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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

WIP Scourge

Just a quick update, one of two reasons really, first is to show off my WIP Scourge and the second is to try out my Xmas present an iPad. Now I've tried to resist new technology for a while now but the wife decided its time I got more up to date so she bought me one. I must say that I'm very impressed in how it works and I can see why people get so attached to them. The camera is pretty good as well as you can see here.

This is my colour scheme for my Scourges, I've decided to do a Dark Eldar force made up of several different Kabals and Cults. Two reasons really a) I won't get bored of painting the same colours over and over again, b) I've decided fluff wise that this force will be a Real space raid lead by a Haemonculus who needs more flesh puppets for his experiments and each unit will be trying its hardest to out do the other Kabals in the force for the gifts that he may give them if they are successful.
So this is where I'm going to cheat just a little bit. As I started to paint the Scourge I was looking at the warriors that I had already painted ( Kabal of the Obsidian Rose ) and I decided that it would be such a shame that I would have to strip them back to grey plastic as they took such a long time paint in the first place. That's when I came up with the idea of joining Kabals together in the force. At the moment I have one squad (8 models) a Raider and a Ravager painted up in the Obsidian Rose colour scheme which is around 300 points. As I want an 1800 point force it shouldn't effect the 1500 points that I have to paint up in the Tale of the Gamers project.
Just before Christmas hit I purchased a Haemonculus, 5 x Wracks and a Razorwing jet fighter which will replace the Warriors, Raider and Ravager in the points. I will be converting the Razorwing into a Voidraven bomber (for that extra armour point and Void Lances) and I still have to strip the Wyches back to grey plastic but that's not such a problem for me as I'm not really happy with their colour scheme.
Obviously I will have to modify the list that I posted in my previous post but I'm pretty sure it won't cause too much of a problem in doing this. This should give me a nice looking and visually (colourful) impressive force for the tabletop I hope.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Nightmare few days but progress is being made.

Well I finished a night shift on Tuesday morning, got home and went to bed for a few hours, woke up and started to collect a few pots up around the house to wash up and as I walked into the kitchen my foot went through the Vinyl flooring and floorboard, wtf?
Seems we've had a leak, a very slow steady leak from the back of the washing machine which over time has soaked into the chipboard floor and made them soft/ rotten. As I peeled the vinyl back, I saw the state of the black and very wet chipboard I realised it was a pretty bad one.... 3/4 of the kitchen floor is gone. The chipboard is so soft in places I could push my finger through it, ffs, just what I didn't need right now.
Well the insurance will cover it but I could do with out the hassle as I wanted this xmas holiday to be a good one. Now I'm in the process of trying to get builders to come round and give me an assessment of how much its going to cost to put it right. Oh well.

Good news

Well Tale of the Gamers is kicking off soon and we have now a healthy amount of players interested in joining in. 40k, WHFB and now it looks like the guys from WM and Hordes may be joining in the action to which is great.
Next up is my list, I've been playing around with a few lists and this is the one I'm going to use for starters.

Succubus, Venom blade. 70pts
Wyches x 5, Haywire grenades, Hydra gauntlets. 70pts
Raider, Nightshields, Enhanced sails.75 pts

Succubus, Venom blade. 70pts
Wyches x 5, Haywire grenades, Hydra gauntlets. 70pts
Raider, Nightshields, Enhanced sails.75 pts

Warriors x 10, Splinter cannon. 100pts
Raider, Nightshields, Splinter racks. 80pts

Warriors x 10, Splinter cannon. 100pts
Raider, Nightshields, Splinter racks. 80pts

Incubi x5. 110pts
Venom, Splinter cannons. 75pts

Scourges x 5, Haywire blasters x 2. 130pts

Ravager, Nightshields (Dark Lances). 115pts
Ravager, Nightshields (Dark Lances). 115pts
Void Raven Bomber, Nightshields. 155pts.

Total 1490pts

Reavers x6, Heatlances x2, Venom Blade. 171pts

Beastmaster x2, Venom blade,
Razorwings x4, Khymerae x4. 137pts

Total 1798pts.

Anti-tank weapons.

10 x Dark Lances
2 x Void Lances
2 x Haywire Blasters

Anti Infantry.

Loads lol.

Lets see how well it works at the end of the year.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Army selected. Here goes.....

Well what have I finally decided on doing?
I have to admit that I think I might have cheated a little, I really did what to start a fresh army but when I found out just how much a new baby costs (costs still rising) I quickly realised that I wouldn't be able to afford to build a new force and the only way would be to expand on what I had already.

To that end, Mart and Angry I'm really sorry about this but.......

I'm going to have to use an old army, but which one?

Well I will be using my Dark Eldar, I did look at my Tyranids but decided I couldn't face painting all those gaunts again so Dark Eldar it is.
I broke them out of their storage box and looked at the models and have decided to strip them back to grey plastic and start all over. The old colour scheme was OK, but it was taking too long to complete models and I was far to heavy with the brush when applying the final edging highlights.
Colour wise I have no idea what I'm going to do, but I'm going to do some research over the Xmas period and hopefully do a few testers ready for the New Year. I do have an Army list almost done which I will post at a later date, its pretty Glass Cannon but all Dark Eldar lists tend to be, but it will pack a Hell of a punch in the Shooting phase. Especially now with 6th edition changes to rapid fire weapons and open top transports.
I have a few models to buy though first up will be two Razorwing Fighters which I will convert into a Void Raven Bomber, a unit of Scourges and maybe a Venom or two.
I'm also looking at a Aegis Defence line in the list, this however will be totally scratch built from plasticard and will be suitably evil looking and a typical trap for the DE.

If I do well on the painting front I'm also going to look at building Asdrubael Vect and his custom Raider. I have some pretty nice idea's on what I want and it will def push my modelling abilities to the max which is something that I want from this Tale of the Gamers project.

Well that's a quick update on whats going on.

Guy's I'm also thinking that as we haven't had many takers on this Tale of Gamers, that I might open it up to those players who want to do Fantasy Armies....Shane for example. If you think this is a good idea then let me know. I'm thinking the more players the better for keeping the morale and creative juices flowing, let me know what you guys think please.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tale of the Gamers.

So following on from my last post, I now have two volunteers to join me in a Tale of the Gamers style report for next year. I'm hoping more players will put there names down for this challenge and join our group.

What does it entail?
Well each person will collect and paint 250 points of their chosen force every two months. If all goes well, then by the end of the year we will have a fully painted/ collected 1500 point army with which to do battle in the December months against each other in a grand game at Hulls Angels.
As it stands Mart will be collecting his Ravenguard (hes actually already started).
Angry, I think his plan is going for his Necrons.
Me? Well I'm still not sure what I want to try and do yet. I have a few idea's but I've got to the end of the year to decide on which one.

The first deadline will be the end of Feb 2013, each player who agrees will be keeping everyone updated with regular posts and pic's on their respective Blogs and hopefully this will give the others inspiration to carry on working on their project, so we sort of bounce off each others success.

I think 250 points every two months is a reachable target, but just incase, each player will be given one Joker card to play, if they think they are going to miss a deadline for whatever reason. Real life comes first as we all know, but I'm hoping that everyone will be able to keep this project going in the coming months and by the end of it our chosen forces will fight it out for the glory of becoming top dog.

