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Monday, 19 March 2012

Offline for awhile

Well RL has really caught up with me. I'm having some major work done on the house so I'm going to losing my painting and computer room as storage for awhile. To this end I'm going to be even longer before I post again.
But if any of you guys want to have a game then just PM on Hull's Angels and I will try and drag the models out.
Besides I will probally need a break from the Chaos, mmmm I wonder if the Traitor Legions ever feel that way.

Cheers Skal

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Necrons vs Ultramarines

Ok so last week I went down to the club for a game against Chris aka Angry.
Now we have been trying to play a game of 40K for a month or so now but RL kept getting in the way and disrupting our plans, but we managed it and what a cracking game it was too. In fact we managed two games on the night which was a nice bonus.
We decided on 1800 points as thats what the local Tournies are at the moment and it gives us that little bit more flexibility in our lists.

Chris's Ultramarines force was something like this (I think):

Chaplain in Termie armour
Captain in Termie armour + Lightning Claws
Termie Assault Squad x 5 with TH and SS
Landraider Crusader

Tact Squad x10
Las-cannon, Meltagun, Sgt with Powerfist
Razorback, Twin Linked Las-cannon

Tact Squad x10
Missile Launcher, Flamer, Sgt with Powerfist
Razorback, Twin Linked Las-cannon

Assault Squad x10
Sgt with Powerfist, Flamer.

Ironclad Dreadnought
Drop pod.

Overall a nicely balanced force I thought, I knew that those Terminators were going to be my bane.

My Necron Force:

Phaeron Overlord
Cryptek of Destruction + Pulse
Cryptek of Destruction
Warriors x 5
Ghost Ark

Phaeron Overlord
Cryptek of Destruction
Cryptek of Destruction
Warriors x 5
Ghost Ark

Cryptek of Destruction
Cryptek of Destruction
Immortals x 5 (Telsa)

Cryptek of Destruction
Cryptek of Destruction
Immortals x 5 (Telsa)

Scarab Swarm x 8
Scarab Swarm x 7

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Doomsday Ark

Triarch Stalker (using a stand-in Spyder model).

So this is my second proper game with the new Necrons and I went for something a little bit different this time. My aim was to stay out of Close combat for as long as possible and use my shooting to neutrilise/ suppress his mobility to give me the edge. Now we played two games back to back and this is just what I remember from the first game ( I might make a few mistakes but its generally what happened).

OK, on with the game, the Mission was Seize Ground, deployment Dawn of War. Four objectives were placed on the board.
Chris wasnt sure about his deployment but settled on placing his Land Raider down on his right flank next to a building with an objective, next a combat squad from each Tact squad was placed in the building with the heavy weapon troopers getting good LOS across the board. A Razorback/ Combat squad, was placed behind this building hull down and those nasty twin linked Las-cannons sticking over the top of the wall. The Assault squad and second Razorback/ Combat squad were deployed left of his centre of the board behind the main building but within easy reach of another objective marker and his Ironclad Dread was held in reserve with the pod.

I deployed my first Immortals squad on my objective in a building on my left flank, a Scarab swarm was taking cover in the basement of this building with the two Annihilation Barges deployed directly behind in cover. Just to the right was my second Immortal squad in cover, looking over a handy wall. Behind these I placed my first Ghost Ark length ways so it formed a T with the second Ghost and the Doomsday Ark (Ghost Arks giving cover to the Doomsday). To the right my last unit of scarabs. I also forgot to deploy my Triarch Stalker (facepalm) and it wasnt until the end of my second turn that I realised this, so I had to roll as if it was reserved from turn 3.

Turn 1.

Dawn of War so night fighting was in and I decided not to move, shooting wise, nothing really happened.

Chris dropped his Drop pod/ Ironclad Dread just in front of the building on my left flank, basically he was in a position to contest two objectives and he was applying the pressure straight away. I knew that he was going to do this, but it’s still a worrying thing to have that thing land so close to my forces. His left flank moved forwards and claimed the central objective.

Objectives: 3 - Ultramarines.
                    1 - Necrons.

Turn 2.

