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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Time Warp, where has Jan gone?

Well since my last post I've done pretty much nothing painting wise. In fact the way things are going it looks like I'm going to fall at the first hurdle which will be most embarrassing for me.

However the Hound was shipped off to the vets to get some really nasty lumps removed from its back and sides (one of which was actually a tumor). Here's what he looked like when he got back from the vets.

Nasty Vets, but it hasn't dimmed his excitement for wanting to go there and he loves the staff in Brigg Vet centre. As to be expected after his op he wasn't really feeling too good for the next few days so me and him ended up sleeping rough in front of the fire on the living room floor. Mainly to stop him washing his wounds as he made it quite clear that he didnt want the plastic collar on him.
However despite our good intentions and dog sitting, one of the wounds wasn't healing well, so we had another trip back to the vets and after a quick inspection and a jab I'm pleased to say that he's back to his normal crazy, mental self.

Next up was finally getting my insurance money through to repair the kitchen floor. So with the required funding I started the big repair which basically consumed my ten days off from work and also my spare painting time.
The floor is now replaced with new chipboard, new laminate flooring is down, new electrics are in (for the Range cooker), base units are in and now level and awaiting the worktops (should be delivered next week hopefully). Skirting boards are in position but need painting and now I have to wait for the missus to decide what wallpaper she wants and we are almost done.

It wasn't all plain sailing though, B and Q couldn't get there act together and deliver stuff that I ordered online, first delivery was cancelled due to heavy snow fall ( fair enough). But I was still waiting for the delivery a week later and after repeated calls to try and get it rearranged. In the end I cancelled and collected what I needed from the Hull store but its set me back and wasted my time which really pissed me off.

Anyway enough excuses, lets talk about my progress. Painting, as you have read from above, it hasn't really happened since my last post. I did progress the Raider squad with a basic dry brush to lay down the first base of colour/ washes, but haven't got much  further than this.

But I did get the Raider Pilot and a Warrior painted (which hangs off the side of the Raider). However when I offered these up against the Raider it was clear that the Raider paint job needed more work to bring it up to the same colour as the Warriors. You cant really see it in the first two pictures because of the lighting but in the third its a lot more noticeable on the Warrior hanging off the side of the vehicle.

My fear now, as it was before, is to start up/ continue the painting of the Raider and fuk it up completely. I might just chicken out and do some really fine highlighting on the flat edging but I'm not sure it will be enough and I will need to think carefully about this. What do you guys reckon?

I don't think I've shown the Wrack squad recently, which are now almost completed. Just final bits that need touching up and the bases to finish to tie them in with the Haemonculus and jobs done.

 The Wrack on the far left (back) is bugging me a little as its weapons aren't cast straight and I've tried dipping them into hot water until it gets soft and realigning them, but slowly they just go back to the same bent weapons as before, so I'm thinking maybe a weapon swap might be in order if I get time.

Last bit of news is I've started another project. Yes I know I'm bloody mad, but its been banging away in the back of my mind for a while now. Slowly but surely and with the help of E-bay/ Forge World I should be receiving parts to begin the modelling soon.....If I get any free time with everything else thats going on.
So over the year, whilst painting up my Dark Eldar Army, this project will be bubbling in the back ground and hopefully providing me with something else to do when I need a break from my evil space elves.
What is it? Well I will have to keep you all in the dark for now, but hopefully you will see bits and pieces as we go through the year. PS these wont be direct photo's but you will have to check out the backgrounds of Photo's I do post and see if anything shows up there 8).

Blog wise, Tale of the Painters seems to be going well, I've enjoyed reading the tales of the other painters and its keeping my interest going. Even if I haven't been able to post replies on your Blogs guys I am still reading the material you post and I would like to say Well done and keep it up. First deadline is approaching and will be on us before we know it.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. There are rumor's on the internet of an update in Feb on certain flyers in 6th edition with maybe a model launch too? I'm  hoping they release a Void Raven Bomber for the Dark Eldar now that would be nice.