I might even put up a prize for the winner, hell maybe two. One for the Champion Warlord the other for best painted Army.


Friday, 14 December 2012

What next?

Well the wife is badgering me for idea's for Xmas presents and I really don't know what to get.
Been thinking of a few things lately mainly, some really nice but expensive FW models, both Chaos and Imperial, but I cant make my mind up.

Chaos would be a nice addition but they don't have access to drop pods, which is something I've been wanting to look into for a while now. I even went as far as writing up a 1800pts full Drop pod themed list (counts as Space Wolves)  World Eaters force, but I'm really not sure if I could convert the 8 Drop pods I would require well enough into Dreadclaws. Which then got me thinking about just using  Space marines from the Minotaurs or Carcharodons Chapters. Both very brutal in close combat and I really like the fluff surrounding these chapters, also the fact that there are some really nice modelling/ converting that could be done.
There is also Imperial Guard, being ex-forces I've always wanted to start a force of these guys and there are so many sick looking vehicles

There is something about big Guns lol, but  that's the ex Artillery in me I guess.

Whichever force I decide on...If? I decide on one, it will be done slowly and to the best of my ability. I'm thinking of doing a challenge with others, if players/ readers are interested. Like a tale of four gamers where they buy 250 points and paint them up within a set time, nothing stupid, say 250pts within 2 months. By the end of the year it will be 1500pts if my maths is correct, and we can arrange a date and all come together and have a Battle. This system might just help me keep my focus, but I cant promise anything with a little one on the way.

Each one of the above armies has pro's and con's but I would like to hear from you guys which one you'd like to go for and why?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Just a quick question for you guys.

Does anyone know why Chaos space marines dont have drop pods? Forge World use to have the Dreadclaw Assault pod, which they recently removed from their store front.
Just always wondered why they never put them into the codex's... If anyone has an answer for this I would be interested in hearing it.

Cheers Skal

Friday, 7 December 2012



Well I did write post a couple of days ago entitled Necrons for 2013, but being a total cock I posted it then somehow deleted the whole post. As you can imagine I was pretty pissed at myself for doing this as it had taken the better part of the day to get it typed up in between other jobs I was doing on the house.
So this is going to be a shorter version I hope, but basically I've had to make some decisions which have effected my hobby. Firstly due to a very special package being delivered early in June next year I'm having to give up my modelling/ painting room.

This is because I'm going to be a Dad which I'm over the moon with.

So with the baby on the way I need to get a Nursery set up, and the model/ painting room is going to be said nursery so its going.

So getting back to the title Necrons are for 2013, I did post a list as well, but I'm going leave it out this time as I want some chance if I ever do get to attend any Tournies at Hulls next year.

Well that is it for now, just wanted to share my happy news with you all.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Now for something completly different.

Born Again Biker

Well as the title says I'm a born again biker. Finally got this picked up today from the dealership, all I can say is this  "Holy S**t it can move.
It's not bad for a 14 year old bike and the best thing about it? Only 7000 miles on the clock and two owners.
So what was it like?
Well 14 years out of the saddle I must admit I was very nervous but I was also looking forward to this ride as well. All I wanted was to get away from the dealership without stalling the damn thing as everyone inside knew I hadn't ridden a bike in years and I could feel their eyes burning into my back as I set off lol.
Well I didn't stall it, to my relief (that came at the next roundabout) and I slowly made my way onto the motorway outside Grimsby before opening her up.
What happened in the next 10 mins I will never forget, 14 years of being/ feeling safe was blown away and for the first time in a long time I had the greatest feeling inside of my gut, FEAR lol. Now I have not felt that since the last time I was in the army and was about to do something truely stupid but sometimes we need to be scared to feel alive.
14 Years is along time out of the saddle and to be honest probably not the best idea jumping right onto a 1000cc Twin Sports tourer but Hell you only live once. I'm glad I did it. Here is to lots of sunny days next year.

Gaming news....

Well I managed to pop into the club on Wednesday night to collect and pay for some models off Ian and Shane. 60 Cultists, 12 Chosen, 2 lords and 2 Helbrutes, thanks for the trade guys. Shit loads of painting to do, not enough time to do it, so why did I buy these models? Well apart from being a bargin I really wanted to fit a load of Cultists in my Black Legion Army, fluff wise it they will be the bullet  screen for the expensive Chaos Marines advancing behind them. I'm looking at squads of around 25-30 which should give them enough resistance so they aren't wiped out in one turn of shooting and giving the opposite player an easy VP for first kill.
My List so far:

Dark Apostle
M of T

Cultists x 25
Flamer x 2

Cultists x 25
Flamer x 2

Chaos Space Marines x 10
2x Plasma guns, extra CCW
Icon of Excess

Chaos Space Marines x 10
2x Plasma guns, extra CCW
Icon of Flame

Khorne Berserkers x 8
Berserker Champion with Power Weapon (axe)


Havoc's x 7
4x Autocannons

Havoc's x 7
4x Lascannons

Havoc's x 7
4 x Missile Launchers

Well I have about 130 to 150 points left to spend, more if I swap out the Berserkers for Chaos Space Marines with the M of K. Its these last points that I'm struggling to find an investment for.
I have the Chosen models which get to use more special weapons or Helbrutes which I will modify to change the gun to Reaper Autocannons. I could even get another HQ choice (basic equipment) or Terminators to help bolster the assault side of things, but as of yet I still have not made the decision (any suggestions are welcome).
Tactic's are pretty straight forward, Cultists in first rank with the Dark Apostle, the Khorne Berserkers and Chaos Marines right behind, supported by the Havoc's pumping out shots into any vehicles or major threats. the Heldrake is there because its a nice looking model and also to counter other fliers (with the help of Flakk missiles) and generally be a pain in the arse with its power armour eating Baleflamer.
No Vehicles in this army list, not sure if this is a good or bad idea, but only play testing will prove this theory. However I think vehicles certainly took a hit in 6th edition, the Autocannons and Missile Launcher Havoc's should be able to glance the hell out of anything up to AV 13 and the Lascannons are there for anything AV14 or monsterous creatures.

Let us know what you think of the list and any suggestions you might have.

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Flyer madness

Well its been a while since I last posted. Been real busy at work preparing for a up coming shutdown, when this hits I'm going to be working 12 hr shifts 13 days on with 1 day off for about 30-40 days, so this will leave me no time to do anything gaming wise.

To counter this I've been a bad lad and splashed some cash in GW's way. First was the Chaos Codex which I received on the Monday after release.
My, my, my.... How Chaos is back, lots of choices to be made which makes it even harder to select a force. So many possibilities and combinations to truly make a unique force on the table top.
Even now, having read through at least 4 times I'm still undecided at what to have in my Chaos Force, 5 HQ slots (not including the special characters), 9 elite choices, 5 Fast Attack and finally 8 Heavy Support make the decision very difficult.
What I did go for was the Heldrake which is now assembled and awaiting paint with my Doom Scythe for my Necrons. Both of these models were a joy to assemble the Necron Flyer being very easy. The Heldrake was more complicated and the amount of detail made me decide to not fully complete the assembly until I had painted it fully. So much detailing that would be impossible to get to and I don't want to mess the paint job up and make it look rushed.

