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Friday, 18 November 2011

Been a while


Been a while since I last posted anything. I've done no painting, no modelling and even no gaming. Yet again RL is getting in the way, however this has left me some time to go through the Necron Codex. My thoughts overall? I like it, thats all, I love the fluff and the new units/ models but I'm struggling to actually go out and buy the models I need for my army. I've written a dozen or so lists now and have picked one or two that I think will do well for my style of play, but when it comes to actually logging on and ordering over the internet I find myself thinking could I put the money to better use on a different army?
What army? Well theres my DE to finish off, but tbh deep down I'm happy with my model selection, yeah some Venom's will probally be ordered when I have some spare cash or as Xmas presents and maybe a squad of warrior's to convert into Trueborn blaster squads. But generally I'm happy with the DE, so what else? Well the Space Marines were sold on e-bay earlier and I never really played with them. My Saim Hann Eldar Wild Host is completed and fully painted but just not viable anymore in 40K, so its staying boxed up until the next Eldar Codex release (whenever that will be). I have a Tau force also in a similiar state to the Eldar, rumours of an early 2012 release is a possibility but I don't need anything for that.

So this leads me onto some ideas have had banging around the inside of my head for some time. Being ex army I've always been interested in collecting an IG army and reading the Ghost novels recently has enforced that idea, but I want something different from the run of the mill. Now I love the ForgeWorld Death Korps of Krieg models, but for me the price is just too high, if I had the money then I would go for it, but times are hard atm so they are out of my reach. That got me thinking about conversions and how easy it is to work with plastics now.
How about a Blood Pact Army?  Based on the Cadian plastic army I think it could be done. All the helmets/ faces would need to be converted into suitable Iron masks but I think a Blood Pact army would be a cool thing on the table top. Plenty of conversion ideas of stalk tanks, Gliffs etc. This really got me thinking into the possibilies of a Chaos IG army, too many to list, but lots of ideas and conversions there.
Another thing I wanted to do was look into a Raptors Army of Chaos Space Marines. probally based on a Night Lords Force. No Codex for them and doubt there will be for sometime but I could always use the BA codex for a full on Assault army. No razorbacks, no MSU's, I'm taking about a fully equipt'd Jump Pack army right in your face assault from turn one. Would it work on the table top? Probally do about average, but it would be fun to use, and those Dread Claw drop pods from Forgeworld are sick, just begging to be used.

So my questions is this, which would you go for guys? Let me know

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Necrons are back

So Necrons have been released and in the last day or so I've been looking through the new codex. What I will say for sure is that GW have done another great job on the fluff side of things, filling out alot of blanks from the old (oldest edition ever) Codex. In fact even though I've read the fluff twice now there is so much to digess that its going to take another two or 3 more reads to fully understand and get a true fill for these metal machines.
Here are just a few changes that I've noticed so far.
Units wise well the Necrons have a glut of them. So many more now its going to be another battle just to try and select the ones I want and fit them into the 1500points standard force. For example in the old codex we had 1 HQ, 1 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast Attack and 3 Heavy Support. Now we have access to 9 HQ (7 Unique, 2 Normal) these can be buffed up with a Royal court. 2 Troops, 6 Elites, 4 Fast Attack and 5 Heavy Support. For the first time ever Necrons now have access to 3 transports, 1 being a flyer.
Another nice change is that Immortals are now a Troops choice, have a massive drop in points cost and access to some nice weapon upgrades. Warriors have also dropped in cost which is nice but more or less stay the same as in the old codex.
Gauss weapons still cause a glancing hit on a armour penetration roll of 6, and also now there is a new weapon called the Tesla. For every to hit roll of 6 basically it causes 2 additional automatic hits on that unit. Also the most powerful Tesla weapons have the ability of arcing to other nearby units and causing damage which is a nice bonus.
Some changes to the we will be back system. Its now called Reanimation Protocols (RP), good points is that it will speed up the game and it should flow better. Also if I'm reading this right you get to make RP rolls against all attacks even power weapon wounds. But the bad point is models only stand back up on rolls of 5 and 6 and if the unit falls back then those models lose their RP rolls as they self destruct. But I guess a chance to come back and get back in the fight is still good in my eyes.
The Holy grail in all Old Necron players (or should that be Unholy) the Resurrection Orb has been nerfed, now it only effects the unit the the keeper is in instead of those within 6" but its still an RP of 4+ and has been reduced in points cost to reflect this.
Well that's all I'm going to write about atm, I'm going to have a go at writing a few lists and see how they look.

Thanks for reading.