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Friday, 23 December 2011

Black Legion Sorcerer.

Forgot to post a pic of my Black Legion Sorcerer. Sorry for the rubbish camera work.

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas all,

Wow another year has come and almost gone, all I know is it went bloody quick. Looking back on last Decembers post I was ranting about GW price increases, well not so this year. Times are hard, markets are up and down and things could be worse, alot worse.
So whats 2012 gonna be like? Well I'm trying again to find my love for 40K. I recently pulled out all my models from the wardrobe I have allocated for storing all the shit. My Ork army is now sat on my painting desk fully assembled apart from 5 bikers that will stay boxed, my aim is to paint these using my Air brush that hopefully Santa will be delivering. Using the air brush with these guys with help me learn the ins and outs / do's and donts and tbh it shouldnt really matter as Orks are generally a rag tag bunch and if I mess up painting them no real damage should be done.
I also dragged out my Chaos army,now I actually have two Armies. One a fully painted and assembled Khorne list, full of Berserkers and the other from the Army boxed set. This is also semi assembled and I actually started looking at a viable army list for them. The list is done, I dont know how good it will be against the new Codex's and the MSU's that they can spam out but we shall have to see. I have always wanted to field a Black Legion force, and going through my models I have 1 squad of Plague, Berserkers, Thousand Sons  and also 2 squads of tacticals, one of these I've converted/ painted so they have sworn to Slaanesh. A unit of Chaos Terminators plenty of rhinos and also Obliterators. Pretty standard for a Chaos force, I believe. I will also have to field a Sorcerer with a Lash, sorry but thats just gonna have to be a must as I gotta have a few tricks up my sleeve.
TBH after going through the list I started to paint, yeah, I actually starting to paint again. My Sorcerer was semi painted so I started with him and have almost finished him off now. The Tact squad he's gonna be riding with has also been started with the Icon bearer now complete apart from his base, the others are coming on nice. No real rush to get these done seems to be working better for me. Hopefully with my Mojo for painting back I might actually get these done.
My Dark Eldar have been shelfed until I decide I need to paint them again, shame but I lost my Mojo whilst painting them and I dont feel like doing anything to them atm.
This leads me nicely to Fantasy, I have 2 armies Dwarfs and Orges both are assembled and neither are painted. Something I've also done is never played a WFB. So in the NEW YEAR that will be an aim, get one army painted and start playing some games.
Warmachine will be getting reinforcements and hopefully it will bring my force upto 50+ points. Again as I'm still learning this system aim for new year is more games, I'm not going to expand further on the force after xmas as I still need to learn what works and doesnt work, the only addition will be another Warcaster so I could field two different forces.
I'm also slowly working on my own gaming system, though I must admit this is slow going and really doesnt get as much airing as I would like. I have the basis of the idea, and almost got the basic's of the gaming system down on paper, I drawn on my experiences with the 40K system and also others as well. Its made me think about what is right and wrong about the these systems that I've played and how would I improve on them?
Infantry, Armour and also Walkers are the basic's, set in earths future the History its based on is a massive economic crash and a rush to collect resources as finally oil starts to run out.
Well thats enough of my crap now.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

Regards Skal

Friday, 9 December 2011

Xmas idea's

Been thinking about present ideas that my family can by me. This has been a tough one tbh. Warmachine has come in at the top with lots of nice units and models all handy at roughly a tenner, cheap as chips in this economic climate, Also I have an air Brush kit plus Compressor which is wrapped next to the Christmas tree from the wife. But I have already been getting questions about what I want for my Birthday which is in the first week of Jan, and that got me thinking. First option was GW stuff, but when I thought about it there really wasnt anything that I wanted or needed. I still have my DE army to finish off, then there are the Orks which are in a similar state, so I decided against GW stuff. Warmachine? yes and no, I have almost 50 points now and I really need more games with my Menoth Force before I decide which way to go and what models I really need. Then there is Dystopian Wars, I could add more models and I aim to collect the Dreadnought to go with my starter force. But as I still hav'nt been able to get my first game with this system it will stay on the shelf awiting some paint.
However this has caught my eye http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=173&esem=1 I've been watching this game for sometime now and it looks like its slowly getting towards the finished product. I'm thinking of getting the basic starter game with models for both sides and taking it down to the club to see if any of guys wanna try it out. The starter set is a board game but the link above is for a table top game being developed by Andy Chambers, rumours are its going to be released sometime in December or New Year. The reviews I've been reading all seem quite good so I'm looking forward to its release. Who knows this might be the next big thing.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

WM reinforcements


My order arrived today, abit late, by almost 2 weeks so 3 weeks in total coming, but its been down to casting problems apparently.
So what arrived to bolster the force? Wracks, Redeemer, Convenant, Flameguard and their Officer attachment. The Force is starting to fill out nicely, about 46 points if my maths is right.
I also went to the December tournie at Hulls Angels run by Nick and Luke. I had a very good day, it was well run/ organised and I even won something, ok it was the wooden spoon but hey its a start.
The Tournie was my first proper runout with the force and even tho I had to borrow some models off Nick (thank you) it really gave me a feel to how these guys play. What do I think? Well in my hands I lost all my games, but as my first tournie game was actually my 4th game in WM overall I think I did ok. My main objective was to gain experience from the players that was going to be there and all the players were very helpful in giving out advice about the force (after they had crushed me) which was nice. In the last few games I even started to get a hang of some of the models and their abilities, what I do find frustrating me is the fact that I have to go backwards and forwards to the little stat cards but I guess that will get better over time/ experience. Im also looking seriously at the other casters of Menoth. Kreoss is nice and easy to play with but I'm just not getting that feeling with him, I just cant find the Mojo when playing with him. But then the force really isnt my sort of style, normally I go for a fast style of play but Menoth arent known for their speed. So I'm looking for something else, will have to wait and see to which I will choose.
So sorry to say but again no painting and I dont think I will get much done till Xmas period is over. I have a nice new Airbrush and compressor coming for christmas so hopefully that will inspire me to start my painting up again.
Lots of rumours on the internet about the next release for 40K, Eldar, Chaos and also Black Templars. I'm wondering which one it will be? what little I've read Chaos (if its true) is gonna be a Sick Codex, fingers crossed I hope it come soon. Then my other idea of Berserker Jump Pack Army, might actually get off the ground.

thanks for reading