing, but not as fast I thought it would. I'm actually enjoying this building project as it actually making me have to think.
Angles, dimensions, how all the pieces fit together and in the back of my mind I'm trying to make all the pieces simple enough that if I want to I can cast them in resin and make more from the original model which sounds easy but is turning out harder to do in practice.

Anyway after two crappy attempts I finally managed to make something that I'm quiet happy with atm. Now it does look rough and I'm the first to admit that, but its my first attempt at anything like this so please bear with me.
So the first leg was made and I copied the designs over to make another five legs for six in total. Originally I wanted eight legs but the size of the model would have been too large for a stand in Sentinel (bigger than the Defiler)
The pencil marks in the pictures below are chaos banding that I will make later out of thinner plasticard once my order arrives in the post.
Its amazing how much plasticard I've actually used as well, so here are the photo's.
Original Leg.

Whilst building the legs I realised that the body I had already started building for the Stalk Tank was way to big and needed to be lot slimmer. In fact it turned out it needed to be half the size it was. In the pictures below you can see a mock up of how it will sort of look.
Behind the cockpit where the paint pot is in the pictures I will be building the power plant that powers this tank, armoured pipes (guitar strings) will connect to all the pistons and tie them all into the body somewhere.

Along the top I will have a set of pistons which give the tank legs the forwards/ backwards movement (right top side of the chassis), these will also be protected by an armoured shell so to speak that actually fits over the top of the model and houses the turret and the communications.

Now I'm not sure if it looks too big, the size of the legs which are quite chunky, follow the same designs as the defiler but that's meant to be a daemon engine and I'm thinking that they need scaling down to look more Sentinel scale, probably 50% thinner than they actually are now and also scale down the pistons that are housed under each leg. What do you think?

The reason I ask is below you can see the Stalk Tank and the Defiler side by side. I know the Defiler will stand a lot higher than the Stalk Tank but its more or less  the same sort of size chassis wise. But I guess in the end its meant to be a tank sized model and it probably is. From what I've read in the Gaunts Ghost novels they find taking down these things hard and its normally a krak missile that does it.

Help please any suggestions?

Thanks for reading


Friday, 3 May 2013

A small update

Sorry to disappoint you guys but I've made no progress on my Dark Eldar from my last post. My Mojo has been totally taken up by my Blood Pact Project.
Now I had recently ordered a shit load of modelling stuff, Plasticard, greenstuff/ milliput and shaping tools etc. Whilst I was waiting for this to arrive I've been busy looking at ways to produce my Blood pact using Cadians and also the Chaos Cultists.
Having bought a squad of Cadians I've been steadily removing the Imperial signs and chopping bits and pieces off and pinning them together with the cultists parts and trying to work out what looks good and what doesn't.
During this progress I realised that this was going to cost a fair bit of cash to do what I actually wanted, but now.... "I have a cunning plan."
I'm going to create molds of the basic components and build my own army this way.....hopefully.
So whilst I'm waiting for funds to become available again (pay day), I started on doing a few tester models to see what the Blood Pact would look like. First up Blood Pact are meant to have metal masks covering their mouths and noses and after a few failed attempts at creating these I decided on Gas masks from the Cultists heads. I will just mass produce these from green stuff.
So here is my Signals operator or Radio man.

Next up was an Officer or Sgt, I'm not sure what yet.

I'm pretty happy so far with the way they are turning out. Getting use to sculpting with green stuff and milliput is proving to be a long process but I am learning with each new attempt and failure lol.

Which leads my onto my next item the Stalk Tank.

Now this is early work so far, maybe two or three days work (16-20 hours) which is pretty scarey as there doesn't seems to be too much done but the process is pretty much stop and start as I try and figure my way around how to do things. I have a mental image of what I want it to look like from the descriptions in the Gaunts Ghosts books. Trying to put that down on paper with my shit artistic skills kinda sucks as you can see from the badly hand drawn picture.

But it has helped me with the building so far, in the top left you can see the cockpit area which is inside the glass bubble held under the main body. The operator sits inside and I was blogging with Angry about what to use, he suggested something which I had already looked at (clear plastic Xmas tree decoration balls) .
However the main supplier was from China and I had to buy 1000 items which just wasn't going to happen. Anyway after a fairly long search going through different stores, good old E-bay came up trumps and I was able to purchase 5 balls for 75p each (Bargin).
So as soon as the balls arrived I started to build the cockpit area including the pilot and controls etc.
Here is the WIP pictures.

Cockpit controls and pilot.
 Rear Glass Bubble.
 Front Glass Bubble
 Pilot inside rear Glass Bubble
 Pilot fully enclosed

I'm trying my hardest to not fuk up the clear plastic as I want to be able to see all the pilot details inside the cockpit. I also aim to attach wires from the operators head and body to link in with the machine spirt of the Tank itself at some point.

Next up I'm planning on building the main body and trying to work out how the legs are going to attach and look. I will base them off the Defiler legs but scale them down a lot as I'm wanting the model to be roughly the same size or slightly bigger than an Imperial Guard Sentinel, which will also make it easier to get cover saves ingame if its smaller 8)

Thanks for reading.