I've also been looking at another toy, but this one is a bit bigger than the ones I normally deal with. What do you guys think?

Still not sure, but I think its a nice looking toy... Only down side is having to wait till the spring/ good weather to play with it, but its cheaper to buy now than wait till spring.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Doomsday is here

Well this is a little different from my last post.

I decided I wanted to do something from my Necron force and I've had the Doomsday Ark assembled and base coated for a while, so I grabbed that and started painting. Here is the almost finished result, all I have to do is put on some Necron transfers..again I apologise for the crappy standard of pictures.

What I really like about these new Necron models is that they are fairly simple to paint. I have been able to use my airbrush and try out the different techniques to get that strange sort of glowing effect which I just would not have been able to do using a brush.
Whilst I've been painting this bad boy I've been going over my Necron Army list trying to improve/ fine tune it. TBH I've only used it against Angry's Ultramarines and they have not let me down once but each time I've felt there was something missing from my force but I've not being able to pin down what that was. I may have found the solution, I'm in the process of building up a unit of Wraiths, just a small unit to tag along with the Scarabs and anything nasty heading towards my lines these bad boys will hopefully intercept and delay whilst the rest of force either withdraw to better firing positions or move something to counter attack (Command Barged Lord)
I like the idea of the Doomsday Ark and the strength 9 AP 1 large blast now works better in the 6th edition, as long as the large blast is still touching a vehicle then its full strength hit . My only worry is the 175 points cost of the model, and keeping it alive. The fact its armour 13 until its first penetration has kept it out of trouble during most of these games, actually the only thing that managed to destroy it was Angry himself.... (yes this is the same model).
Ideally I would have liked two or three of these but the points cost is high and the Doom scythe is another model I want to try out. Also the Annihilation Barge comes in the same category and at 90 points is cheap as chips.
I've ditched the Triarch Stalker (shame as its a cool looking model) coming in at 150 points it was expensive for what it did (basically a marker light for the Necron force) but firing only one weapon wasn't really cutting it for what it did.
So my list as it stands:

Necron Overlord
Warscythe, Weave
Command Barge    

Destroyer Lord
Resurrection Orb

Cryptek of Destruction
Solar Pulse

Cryptek of Destruction
Gaze of Flame


Warriors x 15

Warriors x 5
Ghost Ark

Warriors x5
Ghost Ark

Immortals x5

Scarabs x8

Wraiths x3
2x Whip Coils

Doomsday Ark

Doom Scythe

Annihilation Barge.

Total 1800 pts.

The Destroyer Lord with the Cryptek of Destruction (Gaze of Flame) goes with the large unit of warriors. Making use of that preferred enemy (everything) allows me to re-roll all 1's in shooting and close combat. Gaze of Flame just gives this unit defensive grenades which can limit the damage done by anything rapid firing weapons within 8" or charging into assault.
The two Ghost Arks will flank this unit and supply their repair ability each turn to hopefully keep it topped up. The troops will concentrate on taking down enemy vehicles for the first few turns unitil the scarabs can hit something or the Doom Scythe comes on from reserve.
As I said earlier the Wraiths will be hanging back until the enemy gets close enough or engages my lines and these will be used as a counter attack unit. 3++ save and also Rending rule should put the hurt down on any unit they assault (hopefully).
The Immortals and Doomsday Ark are holding the back field dropping Str9 AP1 large blasts and also objective holding. The Annihilation Barge just moves forward with the rest of the force adding its firepower to wherever is needed at that time.
One of the weakness of this force was the lack of anything anti flyer, hence the reason I've included the Doom Scythe and kept the Annihilation Barge. Tesla helps against anything that flies (as long as it hits) using snap fire against flyers (needing 6's) and Telsa getting the bonuses when rolling 6's to hit can really hurt the flyers. The Doom Scythe is there as a distraction unit, taking out other flyers and vehicles mainly but also using that Death ray on units if no other target presents itself.

Guess we will have to see how it performs.

Cheers Skal

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


So I've been slowly getting back into painting. What I mean by slowly is actually slow. So far its taken three to four days from start to finish to complete a Chaos Terminator, but I've not been at it all the time, plenty of breaks, trying to remember the techniques I used on my Abaddon model so at least the two are in the same style.
The recent changes to power weapons have made me rethink on the weapon load outs of my Chaos Terminators as well. Thankfully I didn't glue the arms onto the torso's which has allowed me to get the best set up (or what I think is best).
Anyway here are the pictures of the Chaos Teminator (sorry about the picture quality)

 A few more with his Boss..... Abaddon.

Well at this rate its going to take awhile to get through painting all of them. I was shocked by how much Chaos stuff I owned/ collected over the years. Talking about collecting I've just ordered the Chaos Codex today, just that, no new models, as I want to see just how viable they are going to be in 6th edition once I've read through the Codex. Most of the releases are big models and with cover saves worse than the previous edition MC's are having to rely on there armour save more, but we all know there are plenty of weapons/ units that laugh at MC's. Though I must admit the Heldrake is looking really nice
Chaos Space Marine Heldrake
Very sick looking but will the 4  Str 8, AP4  justify the points cost? guess we will have to see.

Anyway thats all for now, hopefull I will post some more pictures up of my next model/s soon.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Gaming room now cleared, well mostly.

So now the decision has been made to concentrate on only two systems I actually managed to build up enough courage to tackle/ tidy the room I use to paint in. It took most of the day to complete but I'm glad that I did it now rather than later, with the upcoming shutdown at work going to take up most of my time over the next month to six weeks at least now if I fancy painting after a 12 hr shift I can actually get to my paints and models.
However most of my remaining GW paints had dried up in there pots so had to be binned which is a shame but at least I have plenty of others. I also ended up sorting through and packing up any models/ gaming systems that I wouldn't be required to make some extra space. This was an error again on my part, I cannot express the size of my 40K collection that I've amounted over the years. Really scary the amount of models that I have packed away (mostly unpainted) in my cupboard probably enough to start up a small store on E-bay.
Anyway the error was breaking out the Chaos models again which as we all know are about to get another update in a week or two. So I guess you know whats sitting on my painting table now.
Looking at the sneak preview of the Chaos models which have been leaked on the internet it looks like GW have done another out standing job but as always the price will be the telling part. Still have have enough Chaos models to build a small Chapter and I will slowly be working through those and finishing off my Necron models as well.
As a small note I didnt pack away my Warmachine models, they have a display shelf for themselves so when I get bored of painting power armour I can always finish off my Menites.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Holiday is over decisions to be made

Well a week in Tunisia to recharge the batteries, and generally relax with no care in the world. Now I'm back home with all the many distractions of real life and work and wishing I was back in the sun.

The week did me good, no technology was allowed, no phones, laptop or computer. Just plenty of time to reflect on life, enjoy the sun, drink the vodka and coke/ beer and eat as much or as little as we wanted in the five star, all inclusive hotel. Bliss.

So now I'm back, we've had a quick tidy of the house, the missus is slowly working through the small  mountain of washing that came out of our cases, I've cut the grass and done some gardening so most of the jobs are done/ being done for the moment.

But I went and did what I promised myself I wasn't going to do! I made the mistake of walking into the gaming/ modelling room that I use. Dis-organised Chaos looked back at me, the painting table has crap piled high of unfinished models, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars, 40K and also WHFB. I picked up a few Dystopian War models that I had started before holiday and no flicker on enjoyment even registered within my body, so I sighed, turned around, walked out and closed the door.

