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Saturday, 28 January 2012

First 40K game of 2012

Well I went to the Hulls Angels for my first game of the year. Basically I played my Black Legion vs my Necrons which Mart used as he wanted to try them out. I've toyed with the idea of using Necrons before, but I just couldnt come up with a list I was happy with. However Mart asked me to provide a list so we could play, I sat down and went through the Codex and selected what I would probally run with as a tester.
1500 points went something like this:

8x Warriors.
Cyptek (Harbringer of Destruction + Lance)
Ghost Ark.

8 x Warriors
Cyptek (Harbringer of Destruction + Lance)
Ghost Ark.

5 x Immortals
Cyptek (Harbringer of Destruction + Lance)

5 x Immortals
Cyptek (Harbringer of Destruction + Lance)

Canoptek Scarabs x8

Canoptek Scarabs x8

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge.

Mart and myself agreed to just play KP mission as it was along time since either of us had played 40K and really this was just a wam up game and the fact Mart had never played with Necrons before. After 7 complete turns we managed a draw at 7 KP each, I was lucky, all I had left was 3 depleted Havoc squads and 2 Rhinos one of which was Immobilised. Mart showed me just how effective the Necrons can be at shooting.
I'm not going to go too much into why my Black Legion army failed, a few things cropped up which I will learn from and maybe make some changes but they are mainly due to its Codex age and the General using them (me). What I want to talk about is how much better Necrons Codex is now.

First up the Stormlord, for the points that you pay for him I would have to say he is worth every one of them, at first I was worried that he costs too much to include in a 1500 point game. You can get the basic Overlord with a Command Barge/ Warscythe for 45 points cheaper. However a similiar Overlord fitted the same way as StormLord comes in at 20 points cheaper but doesnt get the Nightfighting special rule or the Lightning attacks either. These two things managed to more or less shutdown my long range shooting for 3 turns and forced me to move forwards into the 24" magic range for the Necrons shooting. Is it worth the extra 20 points? Hell yes! Players might scream cheese though, but who really cares about that, expect to see Stormy at your local tournie soon.

Annihilations Barges what can I say, Mart played really well with these and held them on the back field, once I was in range these things ripped through my squads and transports like a hot knife through butter. Mart is good at rolling 6's and with the Arc/ Tesla ability these 3 vehicles can do/ and did alot of damage to any army they go up against.

Scarabs are another great unit when used correctly. Beasts, Swarm and fearless rules makes these a rather nasty unit against vehicles and troops. 6" move with a D6" fleet and a 12" assault, if they make it into combat you can more or less kill off a vehicle (transport) in one turn. They also make really good speed bumps to slow down a fast army thats getting to close to the bulk of your Necron Troops but dont expect them to survive anymore than a turn of combat as the fearless rule hits them hard if they lose (5+save). But they dont cost much points wise so they are a bargin and they are so good at what they do. Only problem is going to be keeping them alive so careful use of cover is a must for the Necron player.

Warriors and Ghost Arks, another great combination. With the Stormlord mounted with a squad of Warriors he gives the relentless special rule, so even if they moved they could still shoot upto 24" and the other 5 shooting atacks from the Ark is nice too. Mart never got round to using the repair ability that the Arks give so I could not say just how effective that is. Btw Mart the Warriors armour save is 4+ now and not the 3+ (Immortals) like it used to be, will have to remember that for next time

Immortals were ok, in the above list after seeing them in action I would probally only use one squad but bulk out the numbers to maybe 7 or 8. Armed with Tesla weapons with a 24" assault range, these guys are your home objective keepers and can hammer the enemy troops if they get within 24".

Now the only thing I was disappointed with was the Cypteks. Once they were split into each different squad their firepower really wasnt up to much and was pretty disappointing. I think the points could be better spent else where and I'm gonna have a play around to see if I can improve the list. Maybe lose 2 Cypteks for a Necron Lord with a Resurection Orb for the second Warrior squad or change out one Destruction Cryptek to a Despair with Veil of Darkness for that last minute/ turn 5 Deepstrike against an enemy objective to contest, risky I know, but it could be a game winner.

I went out and purchased the remainer of the vehicles that I needed to complete this list. Ouch, my wallets alot lighter than before I walked into the shop is all I will say.Once home I started to assemble them, and they really are time consuming to build up. The first Ghost Ark has taken probally 4-5 hours so far, I've been careful in making sure that I can get to and paint the models easily, so that means not fully gluing the pieces together until after the paint has dried. I will post some pictures when I get them built up.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Series 3

As the title says I'm into series 3 of Smallville now.

