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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Revised Dwarf List 2000 points

So since my game with Drax I've been toying with a few lists to try and make my Dwarven Throng abit stronger/ better.
I looked at the Runesmith and even though he did well I really wanted to see just how well I could actually shut down my opponents magic phase. So for my next game I've decided to use a Runelord with the Anvil.
At 2000 points I'm probally going to be told its overkill but I just want to see what its like whilst I'm play testing and if its actually viable at this points level. Due to the amount of points Ive actually had to sink into a single model I'm unsure, so I've made a second list keeping the Runesmith to see which of these two lists everyone prefers.
On a plus side I've heard that the Anvil can buff the Dwarven units well and it adds an extra Dispel dice to the pile which is always nice. So the Runelord will have the same Runes as the Runesmith giving me (including the anvil) 4 extra dispel dice per turn whilst taking out one power dice from my opponents pile. So thats the magic sorted, moving onto the Thane BSB which basically stays the same with the only change to his weapon Rune giving him +1 strength so he might actually hurt something next time (if my dice rolls improve).

Now Drax's army taught me how good a Horde unit is so I've decided to place 2 units of Warriors with great weapons in Horde formation, 31 attacks at strength 5 (hopefully) will do some damage. I've also included a small unit of Thunderers to sit in the backfield and protect the Warmachines. 2 x Cannons, a Grudge Thrower and finally an Organ gun are my Warmachines. The cannon will try and take out any fast moving or major/ large threats to my throng, whilst the GT will target big units of Infantry. The Organ gun is there to counter anything that gets past my two large blocks of infantry with the Thunderers.
Now what worries me is the fact that there are'nt many units on the table. But practice games will show if the Anvil/ Lord are too much of a points sink and dropping one or both will give me enough for a another Thane and others as you can see in the second list.
Another issue I have is how to deploy the Units/ Warmachines on the field of battle? Any tips?

So here is the 1st list.

Anvil of Doom, MR of Balance, R of Spell breaking, R of Preservation. 405pts.

Thane BSB
MR of Gromril, R of Preservation, R of Cleaving. 150pts

Warriors x 35
Great Weapons, Full Command. 375pts.

Warriors x 35
Great Weapons, Full Command. 375pts.

Thunderers x 12. 168pts.

Engineer, R of Forging, R of Burning. 145pts.

Engineer, R of Forging. 140pts.

Grudge Thrower
Engineer, R of Accuracy. 120pts.

Organ Gun. 120 pts.

Total points 1998pts.

This 2nd list which doesnt take a Runelord/ Anvil is below:

MR of Balance, R of Spell breaking, Shield and Great weapon. 151 pts.

Thane BSB
MR of Gromril, R of Preservation, R of Cleaving. 150pts

Great Weapon, MR of Kragg the Grim, R of Stone, MR of Spite. 139pts.

Warriors x 35
Great Weapons, Full Command. 375pts.

Warriors x 35
Great Weapons, Full Command. 375pts.

Thunderers x 12.
Shields, Standard. 195pts.

Miners x7
Standard. 87 pts

Engineer, R of Forging, R of Burning. 145pts.

Engineer, R of Forging. 140pts.

Grudge Thrower
Engineer, R of Accuracy. 120pts.

Organ Gun. 120 pts.

This second list comes to 1997pts, and even tho its not as potent in shutting down the magic phase I think it has more tactical options. I put the miners in for some fun and as a distraction unit, with their rules they could pop up anywhere on the table edges and tackle other Warmachines/ units. I dont expect them to last long, and maybe they are easy to kill but at 87 points I think they are worth it.

So which of the 2 lists do you like the look of guys and let me know why.

Painting wise I have almost finished off the Thunderers unit and will post some pics when they are done, but thats about it.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Grudge of the Barrows is Settled.

Let it be known that the Grudge of the Barrows has been settled.

 When the holds Rangers reported a large Undead army, under the command of the infamous Vampire Lord Abdemanechus was travelling through the secret paths of our Holds land, our Lord King of Karak Izor did dispatch a force of Dwarfs to meet them in battle to settle the Grudge of the Barrows.
 Upon the green plain known to us as Bjarni Hope, did the two forces meet. Twas a long and bitter duel, with evil magic's countered by our Runesmith skill and the Undead claws and teeth matched by Dwarven Axe and Mail.
 Lo our Hold lost many Dwarf kin in that fight, but their courage didn't sway and calling upon their ancestor's to watch their deeds and remembering the Grudges of old, they did fight the grim fight, till the Undead Horde was destroyed. Victory was ours but it was bitter sweet affair, for no body of the Vampire Lord Abdemanechus could be found amongst the undead dead.
 So let it be known that the Grudge of the Barrows has been settled and the Grudge of Bjarni Hope has been marked down in our Holds Book of Grudges.

So I finally had my first game of Warhammer fantasy. After five years of owning several forces I've actually got round to completing a game. One New years resolution complete.