Mmmm it seems I still have no love for gaming atm, so what do I do now?

Well I'm not sure....on both accounts

Hulls Angels Club has been a real bonus for me, ever since I moved back up here 12 years ago I struggled to find a regular game of 40K until I discovered Hulls Angels. In fact the only way to get regular games for me was to attend the Throne of Skulls tournament at GW HQ each year. I never did great at the tournament as you would expect but I never finished bottom which I think was probably luck on my part. So Hulls Angels has been a good thing for me, a great bunch of guys, mature and young in heart and importantly this group made me feel welcome from the go.
I've also enjoyed reading the Blog news from my week off, quite a few blogs to catch up on and most are loving the 6th edition and also the upcoming release of Chaos etc.
This gives me some hope that my love for gaming is not dead and buried just yet!

But its not just my painting and table top gaming that has been effected, I've been an avid online gamer playing eve online since 2006 and even this has turned stale for me to the point where I've actually cancelled my subscription, it's the same with MW3 and World of Tanks....nothing seems to grab my attention and give me enjoyment like it did before.

Whilst I was away on Holiday I had plenty of time to try and work out what is missing from the gaming/ hobby side for me, I still have no real answer but I have a few idea's as to what it might be.

My first problem for me is that work always seems to get in the way of gaming, my shift patterns screw up any chance of getting into the club on a regular basis. Working three weekends in  five means every time there is a tournament on at the club you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be at work and will miss it, but work enables me to play these games and to pay for the damn (expensive) models so work is a necessary evil.
Second is my location, being from south of the Humber and no gaming buddies who live down here means Hulls Angels is the only place to get regular games and again that's limited to work. 40 mins to get to the club, payment of the bridge toll (now a lot cheaper thank God) all eats into gaming time.

So I'm thinking time (or the lack of it) is a major factor. As this is not going to improve anytime soon (if ever) I've made the decision that I need to concentrate on one or at most two gaming systems to actually benefit from this limited resource. At the moment I feel that I'm being pulled in different directions trying to learn new gaming systems which basically means I'm playing one game of each system over a time period of a few months. This means I'm finding it nigh on impossible to gain any sort of experience in these new games so something has to give as I feel that I'm not getting anywhere.

So where does this leave me? Well I have to make a decision as to which two systems I will be using.
For me the first was the easiest, it has to be 40K, yes GW has pissed me off with price increases etc and I've bitched about it in the past on this Blog but the 6th edition is looking pretty good so far and there are lots of good vibes for it on the various Blogs that I've read. But the main reason is that I know the system pretty well so it means I'm not going to have to relearn a new system all over again and therefore cuts a huge amount of time needed to dedicate to doing this. I also have several armies amassed and invested a small fortune in these, but selling them I wouldn't ever get the money back so I would ultimately lose out there. One Army (Necrons) is closer to completion (painting wise) than the rest and I will concentrate on using this force over the coming months. I also want to start entering the Tournaments again as i really enjoyed travelling down to Nottingham for the weekend bash.
Now for the second game, well I really wanted Dust Warfare to kick off as I think the models are pretty damn nice and the system is very easy to pick up, but as ever you need several parties to be interested and thats just not the case at the club. Warmachine is next and there is a massive following at Hulls Angels and the WM club run by Luke and Nick always have a good vibe and plenty of players but again it just hasn't clicked for me. Ive tried twice now but I'm not feeling it so no Warmachine for me (but I do love the models).
That leaves Dystopian Wars which is going to be my second system, a small following at the club atm but I reckon it will grow bigger. Similar sort of rule set to BFG so a bit easier for me to pick up, learn as get stuck in. So again it should be fairly easy to fit in with my limited time that I can invest into this hobby.

So where to now?
Well I have a Shutdown at work looming on the Horizon so nothing will be done for the next month or so. The model/ gaming room is still a shit hole and will remain that way till I build up the strength to face it down and begin the task of clearing all my crap out and getting it organised again.
But till that happens I'm just going to continue taking a break from the gaming and painting side of things.

Cheers Skal

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dust Warfare Test Game and tester.

Right with all the decisions I've made recently its time to follow up on just what I'm hoping to achieve.

First up its Dust Warfare.
I worked it out that I now have enough for a small game with Allies vs Axis, around 200points each.
Axis as follows:

KommandoTrupp (Command Squad)
Battle Grenadiers
Heavy Flak Grenadiers
Heavy Laser Grenadiers
Hans (Light Walker)
Ludwig (Medium Walker)

Total AP 196


The Boss (Command Squad)
Hell Boys
Death Dealers
The Gunners (Heavy Weapon Squad)
The Hammers (Heavy Assault with Jump packs)
Blackhawk (Light Walker)
Pounder (Medium Walker)

Total AP 183.

A slight difference in the points total for each force but the Axis just seem to be more elite in the starter pack that I got for Dust Tactics. It really shouldnt make that much of a difference for the Tester games that I aim to play.
Im looking forward to finally getting something started with this gaming system. Similar to 40K and yet totally different and for me alot more tactical. This game is still in its infancy but is showing alot of potential I just hope FFG keeps up the good work and supports it fully too, so far so good as its slowly releasing the SSU forces (Russia and China Alliance) and they are some really nice models too.

Those of you who have shown an interest I've PM'd you on Hulls Angels to try and arrange a game.


Well painting is progressing slowly, working 4 night shifts in a row has somewhat slowed progress down to a crawl. The Castigator is almost finished, I've just got to glue the separate pieces together and finish of the base and final highlighting. The Temple Flameguard are about 80-90% complete but my Errants are letting me down, I just dont seem to be able to get the motivation to paint them (strange I know) but I would just about paint anything else but those.
Another thing I noticed and found strange is the size of the Avatar against other Heavy Warjacks, seen as its the top Jack in theMenoth force its not really big, pretty certainly but its a slim Jim compared to the Castigator and Reckoner models that I own. I think it needs to go on a Carb heavy diet and bulk up abit so it fits in more with the rest.

I've recieved alot of feedback from my 35 point list which is good, lots of helpful tips and suggestions to improve the list (thanks everyone who posted). I've taken it all onboard but as of yet I wont make any changes to the first list until I've run say 10 games with them and gained some experience with that list.
Thats also a serious problem for me, getting a regular set of games played with the WM system. As the way my shift pattern works it just wrecks any chance of getting in games each week or fortnightly for that matter with the WM guys. Still I need to try and sort that out if I'm going to progress with WM.
I know I promised pictures but I still hav'nt managed to buy any batteries for the camera yet so your just going to have to wait.
Im heading into the Club on Wed night (I hope its WM night then) Im looking for a few games. Anyone wanna play against a noob?

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Menoth Rise again!

So it's been a while since I posted anything Warmachine related. I broke out the models I own from the boxes they were stored in and dusted them off.
Now as stated before I never really clicked with WM but I'm going to make an effort to get into the game and learn the rules etc. To that end I've slowly been painting my models and I managed to get another Warcaster completed which is Feora Priestess of Flame. I have no pictures as the batteries on my camera are dead but hopefully I will post some next time I Blog. Ive been looking at both a 35pt and 50pt armies, but I think 50 points is too much too soon so here is my 35 pointer. Menoth players please let me know what you think.

