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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Necrons and still waiting for my rule book

Well GW seems to be organised, releasing their new 40K rulebook and also FAQ + Errata on the same day. I've been waiting but it doesnt look like my copy of the new rules will be delivered today which is a shame as I was looking forward to reading the rules over the weekend. Instead I've been looking through the new Errata and I started with the Necrons.
Well its looking very nice for the Crons I must admit, the Warscythe is going to crush vehicles if it hits them +2 Str, AP1 and Armourbane (whatever that is) I'm guessing its adds 2 D6 to arm pen roll. If thats the case thats a Necron Overlord at str 7 + 2D6 for Armour pen then also +2 on the damage chart = ouch and very likely a big boom.
The Triarch Praetorians get a boost, their Rod of Covenant was a power weapon in the 5th but I believe that most power weapons are now classed as AP3 (correct me if I'm wrong) but the Rod is now AP2 so its gonna help against Terminators even more, plus it can still use its shooting (str 5 AP2 Assault 1) before charging into combat and that should make a dent in Terminator armour. I dismissed these in the last edition but I think this unit will be seen more in future games as a nice counter charge unit.
Canoptek Spyders with a Fab claw array now has the option to either heal 1 hull point (on a 4+ roll),  repair a  weapon destroyed or immoblised result. I dont know how good this will actually be but it could be a handy as the Ghost Arc's are rumoured to have 4 Hull points, Im guessing that this will be the same for Tech marines in the Codex chapters.
Well thats about it, there are lots more smaller changes but without the rulebook to read I cant really comment if they are going to be game changers.
I'm looking through the Eldar ones now and thankfully it looks like the Eldar get to keep their Psychic  powers from the 5th edition Codex, with the option to change out to the newer versions in the new rulebook once they have paid for them. Thats what I call a bonus, my whole army relied on those powers and with the Eldar keeping them it means I wont have to change any models out or buy new ones. All I need now is for the models to come down in points cost and I might just have a viable army again.

Well I will leave you again and maybe I might get my book on Monday now. (Maybe)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Battleship sighted

Well this is just a quick update, I've managed to finish my CoA Battleship and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I struggled with getting the decking the right colour and it took me a few attempts to get it right but now I have the technique it should make painting others a breeze. What makes me laugh is that I hope its decking, looking at other pictures of the different races of ships it seems most have decided that they are decking, I cant figure what else it would be.
I did start to highlight the camo scheme but I decided I didnt really like it so stopped before I had gone too far, there are a few lines still visable but I'm leaving them on as it would mean a whole hull repaint and I cant be arsed atm.
What's next?
I'm going to try and get the Cruisers sorted next for Wednesday, hopefully Drax has got his permission slip sorted for Wednesday night and I will get a chance finally of pushing out the boat (or ships) and getting a game.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Camo scheme WIP

Well I've finally managed to clear a space around my painting table and for the first time in a long time fired up the Airbrush. As the title suggests I'm trying to get a decent Camo scheme/ technique that I can use on my Dystopian War and Dust Warfare Vehicles.
Its not as easy as I thought it would be, but here are a few WIP pictures of my Battleship. The aim is to lighten the wooden deck as its to dark for my personal tastes atm. Also to bring out the metal work, overall this is the third attempt to get a camo scheme that I like, the others were using greens and blues and it just didn't look right for me.
I aim to copy the camo design onto my Axis Dust Warfare models (Walkers). The basic colours as you can see is black, grey and white and all I used was a right angle/ corner from a fantasy base to give me the sharp contrast between the colours.
Anyway have a look and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012



So GW have published the release date of the 6th Edition. I must admit, I'm a little nervous about this, I'm hoping, no I'm praying it will be a good one.
If not it will be the final nail in the coffin so to speak for me as other systems are out there ready to take my money.