I must confess that I really enjoyed the game, my thanks to Drax and Phil (Dangermouse) for babysitting me through the game and answering all my questions.
We decided on 1850 points as that really was all the dwarf models I had and I even had to borrow some more off Drax to make up a short fall.
Drax played his Vampire Counts and away we went. It took just under four hours to complete, but the game went by so quickly I was shocked when I looked at my clock and it said 10.45pm.
Lots of lessons were learnt from this first game, first was my appalling dice rolling ability (nothing changes there) but sometimes I wish it would improve.
Army wise I decided to sit back and let the Warmachines do some damage, but I was surprised at how fast Drax's VC army moved and realised that I would probably only get 2 turns of shooting in before he hit my lines.
So shooting wise, Cannons really do some good damage and my single cannon manged to kill his Corpse Cart in one turn which was very nice. Grudge Throwers are good too when they hit, but I need more practice at choosing the correct targets for taking out the biggest threats to my army, but that will come with experience. Disappointingly my Bolter Throwers just didn't do anything and at long range I couldn't even hit a Barn door (crap dice). So I'm probally going to bin them unless I have a spare 50 points left over.
My next game I'm wanting two Cannons, a Grudge Thrower and an Organ Gun which is probally a better bet and even tho its more expensive they are much more of a threat I think to the opposing army.
Quarrellers weren't too bad, I decided to take 28 in 4 ranks of 7. This gave me 14 shots for 2 turns but they didn't do too much in the way of damage. Then they were in Combat, at which point they were a bit below average. OK I did send them into the VC's hardest unit (ghouls with 2 Vampire's and an Wright thingy) which was probably a mistake and my dice rolling was again crap, but their light armour wasn't up to grind of attrition and they were quite easily wiped out in one turn of fighting(again bad leadership rolls lol ) .
So now I'm debating on if they are really worth the 2 turns of shooting? Warriors are alot cheaper with Great Weapons and have a better armours save so are probally a more viable option in future games, I might run with a smaller unit to deploy back field and look after the Warmachines but Thunderers can do that job and they probally have better odds of hitting and doing some nice damage to any threats that get too close.

Combat units:

Longbeards are really nice, mine managed to kill a unit of zombies then a true battle against the Ghouls+ Vampires unit. It was at this point that I thought I was going to lose the battle, those Vampires and Ghouls can spam out some nasty amount of attacks and tbh my return attacks seemed to be far too few. After 2 turns of fighting my Longbeards were down to almost their first rank and if I had'nt been able to pull out a very, very lucky leadership roll of snakes eyes to keep my Longbeards in the fight  I would have been a dead Dwarf (or should that be an undead Dwarf?) That lucky roll and the charge of my Great weapon Warriors into the Ghouls/ Vampires unit flank in my next movement phase managed to turn the tide in my favour, without it I think Drax would have easily have won the game.
Dwarf Warriors armed with Great Weapons did well, killed a pack of undead dogs/ wolves then helped out their old dads/ grandads in combat against the Ghould etc. A reasonable sized unit isnt as expensive as other Dwarven units can be (Quarellers), so I think I'm going to stick some more of these fellows in future games
I do think I might need to spread my characters out abit instead of having them in just one unit. This way at least each unit can actually do some damage to undead creatures like wrights and others which normal weapons cant seem to touch.
My Runesmith did well even tho he was illegal due to me spending too many points on Runes (Sorry Drax) But the Master Rune of Balance and the Rune of Spellbreaking (Dispel scroll) plus the +2 to dispel from the Dwarves Magic resistance sure did help with dealing with Drax's magic phases. However now I know that is all he can take (runes wise) I really dont know where I would put him to keep him safe, maybe the small unit of Thunderers/ Quarellers in the backfield.
My Thane BSB did well to stay alive and there isnt much I would change on him tbh. But I do think I need another character to help with combat. Where the points are coming from for this 3rd char I still dont know yet.
So whats next? Back to the drawing board and come up with another list from my experiences of this first game and some more practice games. Meanwhile I'm going to be painting and painting, on a plus side dwarf figures are nice and small so easy to do and also quick to pack away after a game which is a bonus.

Thanks again Drax and Phil for your help, I really enjoyed the game.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Still alive

Just a quick update,

I'm still alive lol, my painting progress has taken a knock over the last 2 weeks. Real life, work issues, the weather and various other things pulling me away from the hobby, but I have managed to progress on various projects. Since my two 40K matches with Mart I've managed to get an Annihilation Barge to almost 70% complete. What amazes me with these new Necron models is the amount of detail and the time its taking me to get the effects just right (or as good as I can do them).
Because its taking so much time I've been flicking backwards and forwards between the Necrons and Warmachine to keep my morale/ mojo up. My Flameguard are coming on nicely most are probally 90% done, in the pictures its only the officer that is almost there, he just needs some more basing to complete him fully. I'm happy with how well these guys have come out and I found them alot easier painting than the Errant Templars (which are still not completed). I've also started painting up Feora Priestess of Flame so hopefully it wont be long till shes up.
So with all this painting I've decided to get another New Year's Resolution completed and actually have a game of Warhammer Fantasy. Drax is going to run me through the rules with my Dwarfs and whatever he will be playing. Having owned Orges, Dwarfes and Tomb King armies for almost 5 years and never actually got round to playing a single game I believe its about time that I did.

Anyway here are some pic's.

P.S. Luke I will def try and get a game of WM in soon lol.

Thanks for reading.