Menoth 35 point list:

Feora, Priestess of the Flame +6
Repenter 4
Castigator 8
Reckoner 8
Hierophant 2
Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts) 2
Exemplar Errants (Leader and 5 Grunts) 5
Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard Bearer 2
Temple Flameguard (Leader and 5 Grunts) 4
Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard 2
The Covenant of Menoth 2
Vassal of Menoth 2

So what you do guys think?

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Time to move on

Well I did it,

I've finally made the decession to stop collecting 40K. I'm still going to play 6th edition dont get me wrong, but as to collecting the figures/ models its just too costly now (no matter how sick looking they get). The latest batch of Finecast from GW just cannot justify the price tag that they come with. Too much is to much and there are other systems out there that I can play and collect at a much reasonable price.
To that end I've decided to have a clear out, most of my 40K Armies will go and the ones I keep are going to be Necrons and strangely the Eldar. These I have a soft spot for and I really enjoy playing, the ones that are going to be sold are Orks, Chaos space marines Tyranids and my Dark Eldar (sad face, I think somewhere that there are Space marine models (built) and also still on sprues so they will go as well.

So what now?

Dust Warfare and also so I dont become a complete Pariah, Warmachine. Both of these systems Im going to have to try and get into. I have an interest in Dust Warfare as I like the second world war feeling (in 25mm) but Warmachine wise I have my Menoth, however I struggled getting into the system, guess I'm going to have to knuckle down now and learn to a) play it well b) enjoy playing it.
Dystopian Wars is also another system that Im going to be playing Ive just gotta get more games in and increase my CoA forces abit.

Hopefully I will get the For Sale signs up within the next day or so.

Just hoping that they sell.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Necrons and still waiting for my rule book

Well GW seems to be organised, releasing their new 40K rulebook and also FAQ + Errata on the same day. I've been waiting but it doesnt look like my copy of the new rules will be delivered today which is a shame as I was looking forward to reading the rules over the weekend. Instead I've been looking through the new Errata and I started with the Necrons.
Well its looking very nice for the Crons I must admit, the Warscythe is going to crush vehicles if it hits them +2 Str, AP1 and Armourbane (whatever that is) I'm guessing its adds 2 D6 to arm pen roll. If thats the case thats a Necron Overlord at str 7 + 2D6 for Armour pen then also +2 on the damage chart = ouch and very likely a big boom.
The Triarch Praetorians get a boost, their Rod of Covenant was a power weapon in the 5th but I believe that most power weapons are now classed as AP3 (correct me if I'm wrong) but the Rod is now AP2 so its gonna help against Terminators even more, plus it can still use its shooting (str 5 AP2 Assault 1) before charging into combat and that should make a dent in Terminator armour. I dismissed these in the last edition but I think this unit will be seen more in future games as a nice counter charge unit.
Canoptek Spyders with a Fab claw array now has the option to either heal 1 hull point (on a 4+ roll),  repair a  weapon destroyed or immoblised result. I dont know how good this will actually be but it could be a handy as the Ghost Arc's are rumoured to have 4 Hull points, Im guessing that this will be the same for Tech marines in the Codex chapters.
Well thats about it, there are lots more smaller changes but without the rulebook to read I cant really comment if they are going to be game changers.
I'm looking through the Eldar ones now and thankfully it looks like the Eldar get to keep their Psychic  powers from the 5th edition Codex, with the option to change out to the newer versions in the new rulebook once they have paid for them. Thats what I call a bonus, my whole army relied on those powers and with the Eldar keeping them it means I wont have to change any models out or buy new ones. All I need now is for the models to come down in points cost and I might just have a viable army again.

Well I will leave you again and maybe I might get my book on Monday now. (Maybe)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Battleship sighted

Well this is just a quick update, I've managed to finish my CoA Battleship and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I struggled with getting the decking the right colour and it took me a few attempts to get it right but now I have the technique it should make painting others a breeze. What makes me laugh is that I hope its decking, looking at other pictures of the different races of ships it seems most have decided that they are decking, I cant figure what else it would be.
I did start to highlight the camo scheme but I decided I didnt really like it so stopped before I had gone too far, there are a few lines still visable but I'm leaving them on as it would mean a whole hull repaint and I cant be arsed atm.
What's next?
I'm going to try and get the Cruisers sorted next for Wednesday, hopefully Drax has got his permission slip sorted for Wednesday night and I will get a chance finally of pushing out the boat (or ships) and getting a game.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Camo scheme WIP

Well I've finally managed to clear a space around my painting table and for the first time in a long time fired up the Airbrush. As the title suggests I'm trying to get a decent Camo scheme/ technique that I can use on my Dystopian War and Dust Warfare Vehicles.
Its not as easy as I thought it would be, but here are a few WIP pictures of my Battleship. The aim is to lighten the wooden deck as its to dark for my personal tastes atm. Also to bring out the metal work, overall this is the third attempt to get a camo scheme that I like, the others were using greens and blues and it just didn't look right for me.
I aim to copy the camo design onto my Axis Dust Warfare models (Walkers). The basic colours as you can see is black, grey and white and all I used was a right angle/ corner from a fantasy base to give me the sharp contrast between the colours.
Anyway have a look and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012



So GW have published the release date of the 6th Edition. I must admit, I'm a little nervous about this, I'm hoping, no I'm praying it will be a good one.
If not it will be the final nail in the coffin so to speak for me as other systems are out there ready to take my money.

5th Edition

Well for the first time I actually looked at other gaming systems, 5th really damaged my confidence in 40K and GW for me, I'm not saying it was all bad, there were some good points but overall I wasn't too impressed. Codex creep made things bad, really bad. In the end if you wasn't playing BA, SW or GK then you were going to have a hard game. Alpha strike armies ruled the roost, before being slowly replaced by the above. Now reading reports from tourneys its like SM, SM and more SM, very few  Alien races are taken which is a shame. I guess the SM chapters are winning the battle for the 40K universe.
However GW did manage to release two of my fav Armies this last couple of years. First the Dark Eldar and then the Necrons. Now I must admit, I believe that GW produce the best mini's in the world. The detailing is outstanding, the DE I think started the trend and GW really went to town on these, but lets face it they needed it. Same with the Necrons, OK the basic trooper is the same, but the vehicles and other foot sloggers are all sick models so a well done to GW for that.
So have GW got it right with 6th edition? I guess we will find out in a few weeks. Alot of hype leading up to the release, with the Internet providing more fuel to the fire. The release of rules (fake or real? who knows!) some of the idea's I thought were good, others didn't seem right, but if they were fake someone has taken their time writing them down and I believe they have a good future in games development lol. This is something I think GW have got wrong keeping everything under wraps till the last moment. If they started showing us sooner just a tiny glimpse of new rules etc then they would get some good feed back from the player communities. 

So 40K hasn't been hitting the right notes in me for awhile, so I went on the look for other gaming systems like a lot of players. Warmachine I've tried and I really like the models and the way it plays, but time limitations didn't really allow me to to play many games and tbh it didn't really grab me like 40K.
I then found Dystopian Wars, I love the models and have always liked naval type warfare, when BFG was released  I really enjoyed it, so I guess the two are similiar and maybe thats what atracted me to DW. The only issue I have, is that I havn't played a single game yet, but thats my fault which I need to amend.

