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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Doomsday is here

Well this is a little different from my last post.

I decided I wanted to do something from my Necron force and I've had the Doomsday Ark assembled and base coated for a while, so I grabbed that and started painting. Here is the almost finished result, all I have to do is put on some Necron transfers..again I apologise for the crappy standard of pictures.

What I really like about these new Necron models is that they are fairly simple to paint. I have been able to use my airbrush and try out the different techniques to get that strange sort of glowing effect which I just would not have been able to do using a brush.
Whilst I've been painting this bad boy I've been going over my Necron Army list trying to improve/ fine tune it. TBH I've only used it against Angry's Ultramarines and they have not let me down once but each time I've felt there was something missing from my force but I've not being able to pin down what that was. I may have found the solution, I'm in the process of building up a unit of Wraiths, just a small unit to tag along with the Scarabs and anything nasty heading towards my lines these bad boys will hopefully intercept and delay whilst the rest of force either withdraw to better firing positions or move something to counter attack (Command Barged Lord)
I like the idea of the Doomsday Ark and the strength 9 AP 1 large blast now works better in the 6th edition, as long as the large blast is still touching a vehicle then its full strength hit . My only worry is the 175 points cost of the model, and keeping it alive. The fact its armour 13 until its first penetration has kept it out of trouble during most of these games, actually the only thing that managed to destroy it was Angry himself.... (yes this is the same model).
Ideally I would have liked two or three of these but the points cost is high and the Doom scythe is another model I want to try out. Also the Annihilation Barge comes in the same category and at 90 points is cheap as chips.
I've ditched the Triarch Stalker (shame as its a cool looking model) coming in at 150 points it was expensive for what it did (basically a marker light for the Necron force) but firing only one weapon wasn't really cutting it for what it did.
So my list as it stands:

Necron Overlord
Warscythe, Weave
Command Barge    

Destroyer Lord
Resurrection Orb

Cryptek of Destruction
Solar Pulse

Cryptek of Destruction
Gaze of Flame


Warriors x 15

Warriors x 5
Ghost Ark

Warriors x5
Ghost Ark

Immortals x5

Scarabs x8

Wraiths x3
2x Whip Coils

Doomsday Ark

Doom Scythe

Annihilation Barge.

Total 1800 pts.

The Destroyer Lord with the Cryptek of Destruction (Gaze of Flame) goes with the large unit of warriors. Making use of that preferred enemy (everything) allows me to re-roll all 1's in shooting and close combat. Gaze of Flame just gives this unit defensive grenades which can limit the damage done by anything rapid firing weapons within 8" or charging into assault.
The two Ghost Arks will flank this unit and supply their repair ability each turn to hopefully keep it topped up. The troops will concentrate on taking down enemy vehicles for the first few turns unitil the scarabs can hit something or the Doom Scythe comes on from reserve.
As I said earlier the Wraiths will be hanging back until the enemy gets close enough or engages my lines and these will be used as a counter attack unit. 3++ save and also Rending rule should put the hurt down on any unit they assault (hopefully).
The Immortals and Doomsday Ark are holding the back field dropping Str9 AP1 large blasts and also objective holding. The Annihilation Barge just moves forward with the rest of the force adding its firepower to wherever is needed at that time.
One of the weakness of this force was the lack of anything anti flyer, hence the reason I've included the Doom Scythe and kept the Annihilation Barge. Tesla helps against anything that flies (as long as it hits) using snap fire against flyers (needing 6's) and Telsa getting the bonuses when rolling 6's to hit can really hurt the flyers. The Doom Scythe is there as a distraction unit, taking out other flyers and vehicles mainly but also using that Death ray on units if no other target presents itself.

Guess we will have to see how it performs.

Cheers Skal

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


So I've been slowly getting back into painting. What I mean by slowly is actually slow. So far its taken three to four days from start to finish to complete a Chaos Terminator, but I've not been at it all the time, plenty of breaks, trying to remember the techniques I used on my Abaddon model so at least the two are in the same style.
The recent changes to power weapons have made me rethink on the weapon load outs of my Chaos Terminators as well. Thankfully I didn't glue the arms onto the torso's which has allowed me to get the best set up (or what I think is best).
Anyway here are the pictures of the Chaos Teminator (sorry about the picture quality)

 A few more with his Boss..... Abaddon.

Well at this rate its going to take awhile to get through painting all of them. I was shocked by how much Chaos stuff I owned/ collected over the years. Talking about collecting I've just ordered the Chaos Codex today, just that, no new models, as I want to see just how viable they are going to be in 6th edition once I've read through the Codex. Most of the releases are big models and with cover saves worse than the previous edition MC's are having to rely on there armour save more, but we all know there are plenty of weapons/ units that laugh at MC's. Though I must admit the Heldrake is looking really nice
Chaos Space Marine Heldrake
Very sick looking but will the 4  Str 8, AP4  justify the points cost? guess we will have to see.

Anyway thats all for now, hopefull I will post some more pictures up of my next model/s soon.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Gaming room now cleared, well mostly.