So far I have almost finished the trim on all my Black Legion Chaos Marines, I started with Gold but it looked way to bright so swapped to bright bronze like on my Abaddon model and used gold to highlight and damn they looked 100% better. I cant believe how long its actually taking to do this, even running in a production line its taking forever. But seeing them lined up with each other its certainly worth it. I still have the Chosen models to start but I want to take my time with them as they are more detailed that the rest of the army, I selected one from each of the main Chaos powers each carrying a Plasmagun and the fifth was the Undivided, with all the detailing they look real nice and provide another focus point in my Army. I have my first test game organised for Thursday so I'm looking forward to seeing how they do.
I've also been working on my Temple Flame Guard and these are coming along nicely. I finally managed to get hold of my Menoth Heavy Warjack Markers from Firestorm Games. Its been an Epic journey to get them as well, starting at Xmas then my Birthday shortly afterwards. I recieved two as presents, but each one when I inspected were actually Cygnar Wreck markers boxed in Menoth packaging (Doh). Well its taken roughly 2 weeks to sort it and fair play to Firestorm Games they handled it real nice, apparantly PP UK messed up a full batch but its all sorted now. I do have 2 spare Cygnar Heavy Wreck Markers going free and I think I know a player who would give them a good home (Luke if you want them you can have them m8).
I will post some pictures up soon.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Abaddon Finished

Well I finally managed to finish Abaddon off. Here he is in all his glory.


Ready to bring the fight to the Emperors lacky's.

Friday, 13 January 2012

15 episodes of Smallville

Strange Title?

Yeah, yeah, I know. I admit it, I actually do watch Smallville, Sad? Maybe! but it was an Xmas present from 2 years ago from the wife. I decided to play the DVD's in the background whilst modelling, cleaning, gluing and basing my models from last year Xmas. So 15 episodes in, on Series one, thats how long its taken me and I've just finished at one in the morning with my dog snoring away next to me in his bed (he sleeps in my painting room).

So Phase one is complete. My Black Legion Space Marines have a full complement upto 1500pts which will be extended to 1800pts ready for any Hulls Angels tournie this year that I can attend. However I need to decide what to do with the extra 300 points that I have spare, but thats another problem for the future.
Also my Menoth Force is now over 50 pts with two warcasters to lead the army into battle. Mrs F and Mr K two different styles of Warcasters, all I need to do now is get some games in.
In total 80 models have been assembled and are now awaiting the paint booth which leads to.....

Phase two begins today, once I pull my sorry arse out of bed. Undercoating, then painting which I don't really mind as I'm currently waiting for my new Brake disc's (front and back) plus green stuff pads for my car to be delivered today (hopefully). Short story is my car delevoped a nasty grinding sound last week and I booked it into the garage for a check up just to be sure. The news wasnt good and new front brakes were needed, so there goes my birthday money (and more) on a nice new set of disc's, oh well thats life I guess. Always seems to happen in January when life goes Pete Tong along with the other bills that start to drop through the letter box.

My Abaddon model hasnt seen any paint since my last post which is kind of disappointing, but I've been too busy in RL. Hopefully I will get that finished soon and post the finished article up on the Blog. Too soon it looks like one of my New Year resolutions seem to be going out the window very quickily, Friday the 13th Jan and I still hav'nt managed to play a game from any of the systems yet this year, not a good start....

However, I am mangaing to maintain a few others, one of which is trying to post regular posts on my blog (even if it is shit, like this one). I have given a bit of a face lift to the Blog for the New Year and changed the name again! Personally I dont really know wtf I'm actually doing but I'm pretty happy with the results, it looks newer/ fresher to me.

There seems to be a lot of rumours about 6th edition for 40K coming soon. Real or Fake who knows and to be honest I'm taking each one with a pinch of salt. Whats going to be the next Codex release? Black Templars or Tau? Both rumoured to be the next one, my money is on the BT. Seen as the Necrons was released before Xmas, what has suprised me is that GW hav'nt released anymore Necron models yet, loads from the Codex are still missing and I thought GW would have them out by now.

Well time to hit the sack.

Just a quick question. What are your New Year resolutions for the Hobby?

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 8 January 2012


You can tell when your getting in old when someone asks you how old you are on your birthday and you dont have a clue. 37 my wife replied after I tried to work it out but failed. Man if I'm forgetting how old I am at 37, God help me when I get to 60, good job I have the wife.
Anyways on to more important stuff, the Black Legion got some reinforcements yestarday in the form of more Chaos Space Marines, 2 x Squads.  Also 2 x Squads of Havoc's running AC's and ML's.
After running through the Codex time and time again, I've decided on a 1500 point list that I want to play test.
As follows:

Chaos Sorcerer.
Mark of Slaanesh + Lash (I know its lame, but till we get an update it will help against the newer codexes)

Chaos Space Marines squad x 9
Aspiring Champion + Powerfist


Chaos Space Marines squad x 10
Aspiring Champion + Powerfist
2 x Meltaguns

Chaos Space Marines x8
Icon of Khorne
Aspiring champion + Powerfist

4x Plasmaguns

2 x Autocannons
2 x Missile Launchers

2 x Autocannons
2 x Missile Launchers

4 x Meltaguns

At 1500 points and an old Codex I dont think this list is too bad, the proof will be in the play testing. But I think this will be the core of my list, looking at the last Hulls Angels Tournie the points was set at 1800 last time, so its going to be interesting in adding another 300 points. So many other options to be had and luckily for me I have kept most my Chaos stuff boxed up and not sold it off. Problem is I dont know what I want to include, but I'm hoping that the playtesting will highlight any major concerns.
Abaddon is now almost 80% ish complete, I'm really happy with the way he came out and I'm hoping my paint job is doing him justice. I tried many times to paint his bloody sword in a crystally type way but have failed each and everytime, I'm guessing that I need some more practice on the airbrush to get it right. In the end I just opted for a blue metallic effect which is a bit of a cop out but it still works well with the model.
Here are a few more WIP pict's