Next up is a game that I've been watching/ waiting for sometime to be released. Dust Warfare. A weird Second world war game in which Hilter was assassinated and the War never ended in 1945. Alien techonology was found and rapid advances in weapons development etc etc continued the war. Now as a gaming system this was a bit of a gamble for me. Dust Tactics which is the board game version has a massive following in the states, but isnt so well known here. Board game? Yes a board game, from first hand experience what makes a board game really good? Rules, which are easily to learn and start playing, but hard to truly master....
My nephew aged 7, came round the other day and we decided to have a quick game of Dust Tactic's to see if he would enjoy it. We played our first game with the basic starter force and both of us were learning it. It took 30 mins and he really enjoyed it, in fact so did I. The rule set was very easy to pick up, no armour but  cover saves, line of sight were simple and very easy to understand and translate to my nephew. I won the first game but the second he kicked my arse, just shows how quick to learn it. The rule set seems to have been transferred to the warfare side as well. Additional rules added to armour saves and cove saves etc, but nothing to hard to remember but it seems pretty easy to pick up.
I think GW need to watch their backs with this one, sure maybe its not as refined as 40K or have as sick looking models but I seem to remember when GW started out, their models back then weren't the greatest. What I think DW has going for it, is the fact that the models are pre assembled and primed, the rules are very easy  to pick up and there is actually a tactical depth to the game once you have learnt the basics and want to progress. OK there are only two factions atm, the third is to be released soon and what I think they will need to do is get a fourth faction released ASAP.

So for me I'm going to continue with DW and Tactic's even if GW 6th edition 40K turns out to be a cracking game. I don't think I will invest as much more money into 40K going forward. I have my Dark Eldar, Nids and Necrons to play and enjoy.
I have been toying with the idea of an Imperial guard force for some time, but with the price increases (again), I think that force is going to be put on hold.

So this Thursday I'm heading down to the club. With Dust warfare in hand to see if I can get anyone interested in a tester game.
If your reading this and fancy a game then let me know. If I don't anything then I will cancel and arrange another time.

Cheers Skal

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dust Warfare Mini's

Well they came, finally. Its seems to have been an epic wait for the Dust Tactic's/ Warfare stuff to be delivered. Out of stock at two online retailers but finally Maelstrom games came through for me.
Well first impressions are good, I ordered the Dust Tactics Core set, this includes the tactic's board game with a hero, two squads and a light walker from both Allied and Axis factions. I also added a Medium Walker from each faction to bulk these forces out and to make intro games at the club a little bit more interesting.
So first of all I opened the Core set to see what the minis are really like. Once the board and cards are out of the way your left with the Light Walkers with weapon attachments packed nicely in a secure plastic wrap which I have to say is very nice, even the troops were boxed and bagged in individual air tight bags which again I cant complain about (I just feel sorry for the poor sod who had to bag each of them).
So what is the quality like? Well for starters all models come pre-asembled and primed in the base colour, Camo green for the Allies and Stone grey for the Axis, so right from the off you can play this game (Alan heres looking at you kid). There are mold lines but nothing to bad and tbh pretty easy to get at and scrap/ file away. The mini's look to be made out of 3-4 plastic parts which are pre-glued into position. On the troops the glue doesn't seem all that great and I've managed to pull out a few heads and turn a few bodies to different angles. Now this is going to make cleaning the mold lines away easier and also for the modelling guys out there it opens up possibilities of changing the standard poses to something unique to your army. I would also say that the positioning ie stood up right isn't great and many seem at an angle and for me this would need to be corrected when I rebase the models.
 The mini's remind me of small toy soldiers that you used to play with when you were a kid (nothing changed much then lol) It a softer plastic than what GW uses for their figures and in my box there were several mini's that were suffering from bent weapons barrels. Not really a problem as like Finecast just add some hot water and re-allign then cold water and Bingo it sorted. The detailing is pretty good, not on par with the GW, but good enough to challenge the painters of us and have some nicely painted mini's in the end.
The Allies come with two squads of basic troops and a third squad of what looks like Jump pack troops and upon reading the rules they are equipped with jump packs and some nasty fists which are bad for your health and vehicles as well. The Axis come with a standard troop squad and 2 squads of heavy armoured dudes sporting heavy weapons and these again lay waste to anything they aim at.
Now the Light Walkers are made out of a harder plastic and again are pre-assembled, all you have to do is attach the weapons to the body and away you go, each one takes seconds to do. Again the a primed in the base colour and ready to go. Mold lines are present but again I personally don't think its a big issue to deal with. The  walkers actually can pivot in certain ways so you can change the pose of the model, for me the Axis model is the better of the two and reminds me alot of the star wars walkers (maybe that's why I prefer it) the Allied is a strange looking thing to me looking more insect like, but both models fit into the factions nicely.
So all in all not a bad start for Dust tactic's board game set. For £50 ish you get a Board game, figures, Light Walkers, some tank traps, crates and the strange combat dice needed for both systems.

The medium walkers are really nice looking models, you can see the inspiration from the WW2 tanks in these designs and FFG have done a good job with them. Both vehicles come with different weapons options effectively giving you three models for one, the good thing is you don't have to glue or mess around with magnets as they just slot in a housing which is used for all weapons. The Allied walker actually has 2 turrets that come with the vehicle giving you the option of the tank turret or missile launcher.
Mold lines seem to stand out more on the legs and I guess that's because of the flat surface, but both Allied and Axis bodies seem to be mold line free which is nice. Both walkers can detach the bodies to make it easier for cleaning and painting. The Axis walker legs are very static with no ability to to chance the pose without being brave and cutting into the legs etc. The Allied is different and looks like it could be changed with a bit of patience and the glue used to assemble the models isn't the strongest, I've just spend 5 mins ripping the Allied walker apart and the glue broke apart with a bit of force applied so it will be nice and easy to mod later if I want to.

So what will I do next? I'm going to head down to the club maybe in a few weeks and run through a few test games with anyone who is interested and see how this plays out. I'm going to leave the models as they are so the guys can see how they look right out of the packaging. If I get time I might try and paint one or two models and see how they come out when fully painted.

Sorry there isn't any photo's guys but my camera is missing. I will try and get down to the club to show it off soon.

Thanks for reading Skal

Monday, 21 May 2012

Dust Warfare has landed

Its been a long time since I posted anything. The house redesign is coming along nicely and as you can see from the picture above something landed on my doorstep which has distracted me for a couple of days, so work on the new house layout has more or less slowed down to a crawl.