Night fighting was now over, I started by moving the Scarabs out of the basement into a position to assault the Ironclad Dread just in case he survived the shooting phase and an Annihilation Barge moved out into the open to support them. The second Barge moved right to support the Immortals hiding behind the wall, the two Ghost Arks moved right 12" taking cover behind the central building and opening up the fire arc of the Doomsday. The scarabs on the right moved forward to screen the Ghost Arks.
Shooting, the Necrons fired more or less everything at the Dread and the Pod, but after the dust and smoke cleared the Dread was still standing, but the Drop Pod was a smoking wreck. The Doomsday powered up and discharged a Str 9 AP 1 Large Blast which landed right on top of the Razorback which was hull down in the building, destroying the twin linked las-cannon.
In Assault the Scarabs hit the Dread, Chris rolled first and killed a Scarab base, but then the Scarabs struck back and destroyed the Dread, then consolidated forward, to try and hide behind a wall (this was a mistake on my part) but they failed to reach it fully.

Chris moved the Assault Marines forwards 12" putting them in reach of the Scarabs on the right flank for the assault phase. The Razorback with the destroyed Las-cannon moved forwards and the Combat squad deployed behind the wall, on the right the Landraider rumbled forwards at cruising speed.
The Las-cannon and Missile launcher from the Combat squads targeted the Annihilation Barge and Ghost Ark and but failed to damage. The Landraider fired at the Immortals in the building and took down an Immortal who managed his RP roll and stood back up. The Combat squad flamed/ rapid fired the Scarabs and left just 2 bases standing (toasty).
In assault the Assault Marines made it into combat against the Scarabs and killed all the Scarabs (Ouch) and consolidated into the central building.
Objectives: 2 - Ultramarines.
                    1 - Necrons.
                    1 - Unclaimed.
Turn 3.

My triarch Stalker failed its reserve roll, my two Ghost Arks went after the Assault Squad hiding in the central building, the two remaining Scarab bases went after the Landraider.
Shooting wise I opened up with the two Ghost Arks targeting the Assault squad, rapid fire Gauss, Staff of lights, and Eldritch lances ripped into the squad with only one Marine left standing at the end (result). The Doomsday targeted the Combat Squad and killed 3 Marines in the blast, and the two squads of Immortals and Annihilations Barges opened up on the LandRaider but could not damage it.
Assault, the two remaining Scarab bases attacked the Landraider but needing 6’s to hit, due to it moving at crusing speed and only managed to knock a point of its AV (now 13) off the Landraider armour. I now knew, that taking out his LandRaider was going to be very difficult and with those nasty Terminators inside I was worried that my left flank would collapse.

Chris moved his Landraider forward and disembarked the Terminator squad right in front of the Annihilation Barge ready for assaulting. The weapon destroyed Razorback moved forwards again and provided cover for the remains of the combat squad and also the single Assault marine which had rallied and jumped forwards to help contest the objective near the destroyed Ironclad Dread. Chris fired the Landraider weapons at the Annihilation Barge and managed to immobilise it, his other shooting killed off another Scarab base.
In Assault, his Terminators smashed apart the immobilised Annihilation Barge and then consolidated into the objective building ready to take on the Immortals on the floor above next turn.

Objectives: 2 - Ultramarines.
                    2 - Contested.

Well I was right my left flank was now going to fold if I didn’t do something in the next turn. But my options were pretty limited, I knew that the Immortals holding the objective were dead next turn.
Now it’s at this point that my Doomsday Ark suffered a Chris-tropic failure.... Notice how its arse end is over the table in the previous photo?
Well Chris was explaining something and the hooked part at the back of the model caught his ring hand and off it went. To be fair I did try and stop the model hitting the floor with my foot but this just made it travel quicker lol........ crash, then the sound of stunned silence in the gaming Hall.
Someone said "that sounded painful”.
End result.... well here you go.
TBH it’s not that bad, it was a clean break and it’s now fixed like new. So from now on in the pictures you will only see the gun from the model. Accidents do happen lol.
Turn 4.

