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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

WIP Scourge

Just a quick update, one of two reasons really, first is to show off my WIP Scourge and the second is to try out my Xmas present an iPad. Now I've tried to resist new technology for a while now but the wife decided its time I got more up to date so she bought me one. I must say that I'm very impressed in how it works and I can see why people get so attached to them. The camera is pretty good as well as you can see here.

This is my colour scheme for my Scourges, I've decided to do a Dark Eldar force made up of several different Kabals and Cults. Two reasons really a) I won't get bored of painting the same colours over and over again, b) I've decided fluff wise that this force will be a Real space raid lead by a Haemonculus who needs more flesh puppets for his experiments and each unit will be trying its hardest to out do the other Kabals in the force for the gifts that he may give them if they are successful.
So this is where I'm going to cheat just a little bit. As I started to paint the Scourge I was looking at the warriors that I had already painted ( Kabal of the Obsidian Rose ) and I decided that it would be such a shame that I would have to strip them back to grey plastic as they took such a long time paint in the first place. That's when I came up with the idea of joining Kabals together in the force. At the moment I have one squad (8 models) a Raider and a Ravager painted up in the Obsidian Rose colour scheme which is around 300 points. As I want an 1800 point force it shouldn't effect the 1500 points that I have to paint up in the Tale of the Gamers project.
Just before Christmas hit I purchased a Haemonculus, 5 x Wracks and a Razorwing jet fighter which will replace the Warriors, Raider and Ravager in the points. I will be converting the Razorwing into a Voidraven bomber (for that extra armour point and Void Lances) and I still have to strip the Wyches back to grey plastic but that's not such a problem for me as I'm not really happy with their colour scheme.
Obviously I will have to modify the list that I posted in my previous post but I'm pretty sure it won't cause too much of a problem in doing this. This should give me a nice looking and visually (colourful) impressive force for the tabletop I hope.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Nightmare few days but progress is being made.

Well I finished a night shift on Tuesday morning, got home and went to bed for a few hours, woke up and started to collect a few pots up around the house to wash up and as I walked into the kitchen my foot went through the Vinyl flooring and floorboard, wtf?
Seems we've had a leak, a very slow steady leak from the back of the washing machine which over time has soaked into the chipboard floor and made them soft/ rotten. As I peeled the vinyl back, I saw the state of the black and very wet chipboard I realised it was a pretty bad one.... 3/4 of the kitchen floor is gone. The chipboard is so soft in places I could push my finger through it, ffs, just what I didn't need right now.
Well the insurance will cover it but I could do with out the hassle as I wanted this xmas holiday to be a good one. Now I'm in the process of trying to get builders to come round and give me an assessment of how much its going to cost to put it right. Oh well.

Good news

Well Tale of the Gamers is kicking off soon and we have now a healthy amount of players interested in joining in. 40k, WHFB and now it looks like the guys from WM and Hordes may be joining in the action to which is great.
Next up is my list, I've been playing around with a few lists and this is the one I'm going to use for starters.

Succubus, Venom blade. 70pts
Wyches x 5, Haywire grenades, Hydra gauntlets. 70pts
Raider, Nightshields, Enhanced sails.75 pts

Succubus, Venom blade. 70pts
Wyches x 5, Haywire grenades, Hydra gauntlets. 70pts
Raider, Nightshields, Enhanced sails.75 pts

Warriors x 10, Splinter cannon. 100pts
Raider, Nightshields, Splinter racks. 80pts

Warriors x 10, Splinter cannon. 100pts
Raider, Nightshields, Splinter racks. 80pts

Incubi x5. 110pts
Venom, Splinter cannons. 75pts

Scourges x 5, Haywire blasters x 2. 130pts

Ravager, Nightshields (Dark Lances). 115pts
Ravager, Nightshields (Dark Lances). 115pts
Void Raven Bomber, Nightshields. 155pts.

Total 1490pts

Reavers x6, Heatlances x2, Venom Blade. 171pts

Beastmaster x2, Venom blade,
Razorwings x4, Khymerae x4. 137pts

Total 1798pts.

Anti-tank weapons.

10 x Dark Lances
2 x Void Lances
2 x Haywire Blasters

Anti Infantry.

Loads lol.

Lets see how well it works at the end of the year.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Army selected. Here goes.....

Well what have I finally decided on doing?
I have to admit that I think I might have cheated a little, I really did what to start a fresh army but when I found out just how much a new baby costs (costs still rising) I quickly realised that I wouldn't be able to afford to build a new force and the only way would be to expand on what I had already.

To that end, Mart and Angry I'm really sorry about this but.......

I'm going to have to use an old army, but which one?

