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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Necrons are back

Well its about time, Nov 5th and the Necrons are back and like the Dark Eldar before them they have been totally re-worked. Only models that are the same are the warriors and Monolith.

Click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VxsnuyMIM0&feature=player_embedded

Some damn sick models

Monday, 24 October 2011

Whats this then?

Just seen this on GW site. What can it be I wonder?Methinks the Necrons are on the way.


Hopefully 8)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mojo is back up and running.


So its been three months since I took a break from the hobby. enough was enough and I felt ready to start up again.
I headed down to the club with my Menoth force for a few practice games. Wow in those 3 months lots of small changes have occurred. Entrance is now via the shop area, pay at the cash till and sign in. In the main hall all the tables looked very good so I have to say Hulls Angels is looking very professional and what you would expect a true war-gaming club to look like, well done guys.
So my first game was against Luke, I would like to say thanks for playing and answering all the questions that I had Luke, it made it a very interesting and enjoyable game for me. So I have Kreoss, Revenger, Crusader, Reckoner and of course the Choir which are fully painted and tbh this was a nice start models wise, to learn how to play the game.
 At first I felt like a right noob, trying to decide what was going to go where and planning future moves etc. this was totally different to my Warhammer 40K experiences.
However that all changed after Lukes first turn, man can Lukes force move quick, in one turn he was knocking on my door with two very angry looking wolf's, one of them hit me in lukes 2nd turn and almost scrapped my Crusader in just a few attacks. After that things just became a bit of a blur for me, straight on the back foot I had fight it out, but I did learn some important lessons during that first game. Somehow at the end I managed to pull out a win, which was a nice suprise for me, but I know it was a close game. Thanks again Luke for your patience and answering all my noob questions.

So onto the second game against a chap who I cannot remember his name (sorry) and his force from Cygnar, a couple of Jacks and unit that does nasty stuff to enemy Jacks and a Warcaster that seemed to spew lightning whenever he could. I lost alot of models in this game only the Reckoner, Revenger (badly damaged) and Kreoss (with 5 HP left) survived, but luckily I managed to kill his Warcaster. Again another sporting opponent who answered all my questions etc

I like Menoth and I chatted to Luke about starting a Merc force, but I think I'm just gonna stick with Menoth for now. I'm looking at grabbing a few more Jacks as Menoth have some nice ranged weapons (16")  that I wanna try out in future games. The Choir really is a nice unit with its abilities to buff up the Jacks, my problem was deciding what Hymn to go for and when to activate them in relation to the Jacks. In that second game I left them badly exposed and paid the price by losing them all by turn 3. So more practice games whilst adding to the force and hopefully things should start falling into place.

Warhammer 40K stuff? Well I've slowly and I mean slowly been painting through my DE, I refined a few lists that I wanna try out, but I need more models to complete the force, well I need alot of models to finish the force but thats going to be expensive. However recent rumours are now looking like fact.  The Necrons will soon make an appearance (looking like Nov/ Dec release) and I'm torn about what to do. I already have a sizable force of Necrons and even have the Apoc battle force box of Necrons in a cupboard still on thier sprues. The pictures I've seen equal the DE models in design and modelling and from the rumours of the codex they will probally just be as nasty.
So I'm gonna hold off for the release and grab the Codex and then once I've read and re-read then make my decision.
Also this year I wanna try out for a ToS Tournie again and maybe even a doubles tournie if anyone would be interested in partnering up? Let me know.

Well thats it for now, might post a few pictures on my DE soon. Thanks for reading

Saturday, 1 October 2011

New Games, New Hope

Well its been two weeks since I last posted something, a lot has happened in those two weeks as well. I've just got back from a great  holiday with the wife in the Lake District and I'm feeling recharged and on a high. However the high turned to a low as on the way back home I got some pretty sad news that a work mate had pasted away, I'm gutted that this has happened but I guess that's life. He fought against all the odds stacked against him and lasted almost 2 weeks before passing peacefully away in the hospital bed, my thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.

On this low note I've decided to look at other things with a more open mind. Both in my hobbies and life in general, I guess I have already started to to do this in the gaming world with my purchase of Warmachine and Dystopian Wars products. Yeah this was probably more to do with the fact that I've been disheartened by the way things have gone at GW recently, but after thinking long and hard I'm not ready to give up on 40K yet. I'm gonna wait till the 6th edition comes out and check it out then.
In the mean time I'm gonna finish painting my DE and  look at new systems like WM and DW, but I've also been looking at a game called Dust Tactic's.
Now for some reason, and I don't know why, I think I'm going to get this game. If you wanna have a look at it click on these links http://www.wargamesworkshop.com/GroupList.aspx?CatID=5&DivID=138 and http://www.arcaneminiatures.co.uk/miniatures-detail.asp?ID=35100.
the game itself is actually a board game but I think and its stated in the first video link that it could easily be used as a table top game as well. The models look pretty good imo and most importantly you can get started with a pretty cheap force.
If anyone else is interested in giving this system a go then let me know and when I get it I will bring it down to the club for a few testers.

Back to Warmachine and my painting is progressing, atm I'm just finishing off the Choir and then all I have left is the Errants unit to do. Once these models are done I'm heading back into Hulls Angels for a few practice/ learning (getting my arse kicked) games. From there I'm going to build my force up to about 50 points worth, but Ive also been looking at the Mercenaries forces and I quite like the idea of putting a totally merc force together... Is it possible to play with just a merc force without them being allied to anyone else? If you know the answer to this then let me know please.

Dystopian War models are still the same ie unpainted (sorry Drax). I'm thinking that I need to get an airbrush to really give these models a good paint job. There are some great paint jobs of DW models on the internet completed mainly by airbrush methods, so thats what I'm aiming for. I tried the hand painted way on one of my Tiger tanks for FoW but even though its ok it wasnt the look I was after.

Well thats it for now, thanks for reading.