Its finally arrived. Well only the rulebook has, the rest was cancelled due to poor customer service on Wayland Games part. Yes I know I shouldn't have ordered from them, but I decided to give them another chance. Apparently they have sold out of everything and demand has been so great that they are struggling to locate any stocks. I think I've heard that excuse before.... oh yeah it was for my last order with them lol. The problem I have is that their website is still saying in stock or dispatched with 5-9 days and that's just not right. With their big upcoming move to a bigger and better warehouse and hopefully a better ordering/ stocking system I've been told things will improve, but somehow I doubt it, I've been involved in something like that. Even with all the best planning etc its still a very difficult time, I just hope it does go well for them otherwise their business will be hurt. However what I will say is the guy who I have been e-mailing from Wayland Games about my order couldn't have been more helpful and polite, sorry to have directed my rage against you, but judging by your replies you must get a lot of grief.
Anyway enough bitching, it's taken two weeks just to get the rulebook and from first impressions of the rules I think this game has great potential. I'm not saying its perfect, what game is?
Basically just like other games you choose a points limit and select a force, you can have whatever you want in that force subject to their army rules. Then both players show each other their lists. Now this is the clever part, each player has 2 scenario points which will be spent to influence/ change the mission objective/ battle. So if your opponent has a force that you cant really deal with up close for example, you get to change the battle objective to put him or his force at a disadvantage, ie deploy him further away. He then gets to change something else which will give him an advantage ie off shelling (which effects arty blasts etc.) This carries on until both players have spent both their scenario points and have a unique Mission/ Battle which is a nice touch I think.

Anyway I've re-ordered the starter set for Tactic's which gives me both two sets of troops for Allies and Axis forces and also a light walker for each. Ive also ordered a Medium Walker as well to bulk out each force, so I'm hoping to have these delivered next week sometime. Then I will be doing some more reading of the rules and heading down to the club to run through some practice games if anyone is interested in having a go then please let me know.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Offline for awhile

Well RL has really caught up with me. I'm having some major work done on the house so I'm going to losing my painting and computer room as storage for awhile. To this end I'm going to be even longer before I post again.
But if any of you guys want to have a game then just PM on Hull's Angels and I will try and drag the models out.
Besides I will probally need a break from the Chaos, mmmm I wonder if the Traitor Legions ever feel that way.

Cheers Skal

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Necrons vs Ultramarines

Ok so last week I went down to the club for a game against Chris aka Angry.
Now we have been trying to play a game of 40K for a month or so now but RL kept getting in the way and disrupting our plans, but we managed it and what a cracking game it was too. In fact we managed two games on the night which was a nice bonus.
We decided on 1800 points as thats what the local Tournies are at the moment and it gives us that little bit more flexibility in our lists.

Chris's Ultramarines force was something like this (I think):

Chaplain in Termie armour
Captain in Termie armour + Lightning Claws
Termie Assault Squad x 5 with TH and SS
Landraider Crusader

Tact Squad x10
Las-cannon, Meltagun, Sgt with Powerfist
Razorback, Twin Linked Las-cannon

Tact Squad x10
Missile Launcher, Flamer, Sgt with Powerfist
Razorback, Twin Linked Las-cannon

Assault Squad x10
Sgt with Powerfist, Flamer.

Ironclad Dreadnought
Drop pod.

Overall a nicely balanced force I thought, I knew that those Terminators were going to be my bane.

My Necron Force:

Phaeron Overlord
Cryptek of Destruction + Pulse
Cryptek of Destruction
Warriors x 5
Ghost Ark

Phaeron Overlord
Cryptek of Destruction
Cryptek of Destruction
Warriors x 5
Ghost Ark

Cryptek of Destruction
Cryptek of Destruction
Immortals x 5 (Telsa)

Cryptek of Destruction
Cryptek of Destruction
Immortals x 5 (Telsa)

Scarab Swarm x 8
Scarab Swarm x 7

Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Doomsday Ark

Triarch Stalker (using a stand-in Spyder model).

So this is my second proper game with the new Necrons and I went for something a little bit different this time. My aim was to stay out of Close combat for as long as possible and use my shooting to neutrilise/ suppress his mobility to give me the edge. Now we played two games back to back and this is just what I remember from the first game ( I might make a few mistakes but its generally what happened).

OK, on with the game, the Mission was Seize Ground, deployment Dawn of War. Four objectives were placed on the board.
Chris wasnt sure about his deployment but settled on placing his Land Raider down on his right flank next to a building with an objective, next a combat squad from each Tact squad was placed in the building with the heavy weapon troopers getting good LOS across the board. A Razorback/ Combat squad, was placed behind this building hull down and those nasty twin linked Las-cannons sticking over the top of the wall. The Assault squad and second Razorback/ Combat squad were deployed left of his centre of the board behind the main building but within easy reach of another objective marker and his Ironclad Dread was held in reserve with the pod.

I deployed my first Immortals squad on my objective in a building on my left flank, a Scarab swarm was taking cover in the basement of this building with the two Annihilation Barges deployed directly behind in cover. Just to the right was my second Immortal squad in cover, looking over a handy wall. Behind these I placed my first Ghost Ark length ways so it formed a T with the second Ghost and the Doomsday Ark (Ghost Arks giving cover to the Doomsday). To the right my last unit of scarabs. I also forgot to deploy my Triarch Stalker (facepalm) and it wasnt until the end of my second turn that I realised this, so I had to roll as if it was reserved from turn 3.

Turn 1.

Dawn of War so night fighting was in and I decided not to move, shooting wise, nothing really happened.

Chris dropped his Drop pod/ Ironclad Dread just in front of the building on my left flank, basically he was in a position to contest two objectives and he was applying the pressure straight away. I knew that he was going to do this, but it’s still a worrying thing to have that thing land so close to my forces. His left flank moved forwards and claimed the central objective.

Objectives: 3 - Ultramarines.
                    1 - Necrons.

Turn 2.

Night fighting was now over, I started by moving the Scarabs out of the basement into a position to assault the Ironclad Dread just in case he survived the shooting phase and an Annihilation Barge moved out into the open to support them. The second Barge moved right to support the Immortals hiding behind the wall, the two Ghost Arks moved right 12" taking cover behind the central building and opening up the fire arc of the Doomsday. The scarabs on the right moved forward to screen the Ghost Arks.
Shooting, the Necrons fired more or less everything at the Dread and the Pod, but after the dust and smoke cleared the Dread was still standing, but the Drop Pod was a smoking wreck. The Doomsday powered up and discharged a Str 9 AP 1 Large Blast which landed right on top of the Razorback which was hull down in the building, destroying the twin linked las-cannon.
In Assault the Scarabs hit the Dread, Chris rolled first and killed a Scarab base, but then the Scarabs struck back and destroyed the Dread, then consolidated forward, to try and hide behind a wall (this was a mistake on my part) but they failed to reach it fully.

Chris moved the Assault Marines forwards 12" putting them in reach of the Scarabs on the right flank for the assault phase. The Razorback with the destroyed Las-cannon moved forwards and the Combat squad deployed behind the wall, on the right the Landraider rumbled forwards at cruising speed.
The Las-cannon and Missile launcher from the Combat squads targeted the Annihilation Barge and Ghost Ark and but failed to damage. The Landraider fired at the Immortals in the building and took down an Immortal who managed his RP roll and stood back up. The Combat squad flamed/ rapid fired the Scarabs and left just 2 bases standing (toasty).
In assault the Assault Marines made it into combat against the Scarabs and killed all the Scarabs (Ouch) and consolidated into the central building.
Objectives: 2 - Ultramarines.
                    1 - Necrons.
                    1 - Unclaimed.
Turn 3.