5th Edition

Well for the first time I actually looked at other gaming systems, 5th really damaged my confidence in 40K and GW for me, I'm not saying it was all bad, there were some good points but overall I wasn't too impressed. Codex creep made things bad, really bad. In the end if you wasn't playing BA, SW or GK then you were going to have a hard game. Alpha strike armies ruled the roost, before being slowly replaced by the above. Now reading reports from tourneys its like SM, SM and more SM, very few  Alien races are taken which is a shame. I guess the SM chapters are winning the battle for the 40K universe.
However GW did manage to release two of my fav Armies this last couple of years. First the Dark Eldar and then the Necrons. Now I must admit, I believe that GW produce the best mini's in the world. The detailing is outstanding, the DE I think started the trend and GW really went to town on these, but lets face it they needed it. Same with the Necrons, OK the basic trooper is the same, but the vehicles and other foot sloggers are all sick models so a well done to GW for that.
So have GW got it right with 6th edition? I guess we will find out in a few weeks. Alot of hype leading up to the release, with the Internet providing more fuel to the fire. The release of rules (fake or real? who knows!) some of the idea's I thought were good, others didn't seem right, but if they were fake someone has taken their time writing them down and I believe they have a good future in games development lol. This is something I think GW have got wrong keeping everything under wraps till the last moment. If they started showing us sooner just a tiny glimpse of new rules etc then they would get some good feed back from the player communities. 

So 40K hasn't been hitting the right notes in me for awhile, so I went on the look for other gaming systems like a lot of players. Warmachine I've tried and I really like the models and the way it plays, but time limitations didn't really allow me to to play many games and tbh it didn't really grab me like 40K.
I then found Dystopian Wars, I love the models and have always liked naval type warfare, when BFG was released  I really enjoyed it, so I guess the two are similiar and maybe thats what atracted me to DW. The only issue I have, is that I havn't played a single game yet, but thats my fault which I need to amend.

Next up is a game that I've been watching/ waiting for sometime to be released. Dust Warfare. A weird Second world war game in which Hilter was assassinated and the War never ended in 1945. Alien techonology was found and rapid advances in weapons development etc etc continued the war. Now as a gaming system this was a bit of a gamble for me. Dust Tactics which is the board game version has a massive following in the states, but isnt so well known here. Board game? Yes a board game, from first hand experience what makes a board game really good? Rules, which are easily to learn and start playing, but hard to truly master....
My nephew aged 7, came round the other day and we decided to have a quick game of Dust Tactic's to see if he would enjoy it. We played our first game with the basic starter force and both of us were learning it. It took 30 mins and he really enjoyed it, in fact so did I. The rule set was very easy to pick up, no armour but  cover saves, line of sight were simple and very easy to understand and translate to my nephew. I won the first game but the second he kicked my arse, just shows how quick to learn it. The rule set seems to have been transferred to the warfare side as well. Additional rules added to armour saves and cove saves etc, but nothing to hard to remember but it seems pretty easy to pick up.
I think GW need to watch their backs with this one, sure maybe its not as refined as 40K or have as sick looking models but I seem to remember when GW started out, their models back then weren't the greatest. What I think DW has going for it, is the fact that the models are pre assembled and primed, the rules are very easy  to pick up and there is actually a tactical depth to the game once you have learnt the basics and want to progress. OK there are only two factions atm, the third is to be released soon and what I think they will need to do is get a fourth faction released ASAP.

So for me I'm going to continue with DW and Tactic's even if GW 6th edition 40K turns out to be a cracking game. I don't think I will invest as much more money into 40K going forward. I have my Dark Eldar, Nids and Necrons to play and enjoy.
I have been toying with the idea of an Imperial guard force for some time, but with the price increases (again), I think that force is going to be put on hold.

So this Thursday I'm heading down to the club. With Dust warfare in hand to see if I can get anyone interested in a tester game.
If your reading this and fancy a game then let me know. If I don't anything then I will cancel and arrange another time.

Cheers Skal