I finally managed to get my Triarch Stalker on the table from reserve and it moved alongside the Doomsday, I moved my Immortals out from behind the wall forwards to counter the Combat squad and Assault Marine hiding behind the Razorback (and to get away from the Terminators inside the building). The remaining Annihilation Barge followed to provide them with back up. The two Ghost Arks moved around and into the central building getting into position to attack Chris’s central objective next turn. The single remaining Scarab moved closer to the Landraider.
Shooting, the Triarch Stalker hit the Razorback but didn’t kill it, but shots against it were now classed as twin linked so my Annihilation Barge fired and took out the Razorback, the Immortals in front took down the two remaining Marines from the Combat squad in a hail of Telsa fire, leaving just the Assault Marine standing alone in the open. The Immortals in the building hit the Terminators putting a wound on the Chaplain (pure fluke). The Doomsday Ark also turned and fired at the Terminators, managing to kill the two out in the open. The Ghost Ark got a weapon destroyed and then a wrecked result on the Razorback and the combat squad jumped out onto the objective but wasn’t pinned (I think this was a cheeky shot through the window, sorry Chris). The single Scarab managed to knock the Landraider down another AV in assault, which meant it was now armour 12 all round

Chris turned the Landraider and moved if forwards towards the objective driving over a small wall, however he failed his difficult/ dangerous terrain test and the vehicle was then immobilised. The Terminators moved up within assault range of the Immortals and the lone Assault Sgt moved up against the second squad of Immortals. Shooting, the LR killed off two Immortals, the Combat squad sitting on Chris's objective killed off the last Scarab Base. The Combat squad on his left flank missed the Ghost Ark with the meltagun luckily for me.
Assault his Terminators wiped out my Immortals and consolidated near the entrance on the ground floor, his lone Assault Marine Sgt assaulted the Immortals who struck first and managed two wounds, one failed armour save and the Assault Marine was gone.

Objectives : 3 Ultramarines.
                    1 Necron.

Turn 5.

So in the final turn of the game, I managed to take out the remaining Terminators, destroy the Landraider and the Combat squad holding Chris's central objective was also killed off. I also managed to wittle down the Combat squads holding the objective on his right flank. This effectively neutrilised Chris so I managed to hold 2 vs 1 objectives with 1 uncontested, so it was victory to the Necrons.
What a game.

It was a good game and Chris had me under pressure right from the go. The second game was alot harder and Chris showed what those Terminators are capable of if they get into close combat. Necron wise I really enjoyed using the two Overlords mounted in Ghost Arks, the ability to move 6" and still fire all the weapons at full range gave me the edge I think. AV 13 was difficult for Chris to crack, even with Twin linked Las-cannons, and when he did manage to get through I was lucky and generally rolled my cover save/ or living metal.

The Immortals were ok, but for me they were to static and this was highlighted in the second game (I lost both squads). I'm looking at changing them to warriors and mounting them in Ghost Arks, this way they can move and the Crypteks can still fire their Lances, the only issue is they are alot more points, but the ability to redeploy in a game could be a winner.

Running two Phaeron Overlords opened up two Necron Courts and I took full advantage of this fielding eight Cryptek of Destructions. Placing two in each squad enabled me to get some good firing arc's and their 36" range Str8 AP2 was doing the hurt on Chris's force. Running these in four Ghost Arks in future games might be the way to go, giving me good mobility and more importantly keeping my Necrons out of combat. As Chris mentioned I will probally struggle against Blood Angels/ Dark Eldar as they are so fast and can be in my force by turn 2, but the threat of rapid fired gauss from the Ghost Ark's that survive might hold them at bay, I guess time will tell.

The Scarabs did a fine job, deploying them close and on the flanks, limited the Drop pod/ Ironclad and the damage it could do. Even though I wasted the squads in the next few turns, they certainly helped against vehicles even in lower numbers they are a threat which is nice, now I just have to judge distances a little better to keep them out of trouble.

The Doomsday Ark, well I wanted to test it out, alot of players on the net arent sure about this, its pretty static if you want to use the full goodness of its Str9 AP1 large blast. My aim was to deploy it with good arc's and keep firing till something got too close then move off, it was never really threatened in the first game and managed to disrupt / kill off Chris's advancing troops. The second game it wasnt really as effective and was forced to move a few times but it did help me claw a draw in that game, so more testing for this.

Annihilations Barges, what can I say, I'm still not sure on these. The fact that they arent classed as Fast is a real pain limiting them to firing only one weapon if they move. Telsa for me wasnt as effective either, but this was due to my inability to roll 6's. However at 90 points each they are the cheapest option and can keep up with the Ghost Arks for support, maybe I'm being too harsh again more testing.

