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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dust Warfare Mini's

Well they came, finally. Its seems to have been an epic wait for the Dust Tactic's/ Warfare stuff to be delivered. Out of stock at two online retailers but finally Maelstrom games came through for me.
Well first impressions are good, I ordered the Dust Tactics Core set, this includes the tactic's board game with a hero, two squads and a light walker from both Allied and Axis factions. I also added a Medium Walker from each faction to bulk these forces out and to make intro games at the club a little bit more interesting.
So first of all I opened the Core set to see what the minis are really like. Once the board and cards are out of the way your left with the Light Walkers with weapon attachments packed nicely in a secure plastic wrap which I have to say is very nice, even the troops were boxed and bagged in individual air tight bags which again I cant complain about (I just feel sorry for the poor sod who had to bag each of them).
So what is the quality like? Well for starters all models come pre-asembled and primed in the base colour, Camo green for the Allies and Stone grey for the Axis, so right from the off you can play this game (Alan heres looking at you kid). There are mold lines but nothing to bad and tbh pretty easy to get at and scrap/ file away. The mini's look to be made out of 3-4 plastic parts which are pre-glued into position. On the troops the glue doesn't seem all that great and I've managed to pull out a few heads and turn a few bodies to different angles. Now this is going to make cleaning the mold lines away easier and also for the modelling guys out there it opens up possibilities of changing the standard poses to something unique to your army. I would also say that the positioning ie stood up right isn't great and many seem at an angle and for me this would need to be corrected when I rebase the models.
 The mini's remind me of small toy soldiers that you used to play with when you were a kid (nothing changed much then lol) It a softer plastic than what GW uses for their figures and in my box there were several mini's that were suffering from bent weapons barrels. Not really a problem as like Finecast just add some hot water and re-allign then cold water and Bingo it sorted. The detailing is pretty good, not on par with the GW, but good enough to challenge the painters of us and have some nicely painted mini's in the end.
The Allies come with two squads of basic troops and a third squad of what looks like Jump pack troops and upon reading the rules they are equipped with jump packs and some nasty fists which are bad for your health and vehicles as well. The Axis come with a standard troop squad and 2 squads of heavy armoured dudes sporting heavy weapons and these again lay waste to anything they aim at.
Now the Light Walkers are made out of a harder plastic and again are pre-assembled, all you have to do is attach the weapons to the body and away you go, each one takes seconds to do. Again the a primed in the base colour and ready to go. Mold lines are present but again I personally don't think its a big issue to deal with. The  walkers actually can pivot in certain ways so you can change the pose of the model, for me the Axis model is the better of the two and reminds me alot of the star wars walkers (maybe that's why I prefer it) the Allied is a strange looking thing to me looking more insect like, but both models fit into the factions nicely.
So all in all not a bad start for Dust tactic's board game set. For £50 ish you get a Board game, figures, Light Walkers, some tank traps, crates and the strange combat dice needed for both systems.

The medium walkers are really nice looking models, you can see the inspiration from the WW2 tanks in these designs and FFG have done a good job with them. Both vehicles come with different weapons options effectively giving you three models for one, the good thing is you don't have to glue or mess around with magnets as they just slot in a housing which is used for all weapons. The Allied walker actually has 2 turrets that come with the vehicle giving you the option of the tank turret or missile launcher.
Mold lines seem to stand out more on the legs and I guess that's because of the flat surface, but both Allied and Axis bodies seem to be mold line free which is nice. Both walkers can detach the bodies to make it easier for cleaning and painting. The Axis walker legs are very static with no ability to to chance the pose without being brave and cutting into the legs etc. The Allied is different and looks like it could be changed with a bit of patience and the glue used to assemble the models isn't the strongest, I've just spend 5 mins ripping the Allied walker apart and the glue broke apart with a bit of force applied so it will be nice and easy to mod later if I want to.

So what will I do next? I'm going to head down to the club maybe in a few weeks and run through a few test games with anyone who is interested and see how this plays out. I'm going to leave the models as they are so the guys can see how they look right out of the packaging. If I get time I might try and paint one or two models and see how they come out when fully painted.

Sorry there isn't any photo's guys but my camera is missing. I will try and get down to the club to show it off soon.

Thanks for reading Skal

Monday, 21 May 2012

Dust Warfare has landed

Its been a long time since I posted anything. The house redesign is coming along nicely and as you can see from the picture above something landed on my doorstep which has distracted me for a couple of days, so work on the new house layout has more or less slowed down to a crawl.

Its finally arrived. Well only the rulebook has, the rest was cancelled due to poor customer service on Wayland Games part. Yes I know I shouldn't have ordered from them, but I decided to give them another chance. Apparently they have sold out of everything and demand has been so great that they are struggling to locate any stocks. I think I've heard that excuse before.... oh yeah it was for my last order with them lol. The problem I have is that their website is still saying in stock or dispatched with 5-9 days and that's just not right. With their big upcoming move to a bigger and better warehouse and hopefully a better ordering/ stocking system I've been told things will improve, but somehow I doubt it, I've been involved in something like that. Even with all the best planning etc its still a very difficult time, I just hope it does go well for them otherwise their business will be hurt. However what I will say is the guy who I have been e-mailing from Wayland Games about my order couldn't have been more helpful and polite, sorry to have directed my rage against you, but judging by your replies you must get a lot of grief.
Anyway enough bitching, it's taken two weeks just to get the rulebook and from first impressions of the rules I think this game has great potential. I'm not saying its perfect, what game is?
Basically just like other games you choose a points limit and select a force, you can have whatever you want in that force subject to their army rules. Then both players show each other their lists. Now this is the clever part, each player has 2 scenario points which will be spent to influence/ change the mission objective/ battle. So if your opponent has a force that you cant really deal with up close for example, you get to change the battle objective to put him or his force at a disadvantage, ie deploy him further away. He then gets to change something else which will give him an advantage ie off shelling (which effects arty blasts etc.) This carries on until both players have spent both their scenario points and have a unique Mission/ Battle which is a nice touch I think.

Anyway I've re-ordered the starter set for Tactic's which gives me both two sets of troops for Allies and Axis forces and also a light walker for each. Ive also ordered a Medium Walker as well to bulk out each force, so I'm hoping to have these delivered next week sometime. Then I will be doing some more reading of the rules and heading down to the club to run through some practice games if anyone is interested in having a go then please let me know.