My triarch Stalker failed its reserve roll, my two Ghost Arks went after the Assault Squad hiding in the central building, the two remaining Scarab bases went after the Landraider.
Shooting wise I opened up with the two Ghost Arks targeting the Assault squad, rapid fire Gauss, Staff of lights, and Eldritch lances ripped into the squad with only one Marine left standing at the end (result). The Doomsday targeted the Combat Squad and killed 3 Marines in the blast, and the two squads of Immortals and Annihilations Barges opened up on the LandRaider but could not damage it.
Assault, the two remaining Scarab bases attacked the Landraider but needing 6’s to hit, due to it moving at crusing speed and only managed to knock a point of its AV (now 13) off the Landraider armour. I now knew, that taking out his LandRaider was going to be very difficult and with those nasty Terminators inside I was worried that my left flank would collapse.

Chris moved his Landraider forward and disembarked the Terminator squad right in front of the Annihilation Barge ready for assaulting. The weapon destroyed Razorback moved forwards again and provided cover for the remains of the combat squad and also the single Assault marine which had rallied and jumped forwards to help contest the objective near the destroyed Ironclad Dread. Chris fired the Landraider weapons at the Annihilation Barge and managed to immobilise it, his other shooting killed off another Scarab base.
In Assault, his Terminators smashed apart the immobilised Annihilation Barge and then consolidated into the objective building ready to take on the Immortals on the floor above next turn.

Objectives: 2 - Ultramarines.
                    2 - Contested.

Well I was right my left flank was now going to fold if I didn’t do something in the next turn. But my options were pretty limited, I knew that the Immortals holding the objective were dead next turn.
Now it’s at this point that my Doomsday Ark suffered a Chris-tropic failure.... Notice how its arse end is over the table in the previous photo?
Well Chris was explaining something and the hooked part at the back of the model caught his ring hand and off it went. To be fair I did try and stop the model hitting the floor with my foot but this just made it travel quicker lol........ crash, then the sound of stunned silence in the gaming Hall.
Someone said "that sounded painful”.
End result.... well here you go.
TBH it’s not that bad, it was a clean break and it’s now fixed like new. So from now on in the pictures you will only see the gun from the model. Accidents do happen lol.
Turn 4.

I finally managed to get my Triarch Stalker on the table from reserve and it moved alongside the Doomsday, I moved my Immortals out from behind the wall forwards to counter the Combat squad and Assault Marine hiding behind the Razorback (and to get away from the Terminators inside the building). The remaining Annihilation Barge followed to provide them with back up. The two Ghost Arks moved around and into the central building getting into position to attack Chris’s central objective next turn. The single remaining Scarab moved closer to the Landraider.
Shooting, the Triarch Stalker hit the Razorback but didn’t kill it, but shots against it were now classed as twin linked so my Annihilation Barge fired and took out the Razorback, the Immortals in front took down the two remaining Marines from the Combat squad in a hail of Telsa fire, leaving just the Assault Marine standing alone in the open. The Immortals in the building hit the Terminators putting a wound on the Chaplain (pure fluke). The Doomsday Ark also turned and fired at the Terminators, managing to kill the two out in the open. The Ghost Ark got a weapon destroyed and then a wrecked result on the Razorback and the combat squad jumped out onto the objective but wasn’t pinned (I think this was a cheeky shot through the window, sorry Chris). The single Scarab managed to knock the Landraider down another AV in assault, which meant it was now armour 12 all round

Chris turned the Landraider and moved if forwards towards the objective driving over a small wall, however he failed his difficult/ dangerous terrain test and the vehicle was then immobilised. The Terminators moved up within assault range of the Immortals and the lone Assault Sgt moved up against the second squad of Immortals. Shooting, the LR killed off two Immortals, the Combat squad sitting on Chris's objective killed off the last Scarab Base. The Combat squad on his left flank missed the Ghost Ark with the meltagun luckily for me.
Assault his Terminators wiped out my Immortals and consolidated near the entrance on the ground floor, his lone Assault Marine Sgt assaulted the Immortals who struck first and managed two wounds, one failed armour save and the Assault Marine was gone.

Objectives : 3 Ultramarines.
                    1 Necron.

Turn 5.

So in the final turn of the game, I managed to take out the remaining Terminators, destroy the Landraider and the Combat squad holding Chris's central objective was also killed off. I also managed to wittle down the Combat squads holding the objective on his right flank. This effectively neutrilised Chris so I managed to hold 2 vs 1 objectives with 1 uncontested, so it was victory to the Necrons.
What a game.

It was a good game and Chris had me under pressure right from the go. The second game was alot harder and Chris showed what those Terminators are capable of if they get into close combat. Necron wise I really enjoyed using the two Overlords mounted in Ghost Arks, the ability to move 6" and still fire all the weapons at full range gave me the edge I think. AV 13 was difficult for Chris to crack, even with Twin linked Las-cannons, and when he did manage to get through I was lucky and generally rolled my cover save/ or living metal.

The Immortals were ok, but for me they were to static and this was highlighted in the second game (I lost both squads). I'm looking at changing them to warriors and mounting them in Ghost Arks, this way they can move and the Crypteks can still fire their Lances, the only issue is they are alot more points, but the ability to redeploy in a game could be a winner.

Running two Phaeron Overlords opened up two Necron Courts and I took full advantage of this fielding eight Cryptek of Destructions. Placing two in each squad enabled me to get some good firing arc's and their 36" range Str8 AP2 was doing the hurt on Chris's force. Running these in four Ghost Arks in future games might be the way to go, giving me good mobility and more importantly keeping my Necrons out of combat. As Chris mentioned I will probally struggle against Blood Angels/ Dark Eldar as they are so fast and can be in my force by turn 2, but the threat of rapid fired gauss from the Ghost Ark's that survive might hold them at bay, I guess time will tell.

The Scarabs did a fine job, deploying them close and on the flanks, limited the Drop pod/ Ironclad and the damage it could do. Even though I wasted the squads in the next few turns, they certainly helped against vehicles even in lower numbers they are a threat which is nice, now I just have to judge distances a little better to keep them out of trouble.

The Doomsday Ark, well I wanted to test it out, alot of players on the net arent sure about this, its pretty static if you want to use the full goodness of its Str9 AP1 large blast. My aim was to deploy it with good arc's and keep firing till something got too close then move off, it was never really threatened in the first game and managed to disrupt / kill off Chris's advancing troops. The second game it wasnt really as effective and was forced to move a few times but it did help me claw a draw in that game, so more testing for this.

Annihilations Barges, what can I say, I'm still not sure on these. The fact that they arent classed as Fast is a real pain limiting them to firing only one weapon if they move. Telsa for me wasnt as effective either, but this was due to my inability to roll 6's. However at 90 points each they are the cheapest option and can keep up with the Ghost Arks for support, maybe I'm being too harsh again more testing.

Now Chris's Army is a real gem to play against. Nicely painted, very characterful and fielded by someone who knows its style inside out. What I would class as Tournie friendly, i.e. not a power list. But dont let this fool you as its still bloody dangerous to deal with. In the second game Chris adapted his tactic's and had me on the ropes all game with me only just managing to pull out a draw in the final few turns, oh, btw it lasted a full 7 turns. If it had finished on turn 5-6 I think he would have won.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading and I would like to hear your comments if you have any.

PS the I-phones are great little cameras, thanks for the loan Chris and great games m8.