Well I will be using my Dark Eldar, I did look at my Tyranids but decided I couldn't face painting all those gaunts again so Dark Eldar it is.
I broke them out of their storage box and looked at the models and have decided to strip them back to grey plastic and start all over. The old colour scheme was OK, but it was taking too long to complete models and I was far to heavy with the brush when applying the final edging highlights.
Colour wise I have no idea what I'm going to do, but I'm going to do some research over the Xmas period and hopefully do a few testers ready for the New Year. I do have an Army list almost done which I will post at a later date, its pretty Glass Cannon but all Dark Eldar lists tend to be, but it will pack a Hell of a punch in the Shooting phase. Especially now with 6th edition changes to rapid fire weapons and open top transports.
I have a few models to buy though first up will be two Razorwing Fighters which I will convert into a Void Raven Bomber, a unit of Scourges and maybe a Venom or two.
I'm also looking at a Aegis Defence line in the list, this however will be totally scratch built from plasticard and will be suitably evil looking and a typical trap for the DE.

If I do well on the painting front I'm also going to look at building Asdrubael Vect and his custom Raider. I have some pretty nice idea's on what I want and it will def push my modelling abilities to the max which is something that I want from this Tale of the Gamers project.

Well that's a quick update on whats going on.

Guy's I'm also thinking that as we haven't had many takers on this Tale of Gamers, that I might open it up to those players who want to do Fantasy Armies....Shane for example. If you think this is a good idea then let me know. I'm thinking the more players the better for keeping the morale and creative juices flowing, let me know what you guys think please.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tale of the Gamers.

So following on from my last post, I now have two volunteers to join me in a Tale of the Gamers style report for next year. I'm hoping more players will put there names down for this challenge and join our group.

What does it entail?
Well each person will collect and paint 250 points of their chosen force every two months. If all goes well, then by the end of the year we will have a fully painted/ collected 1500 point army with which to do battle in the December months against each other in a grand game at Hulls Angels.
As it stands Mart will be collecting his Ravenguard (hes actually already started).
Angry, I think his plan is going for his Necrons.
Me? Well I'm still not sure what I want to try and do yet. I have a few idea's but I've got to the end of the year to decide on which one.

The first deadline will be the end of Feb 2013, each player who agrees will be keeping everyone updated with regular posts and pic's on their respective Blogs and hopefully this will give the others inspiration to carry on working on their project, so we sort of bounce off each others success.

I think 250 points every two months is a reachable target, but just incase, each player will be given one Joker card to play, if they think they are going to miss a deadline for whatever reason. Real life comes first as we all know, but I'm hoping that everyone will be able to keep this project going in the coming months and by the end of it our chosen forces will fight it out for the glory of becoming top dog.

I might even put up a prize for the winner, hell maybe two. One for the Champion Warlord the other for best painted Army.


Friday, 14 December 2012

What next?

Well the wife is badgering me for idea's for Xmas presents and I really don't know what to get.
Been thinking of a few things lately mainly, some really nice but expensive FW models, both Chaos and Imperial, but I cant make my mind up.

Chaos would be a nice addition but they don't have access to drop pods, which is something I've been wanting to look into for a while now. I even went as far as writing up a 1800pts full Drop pod themed list (counts as Space Wolves)  World Eaters force, but I'm really not sure if I could convert the 8 Drop pods I would require well enough into Dreadclaws. Which then got me thinking about just using  Space marines from the Minotaurs or Carcharodons Chapters. Both very brutal in close combat and I really like the fluff surrounding these chapters, also the fact that there are some really nice modelling/ converting that could be done.
There is also Imperial Guard, being ex-forces I've always wanted to start a force of these guys and there are so many sick looking vehicles

There is something about big Guns lol, but  that's the ex Artillery in me I guess.

Whichever force I decide on...If? I decide on one, it will be done slowly and to the best of my ability. I'm thinking of doing a challenge with others, if players/ readers are interested. Like a tale of four gamers where they buy 250 points and paint them up within a set time, nothing stupid, say 250pts within 2 months. By the end of the year it will be 1500pts if my maths is correct, and we can arrange a date and all come together and have a Battle. This system might just help me keep my focus, but I cant promise anything with a little one on the way.

Each one of the above armies has pro's and con's but I would like to hear from you guys which one you'd like to go for and why?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Just a quick question for you guys.

Does anyone know why Chaos space marines dont have drop pods? Forge World use to have the Dreadclaw Assault pod, which they recently removed from their store front.
Just always wondered why they never put them into the codex's... If anyone has an answer for this I would be interested in hearing it.

Cheers Skal

Friday, 7 December 2012



Well I did write post a couple of days ago entitled Necrons for 2013, but being a total cock I posted it then somehow deleted the whole post. As you can imagine I was pretty pissed at myself for doing this as it had taken the better part of the day to get it typed up in between other jobs I was doing on the house.
So this is going to be a shorter version I hope, but basically I've had to make some decisions which have effected my hobby. Firstly due to a very special package being delivered early in June next year I'm having to give up my modelling/ painting room.

This is because I'm going to be a Dad which I'm over the moon with.

So with the baby on the way I need to get a Nursery set up, and the model/ painting room is going to be said nursery so its going.

So getting back to the title Necrons are for 2013, I did post a list as well, but I'm going leave it out this time as I want some chance if I ever do get to attend any Tournies at Hulls next year.

Well that is it for now, just wanted to share my happy news with you all.