Now Chris's Army is a real gem to play against. Nicely painted, very characterful and fielded by someone who knows its style inside out. What I would class as Tournie friendly, i.e. not a power list. But dont let this fool you as its still bloody dangerous to deal with. In the second game Chris adapted his tactic's and had me on the ropes all game with me only just managing to pull out a draw in the final few turns, oh, btw it lasted a full 7 turns. If it had finished on turn 5-6 I think he would have won.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading and I would like to hear your comments if you have any.

PS the I-phones are great little cameras, thanks for the loan Chris and great games m8.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Paint bottles have arrived.

So two posts in two days lol, something must be happening. Well as the title suggests I recieved my tester bottles for my Airbrush paint which I ordered off Ebay. Bit of a gamble at the size so I only ordered 25 of them but they are the perfect size so I will be ordering more.

Sorry for the terrible pictures, but my camera had reset all its settings and I didnt realise until I was half way through.
 2 fl oz 20mm neck bottles were bought as I decided to buy about 10 extra suction caps for the airbrush so I could quickly swap to a different paint on the go, and not lose too much time cleaning stuff. Now this isnt my idea as I stole from another modeller/ painter off Youtube and as it made sense to me I followed his instructions. I had to cut the Suction caps to length which wasnt a problem as I just measured against the bottles.

Next up I started to transfer some paint across and thinned these paints down with Acylic flow improver to make sure the paint didnt clog up the airbrush. To start with I went for a 50/50 mix which seems to be about right.

So just to give you a size comparison of the bottles against theAirbrush this is what I will be working with.

Perfect, not too big and not too small.

So to test it out I grabbed my Annihalition barge which I had started to hand paint see below.
I then sprayed it the living metal black again and decided to use the Airbrush to see if I could improve on the look. First off a base coat of Dark green was applied, I took a few attempts on paper first to try and get the air pressure and paint flow set up and this is how it came out after my first attempt.

Not bad for a first go I thought, so I went to the next highlight using Scorpian Green, this is where I started to have a few problems with the mix of the paint as it was too thick and started to block the airbrush so I had to make a few adjustments along the way

 Again the pictures dont really do it justice. I will put a final highlight using a hand brush to bring the living metal lighting/ glow out. Still not sure about which method looks best.... What do you guys think?
I will post some more WIP pic's as and when I get time, but this weekend I'm working night shifts so its going to be slow.
Anyway let me know what you think.

Cheers Skal

Friday, 2 March 2012

Airbrush time

So three days ago I ordered a new airbrush, and it arrived today.

The Awata Eclispe HP-BCS, now I've been using or trying to use fairly cheap ones which I got as a complete package (2x airbushes and compressor) for Xmas. Now to start with these two airbrushes are fine if your learning the basics and are not sure if you wanna invest too much to start with. I think they both retailed at about £15-£20 range and for what they do they are a bargin. But even I noticed after awhile that things could be better (trigger action, air flow) so thats why I invested in a Awata Eclispe. All I can say is WOW, if you hav'nt got an Airbrush then you really are missing out. I managed to base, spray 3x coats and put several washes, on a unit of 10 Immortals in about 30-35 mins, now I'm still learning, so I'm making silly noob mistakes but the potential to bang out whole units of models/ armies is massive. Here are a few pic's.

Based ready for first coat of grey primer.

First coat of Gunmetal applied

                                               This is after the final wash has been applied.

So after about 35 min I had a squad of Immortals in basic painted form which I could use for a game of 40K.
OK, so you will need to use a paint brush to finish off the final high lighting and detailing but I think its still a good enough effort. I certainly know it would take me alot longer to do if I was using a brush, and looking at all my unpainted models for the first time in along time, I'm now thinking to myself I can actually get round to pianting these up.

Whats next? Well my Fantasy army of Ogres are lined up ready to be painted after I've finished off the Necrons, these should be even easier to complete due to their size. I've also ordered about 25 1fl oz bottles so I can start pre mixing the paint up and store them ready to use which will also speed things up.
I'm also looking into how I base my models as I really think mine suck. For along time I've admired Lukes basing skills see here

This is a picture of his latest Army for Hordes and its really nicely done. For more of his painting/ basing skills check out his blog here http://splatter-mania.blogspot.com/

Its also very quiet out there guys, I guess most of my gaming circle buddies are hard at work with RL because updates from your blogs are few and far between. Hope this isnt going to be a long term thing.

Thats it folks, thanks for reading