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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Now for something completly different.

Born Again Biker

Well as the title says I'm a born again biker. Finally got this picked up today from the dealership, all I can say is this  "Holy S**t it can move.
It's not bad for a 14 year old bike and the best thing about it? Only 7000 miles on the clock and two owners.
So what was it like?
Well 14 years out of the saddle I must admit I was very nervous but I was also looking forward to this ride as well. All I wanted was to get away from the dealership without stalling the damn thing as everyone inside knew I hadn't ridden a bike in years and I could feel their eyes burning into my back as I set off lol.
Well I didn't stall it, to my relief (that came at the next roundabout) and I slowly made my way onto the motorway outside Grimsby before opening her up.
What happened in the next 10 mins I will never forget, 14 years of being/ feeling safe was blown away and for the first time in a long time I had the greatest feeling inside of my gut, FEAR lol. Now I have not felt that since the last time I was in the army and was about to do something truely stupid but sometimes we need to be scared to feel alive.
14 Years is along time out of the saddle and to be honest probably not the best idea jumping right onto a 1000cc Twin Sports tourer but Hell you only live once. I'm glad I did it. Here is to lots of sunny days next year.

Gaming news....

Well I managed to pop into the club on Wednesday night to collect and pay for some models off Ian and Shane. 60 Cultists, 12 Chosen, 2 lords and 2 Helbrutes, thanks for the trade guys. Shit loads of painting to do, not enough time to do it, so why did I buy these models? Well apart from being a bargin I really wanted to fit a load of Cultists in my Black Legion Army, fluff wise it they will be the bullet  screen for the expensive Chaos Marines advancing behind them. I'm looking at squads of around 25-30 which should give them enough resistance so they aren't wiped out in one turn of shooting and giving the opposite player an easy VP for first kill.
My List so far:

Dark Apostle
M of T

Cultists x 25
Flamer x 2

Cultists x 25
Flamer x 2

Chaos Space Marines x 10
2x Plasma guns, extra CCW
Icon of Excess

Chaos Space Marines x 10
2x Plasma guns, extra CCW
Icon of Flame

Khorne Berserkers x 8
Berserker Champion with Power Weapon (axe)


Havoc's x 7
4x Autocannons

Havoc's x 7
4x Lascannons

Havoc's x 7
4 x Missile Launchers

Well I have about 130 to 150 points left to spend, more if I swap out the Berserkers for Chaos Space Marines with the M of K. Its these last points that I'm struggling to find an investment for.
I have the Chosen models which get to use more special weapons or Helbrutes which I will modify to change the gun to Reaper Autocannons. I could even get another HQ choice (basic equipment) or Terminators to help bolster the assault side of things, but as of yet I still have not made the decision (any suggestions are welcome).
Tactic's are pretty straight forward, Cultists in first rank with the Dark Apostle, the Khorne Berserkers and Chaos Marines right behind, supported by the Havoc's pumping out shots into any vehicles or major threats. the Heldrake is there because its a nice looking model and also to counter other fliers (with the help of Flakk missiles) and generally be a pain in the arse with its power armour eating Baleflamer.
No Vehicles in this army list, not sure if this is a good or bad idea, but only play testing will prove this theory. However I think vehicles certainly took a hit in 6th edition, the Autocannons and Missile Launcher Havoc's should be able to glance the hell out of anything up to AV 13 and the Lascannons are there for anything AV14 or monsterous creatures.

Let us know what you think of the list and any suggestions you might have.

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Flyer madness

Well its been a while since I last posted. Been real busy at work preparing for a up coming shutdown, when this hits I'm going to be working 12 hr shifts 13 days on with 1 day off for about 30-40 days, so this will leave me no time to do anything gaming wise.

To counter this I've been a bad lad and splashed some cash in GW's way. First was the Chaos Codex which I received on the Monday after release.
My, my, my.... How Chaos is back, lots of choices to be made which makes it even harder to select a force. So many possibilities and combinations to truly make a unique force on the table top.
Even now, having read through at least 4 times I'm still undecided at what to have in my Chaos Force, 5 HQ slots (not including the special characters), 9 elite choices, 5 Fast Attack and finally 8 Heavy Support make the decision very difficult.
What I did go for was the Heldrake which is now assembled and awaiting paint with my Doom Scythe for my Necrons. Both of these models were a joy to assemble the Necron Flyer being very easy. The Heldrake was more complicated and the amount of detail made me decide to not fully complete the assembly until I had painted it fully. So much detailing that would be impossible to get to and I don't want to mess the paint job up and make it look rushed.

I've also been looking at another toy, but this one is a bit bigger than the ones I normally deal with. What do you guys think?

Still not sure, but I think its a nice looking toy... Only down side is having to wait till the spring/ good weather to play with it, but its cheaper to buy now than wait till spring.