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Sunday, 26 June 2011

No real update

Well I've not been doing much on the hobby side of things. Busy again at work and RL which seems to be taking alot of my time up.
I have however been slowly working through my Warmachine stuff. But I've have abit of a misshap with my WM bases. I didnt like what I had done the first time round whilst basing them so decided to strip the paint off and start again, in they went into some nail polish remover....dont worry its the acetone free one. BAD MOVE, it stripped the old paint off but it also ruined the bases making them real soft. So now I'm going to be looking for some more bases lol, luckily they do sell them which is a good thing. Here is a picture on my Warcaster Kreoss.
Once I get the new bases and the other goodies that I will order, I should have a 35 point force with which to learn with, which I'm looking forward to. Im also looking at yet another 40K army, lol I'm a mug I know, but for a while now, I've been wanting to start an Imperial Guard force. Two types stand out for me and that is a fully Air Cav and also the Forge World Death Corps of Kreig http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Imperial_Guard/Death-Korps-of-Krieg?filter_reset=1
I really like this style of army but its just a shame that it's so damn expensive. Decisions, decisions. But time is on my side and tbh I will have to see how much the whole army will be before I step up and lay my cash down on the counter.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Storm Templar Pictures

Sorry for the quality of pictures but my camera ran out of batteries so have to use the wifes i-phone. Here are a few squads, and also my first Tiger Tank for Flames of war. Not a great paint job but I dont have access to a air brush and for me that would make a better job of the camo scheme

Storm Templar Dreadnought

Crusader Squad with Plasma Cannon

Storm Templar Assault Squad

Terminators with Cyclone Launchers
Terminator Assault Squad

Tiger Tiger Tiger

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Damn and Blast

Well I spent all day trying to figure out an army and it looks like I was looking at the wrong game. I read through my old mails from drax and it looks like he wants to play Game 3, if thats the case I need to redo my list for 1500 points. Oh well, pays to pay attention to small print.

Dusting off the Storm Templars

Right because I'm a nice bloke I agreed with Drax to play a 2500 point game to help him in his Badab War tournie.
So 2500 points and I have to play the Loyalists, so I'm like wtf am I going to take. Just to let you all know I hav'nt played with my Storm Templars Chapter since 2008 Throne of Skulls Tournie, which was so far in the past that I've had to break out the dusting off brush and give the models a good clean before I could use them.
So now what? OK, download the newest rules update and get to grips with them again....done that, now to break out the dex and put an army together, well it took me another hour or two to locate the codex and to read through it a few times noting the rules updates etc.
Reading Drax's Blog he seems to be leaning towards the Deathwing more and more, which is a pretty elitist army to play and play against. So what do I have to counter that type of army? Well looking at the Dex the Black Templars can field some pretty tooled up lads, bonus for me.
One of the rules for the Loyalists in this game is that I have to take 3 HQ's which then become the objectives in the game, so I have to keep them alive and Drax has to kill them, mmmm well with the deployment rules are also going against me, this is going to be harder than I first thought. Here is a linky to the rules/ game http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1830362a_Download_the_Badab_War_Part_1_Scenarios

As you can see Drax gets to deploy last and anywhere within 6" of my forces, which will be deployed centrally in the board. So if I lose the roll of to go first I'm screwed, if I win maybe I'm still screwed but we will see. After pondering about this for awhile I started coming up with a plan, but I guess tomorrow I will know for sure if it works.
So back to my force selection, Drax if you read this then you need to close your eyes at this point.

Objectives of the game three HQ's.

Well it has to be a Marshal, Chaplain and of course the Emperor's Champion, both the Marshal and Chaplain will be suited in Termie Armour and be allocated a Termie Command squad with the Furious charge special rule and 2x Assault cannons mounted in a Land Raider Crusader to transport them into battle.
The Champion with Accept the Challenge, no matter the odds vow will be deployed with a crusader squad in a Rhino. What does this vow give me? Preferred enemy, basically giving all my Storm Templars re-rolls on missed to hit rolls in close combat.
So thats all 3 Hq's sorted and a troops choice. Time to fill out the numbers abit, so another Crusader squad with plasma cannon mounted in a Razorback, Assault Terminators (Furious Charge) mounted in another Land Raider and finally a last Terminator squad with 2x Cyclone Launchers (Tank Hunters) on foot. So that gives me a good amount of anti tank and anti infantry but I'm still not happy with the numbers, but I'm already getting tight on the points. So I choose an assault squad which has good movement and can hit hard in Close Combat, I really like the Dreadnought and would have preferred to take 2 but I can only manage to fit 1 in due to points, so one it is. By now I'm very limited to what models I have left on my shelf, but there looking mighty fine was a Vindicator (nick named the fire magnet)
I fielded this in the Throne of skulls tournie, it never lasted more than 2 turns in every game, but its such a nice model I grab it and place it with the chosen few.
So there we have it, my force ready to do battle with the Secessionists/ Traitors, the good thing about this game is that both forces are old boys lists from 4th edition, so points wise we should be very similiar. Abilities wise the Deathwing are fearless but then so are my Storm Templar's and they also get the re-rolls in CC as well, so whatever happens its going to be bloody, hard and over quickily in assault.
Thanks for reading