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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Blood Pact

Its been a rough couple of days since my last post.
My wife was admitted to Hospital on Sunday night/ morning with what we thought was an early delivery of our baby. To be honest I was worried as she would have delivered six weeks early, but it turned out to be a serious infection that my wife had which was causing contractions and the baby was fine. Anyway after a 3 day spell in the hospital the wife is all well and the baby is still in the oven so to speak, both are back home with the wife relaxing and hopefully getting better.

So after the last few nightmare days I've been thinking about what I talked about in my last post, with regard to which force to convert etc. Thanks to Shane and The Ape for the suggestions and I gave them serious mulling over but in the end I've decided to go with something different.
Well sort of, The Ape suggested a small elite force ie Plastic Terminators, and Shane suggested I use my Chaos marines. So out came the Chaos Codex and I looked into doing a Chaos themed Terminator army with Abaddon leading the force. The more I looked into it the more I decided it maybe wasn't such a good idea.
The main reason is cost both in points and also pounds, I really liked the idea of Deep striking 30+ Terminators down on the enemies heads with Abaddon in tow but the Chaos codex doesn't have a single deep striking homer...the points sink that these guys are and the fact that I have no guaranteed way of getting them down safely would suck big time if a mishap happened, so its not for me.

So I looked at Orks again which The Ape advised against and tbh I think hes right as there are a lot of Ork armies out there and I'm looking for something unique too. So what did I go for?

These fellows:

The Blood Pact

Not quite the small elite force as The Ape suggested but it will certainly give me plenty of opportunities to convert models both Infantry and also Vehicles and maybe add a Allied force of Terminators to deep strike on the enemy heads.
So my orders are in and things have started to arrive to day, plasti card sheets and rods, milliput and certain tools that I have been missing. I've also started making plans on certain vehicles like the Stalk tank etc. First up tho I will be looking at the infantry, I already have quite a lot of cultists which I'm going to put to good use. I know there is no way that I can reproduce in green stuff the heads with the fancy leering mask so I'm looking at another way to produce my Blood Pact.
I'm going to be taking certain heads form the cultists sculpting some helmets on them and if all goes well mass producing out of Milliput using the instant mold sticks that you can buy as casts.
There's plenty of video's on you tube and it looks surprisingly easy, but I guess I will have to see. I will mainly be using Imperial guard bodies with some modifications to clothing and weapons so I have a variety of models in the force and hopefully no two models are the same.
Again another project on the go but this will certainly be on a slow burn as time is in short amounts.

I'm still going to try and get the Dark Eldar finished painting wise but as it seems only me, Angry and Shane are still working on our forces the Tale of the Painters looks to be fading out before we've even got to our second deadline which is a shame as we have a good uptake at the start of the year....

Well that s all for folks.

Hopefully next time I post it will be with the finished Razorwing and Talos models.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Been a While

Well as the title says its been quite some time since I last posted.
There are of course many reasons for this, I started training for a new job at work which has frazzled my mind most nights leaving me unable/ cant be arsed to paint or post.
The wife is now heavily pregnant and shes finding these later stages a bit of a struggle (only 6 weeks to go now).
Series two, The Game of Thrones has also helped keep me away from the painting table and if you get the chance to, make sure you watch these series.

However I have managed to do a few things.

Firstly I purchased the E-Codex for Tau, I have to admit this is a first for me and I'm glad I did it.
Its well laid out and once you understand all the symbols/ links in the book its pretty easy to navigate. Probably not quite as fast as a normal copy but at least this one wont wear with age or have pages fall out. Another bonus is that it doesn't take up any room either so shelving space isn't a problem in the future.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the Tau Codex. It seems well balanced and has addressed issues from the last Dex.
Every unit in the Dex is for me playable and has an equal chance of getting into the force ( if I was to build it). I must admit, I have been toying with the idea of dusting off my Tau force but at the moment they are still staring at me from the bottom shelf of my display cabinet making me feel guilty.
So far this year GW have impressed me with the volume of releases, lets hope they keep it up.

Painting on the Dark Eldar has ground to a halt. The Razorwing fighter and Talos remain as they were, as yet again I've lost my mojo and am finding it damn hard to get any sort of momentum up and breaking out the paint again.

Something is missing, I know that.
This has led me to take a step back again and look at what this hobby actually does for me and what I enjoy about it.

Time is precious and being south of the Humber it makes it harder to get out and join in any gaming down at the Club in Hull.
My painting is hit or miss, a lot of the time I really cant be arsed with it anymore and consider packing it all up in boxes for storage. Though when I get the bug I really get into it and can bang out a few decently painted (I think) models before the lull hits me again.
I do enjoy building stuff too, which is I think, what most of us enjoy. The Abaddon model I converted last year is something I really enjoyed doing and I learnt something new in the process of cutting/ building that model. Now I know no one enjoys cleaning mold lines including myself, but the actual fact of converting and building something different from the run of the mill models is something I'm looking into doing now, this is to try and generate that spark for the hobby again. If it works then I will ship the models I build and get someone else to paint them for me.

So now I'm looking for a force that I can build and heavily convert. The obvious choice of course would be Orks for 40K and its probably one of the easiest to start with. You can do a lot with Orks due to their ramshackle nature and collecting all the junk of other races and building something out of it.
But what I need are your thoughts on the matter? What would you do?