So now the decision has been made to concentrate on only two systems I actually managed to build up enough courage to tackle/ tidy the room I use to paint in. It took most of the day to complete but I'm glad that I did it now rather than later, with the upcoming shutdown at work going to take up most of my time over the next month to six weeks at least now if I fancy painting after a 12 hr shift I can actually get to my paints and models.
However most of my remaining GW paints had dried up in there pots so had to be binned which is a shame but at least I have plenty of others. I also ended up sorting through and packing up any models/ gaming systems that I wouldn't be required to make some extra space. This was an error again on my part, I cannot express the size of my 40K collection that I've amounted over the years. Really scary the amount of models that I have packed away (mostly unpainted) in my cupboard probably enough to start up a small store on E-bay.
Anyway the error was breaking out the Chaos models again which as we all know are about to get another update in a week or two. So I guess you know whats sitting on my painting table now.
Looking at the sneak preview of the Chaos models which have been leaked on the internet it looks like GW have done another out standing job but as always the price will be the telling part. Still have have enough Chaos models to build a small Chapter and I will slowly be working through those and finishing off my Necron models as well.
As a small note I didnt pack away my Warmachine models, they have a display shelf for themselves so when I get bored of painting power armour I can always finish off my Menites.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Holiday is over decisions to be made

Well a week in Tunisia to recharge the batteries, and generally relax with no care in the world. Now I'm back home with all the many distractions of real life and work and wishing I was back in the sun.

The week did me good, no technology was allowed, no phones, laptop or computer. Just plenty of time to reflect on life, enjoy the sun, drink the vodka and coke/ beer and eat as much or as little as we wanted in the five star, all inclusive hotel. Bliss.

So now I'm back, we've had a quick tidy of the house, the missus is slowly working through the small  mountain of washing that came out of our cases, I've cut the grass and done some gardening so most of the jobs are done/ being done for the moment.

But I went and did what I promised myself I wasn't going to do! I made the mistake of walking into the gaming/ modelling room that I use. Dis-organised Chaos looked back at me, the painting table has crap piled high of unfinished models, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars, 40K and also WHFB. I picked up a few Dystopian War models that I had started before holiday and no flicker on enjoyment even registered within my body, so I sighed, turned around, walked out and closed the door.

Mmmm it seems I still have no love for gaming atm, so what do I do now?

Well I'm not sure....on both accounts

Hulls Angels Club has been a real bonus for me, ever since I moved back up here 12 years ago I struggled to find a regular game of 40K until I discovered Hulls Angels. In fact the only way to get regular games for me was to attend the Throne of Skulls tournament at GW HQ each year. I never did great at the tournament as you would expect but I never finished bottom which I think was probably luck on my part. So Hulls Angels has been a good thing for me, a great bunch of guys, mature and young in heart and importantly this group made me feel welcome from the go.
I've also enjoyed reading the Blog news from my week off, quite a few blogs to catch up on and most are loving the 6th edition and also the upcoming release of Chaos etc.
This gives me some hope that my love for gaming is not dead and buried just yet!

But its not just my painting and table top gaming that has been effected, I've been an avid online gamer playing eve online since 2006 and even this has turned stale for me to the point where I've actually cancelled my subscription, it's the same with MW3 and World of Tanks....nothing seems to grab my attention and give me enjoyment like it did before.

Whilst I was away on Holiday I had plenty of time to try and work out what is missing from the gaming/ hobby side for me, I still have no real answer but I have a few idea's as to what it might be.

My first problem for me is that work always seems to get in the way of gaming, my shift patterns screw up any chance of getting into the club on a regular basis. Working three weekends in  five means every time there is a tournament on at the club you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be at work and will miss it, but work enables me to play these games and to pay for the damn (expensive) models so work is a necessary evil.
Second is my location, being from south of the Humber and no gaming buddies who live down here means Hulls Angels is the only place to get regular games and again that's limited to work. 40 mins to get to the club, payment of the bridge toll (now a lot cheaper thank God) all eats into gaming time.

So I'm thinking time (or the lack of it) is a major factor. As this is not going to improve anytime soon (if ever) I've made the decision that I need to concentrate on one or at most two gaming systems to actually benefit from this limited resource. At the moment I feel that I'm being pulled in different directions trying to learn new gaming systems which basically means I'm playing one game of each system over a time period of a few months. This means I'm finding it nigh on impossible to gain any sort of experience in these new games so something has to give as I feel that I'm not getting anywhere.

So where does this leave me? Well I have to make a decision as to which two systems I will be using.
For me the first was the easiest, it has to be 40K, yes GW has pissed me off with price increases etc and I've bitched about it in the past on this Blog but the 6th edition is looking pretty good so far and there are lots of good vibes for it on the various Blogs that I've read. But the main reason is that I know the system pretty well so it means I'm not going to have to relearn a new system all over again and therefore cuts a huge amount of time needed to dedicate to doing this. I also have several armies amassed and invested a small fortune in these, but selling them I wouldn't ever get the money back so I would ultimately lose out there. One Army (Necrons) is closer to completion (painting wise) than the rest and I will concentrate on using this force over the coming months. I also want to start entering the Tournaments again as i really enjoyed travelling down to Nottingham for the weekend bash.
Now for the second game, well I really wanted Dust Warfare to kick off as I think the models are pretty damn nice and the system is very easy to pick up, but as ever you need several parties to be interested and thats just not the case at the club. Warmachine is next and there is a massive following at Hulls Angels and the WM club run by Luke and Nick always have a good vibe and plenty of players but again it just hasn't clicked for me. Ive tried twice now but I'm not feeling it so no Warmachine for me (but I do love the models).
That leaves Dystopian Wars which is going to be my second system, a small following at the club atm but I reckon it will grow bigger. Similar sort of rule set to BFG so a bit easier for me to pick up, learn as get stuck in. So again it should be fairly easy to fit in with my limited time that I can invest into this hobby.

So where to now?
Well I have a Shutdown at work looming on the Horizon so nothing will be done for the next month or so. The model/ gaming room is still a shit hole and will remain that way till I build up the strength to face it down and begin the task of clearing all my crap out and getting it organised again.
But till that happens I'm just going to continue taking a break from the gaming and painting side of things.

Cheers Skal