Warmachine models are progressing, my Avatar has been some what delayed due to the fact that it needs to be pinned and I ran out of brass rod. I now have a fresh supply and pinning/ rebasing the rest of the Menoth reinforcements that I recieved over the Xmas period will continue over the next week. Its a right pain in the arse but it needs to be done as I tend to drop my models (as Nick knows only too well) and they tend to survive a bit better once pinned.
Feora Priestess of Flame, I've decided to make my in your face Warcaster, she has some Temple Flameguard to back her up and also a Castigator Heavy Warjack due to be delivered in the next day or so. Looking forward to getting a game with her sometime soon.

Last but not least are my Dwarfs, well they are still sat there,deployed in their ranks ready for battle with the paint brush, but the enemy hasnt turned to them yet, oh well they can grumble some more.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Abaddon WIP

Well it's been pretty steady progress on the Abaddon model. I've finished off the chest area which was a concern that I had in my previous post and green stuff was used to fill in any gaps. I have to say that overall I'm pleased with the results, he stands a little higher than the new terminator models and with him standing on the Chaos star he towers over most models.

Painting wise so far I'm happy, I do have a few concerns, that being the amount of red I've used on the model, with the inner part of the cloak, the two tassles on top of his trophy rack and also his hair I'm thinking maybe this is too much. I read somewhere that if you use a colour to make the model stand out it should form a triangle. This triangle then draws the eyes into the model and the details. For me looking at the model the most natural triangle is from the two inner parts of his cloak heading up to the top of his hair/ topknot. If I change the tassles I will be adding a further incomplete triangle to the model and I think it might start to complicate things. 

Its a bit difficult to see from the pictures but something needs to change, his hair or the tassles and I'm not sure which? I could change the tassles to the same colour as his tabard ie grey. That would form the two triangles with the red being the one that grabs the eyes and the grey a more subtle triangle in the back ground.

What do you guys think? Let me know.

Thanks for the kind comments guys on the previous blog posts, its really helping me to stay focused. More to come.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Well New Year is finally here, I hope its gonna a great one for you all.

At the close of last year I decided to have abit of a clean up on my hobby cupboard. Out came all the old boxes filled with armies and the other little bits of crap that we all seem to keep just incase we need something like that later on. After so many years collecting I have a massive amount, so I started with the armies, each one came out, I dusted them down and repacked them again. Next up was the thousands of plastic sprues  with just a few modelling pieces attached, these were broken down and most went into my bits box, after all that my cupboard is half the volume of what it once was.
So thats my hobby cupboard clear for this year.
Out of all my 40K armies I've decided its going to be a Chaos themed year. The rest have been packed/ stored away so they dont distract me from painting and playing.
Warmachine models are almost fully assembled and just need pinning to their new bases, Xmas re-inforcements were the Avatar of Menoth, Feora Priestess of Flame and some destroyed Warjack markers which will round the force off well and also give me an option on the second warcaster that I've been missing.
Dystopian War models have been experimented on with the Airbrush. I'm still not happy with the colour scheme, tried out 3 so far and neither of them were good. The Airbrush certainly makes things alot easier for painting camo on ships and vehicles so already thats a good present that i know will come in handy.
I've also dusted off my Dwarfs and ranked them up ready for some paint. I will start to get these guys done as another resolution for this year is to get some WHF battles in.
So thats what I aim to do over this new year, and already my Chaos force is recieving re-inforcements, the most important is Abaddon himself. Picked up a finecast model this morning whilst out shopping with the wife, first thing I noticed was there wasnt any bubbles in the casting which was nice, but thats about the only good thing. It seems when they cast it the allignment was off, I dont mind the mold lines that you get but when the item is warped as bad as it is, its really is alot harder if not impossible to smooth out these lines. Anyway I cleaned him up as best I could and tac'd him together and placed him with the other Termies and thats when I realised that he is alot smaller now than newer Terminator versions.
Damn, not I cant have him looking like a mini me version when he deepstrikes into battle with the rest of the Terminators. So my first modelling project was to update Abaddon, here are a few pictures of the WIP of Abaddon.

Overall I'm quite happy with it so far. I've sacrificed a plastic termie body that I had going spare and transfered the weapons across from the finecast model. I also included a cloak for the newer model as I think Abaddon would/ should def be wearing one and it adds a little bit more visual impact overall.
Still have things that need work on, these are the stomach area, the old model has the Chaos symbol built into the armour where on the plastic model its pretty bare and I think I will have ago at the green stuff again, not really looking forward to that as my skills arent great with the green. I'm going to add some extra cabling to the chest area to tie it in with the old model probally use some old guitar strings for this and finally I have a few skulls to add to the armour here and there.
So what do you guys things? any ideas to help me out. Sorry for the poor pics but my skills suck and I just cant seem to get the lighting right.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year