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Saturday, 17 September 2011

List planning

Well no painting done at all since my last post, I've been working hard at work and manning issues did force some 12 hour shifts and tbh I just could'nt be bothered to actually do any modelling or painting when I got home.

But I did pick up the Dark Eldar Codex for a flick through and it got me thinking on my Dark Eldar Army. Normally for me, I dont worry too much about writing lists first. I tend to buy what models I like the look of then try and fit them into my lists later and see how they perform during my test games.
Most of the time this seems to work for me, but lack of funds in the old bank account is/ will force me to re-assess my buying habits in the future and look into what actually seems to work on paper first then go out and buy said models. I've decided I'm not going to invest 300 to 400+ pounds in a new force if it is not going to work on the table top because of my poor list building. Everybody likes to win, I like the tournaments and I wanna do well in them as I'm investing my money in them, so from now on wallet first, fluffy models second.

Now my Dark Eldar force started fluffy, and I've tried out some different models during my test games, some units have done well others hav'nt and have been dropped. Now my games have been limited to certain types of armies (Orks mainly and a few Marines) but if I'm truthful my Dark Eldar Army just doesn't seem to be good enough in Close Combat, its not the codex or the force but its down to me I guess and my poor dice rolling abilities.

Blag will know what I'm saying here with this example "Beastermaster squad charges, rolls 30+ attacks and only causes 2 wounds, return attacks from enemy squad causes morale check which they fail and run/ wiped out."
It just seems to be my bad luck.

With that in mind I'm looking at the Dark Eldar in a new light, I'm going to try and keep my DE out of close combat if that is possible and kill/ wipe out the enemy force with superior speed/ movement and firepower.
Is this possible? Yes it should be, its my main tactic for my Saim Hann force so why cant I use it on my DE?
My Saim Hann force uses high str weaponry and speed for side shots against enemy armour and the farseer to buff up the forces saves. Well the Dark Eldar have feel no pain which is a buff and the amount of High str weapons that they can field is frightening. So I've come up with a few lists that I wanna try out at the Club, when I do decide to head back into the game fully.

Any volunteers wanting to help me test out my new lists?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Building up some steam


Well its been sometime since I last posted (17th July I think). The reason being as I felt that I had lost my Mojo for the the Hobby. In the 2 months or so that I have been away, all I've really done is read the rules for Warmachine and Dystopian Wars and recharged the Mojo battery so to speak.

Last week tho, I picked up the hobby again and slowly started to get back into modelling/ painting.

I have a Menoth starter Force to get through as well as a Choir, Exemplar Errants and a heavy Warjack, The Reckoner.
Before my self imposed absense from the hobby I invested in some bases and the other items that I needed to play WM, Dyst Wars.
These have been sat in the box opened but unpacked, what followed over a few hours was the pinning and re-basing of all my Menoth models, with the entire force re-based I then uncoated the lot in one go. TBH that was enough for me so they sat there not doing much for the next couple of days.

Well my Kreoss figure is finished, something I managed to do before my time away, looking through the models I decided upon the Reckoner and choir models to begin with, whilst finishing off the part painted Revenger.
Painting on and off for about 30-45 mins at a time, then just walking away for a few hours has helped maintain my motivation. Here are a few pictures of the progress that I'm making to the above models. The Revenger is almost complete and I think the Reckoner isnt too far off either. I'm still waiting for basing materials to arrive so I can finish off the bases to a good standard.

I'm really happy with the way the off white colour on the models has come out. I have always struggled painting white models in the past, with the finished results always looking poor, but after reseaching on the net Ive got a few really effective techniques that have worked for me. It even got me starting to think about a Deathwing force for 40K lol.

Here are some pictures on my Choir and Reckoner, unfinshed of course.

I also recieved my Dyst Wars fleet last week (Covenant of Antarctica) this army was only released on Aug 6th so I'm hoping to read up on the rules and have a few learner games with Drax who also has a fleet, I must admit that these models are really detailed and I think these will look really effective when painted up.
More pic's of my Fleet and remaining models to paint up for WM.

 So I'm looking forward now to playing with these down at Hulls angels. I'm alittle behind on the other guys with experience and rules etc, but hopefully I will have alot more teachers who will be able to help me out when Im sure to get stuck.

Thanks for reading