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Thursday, 26 May 2011

BFG still lives

Well last night me and Alan broke out and dusted off the old BFG game. This made a nice change and the game was alot of fun. It's a shame that GW let this game slip off the radar as I really like it. Alan and myself both agreed that some of the rules could do with an upgrade as after the inital fight it takes an age to change course and get back in the fight. Alan did what he does best and beat me again (does he never lose?) But I think we played a good 6-7 turns and I still enjoyed the game.
I also picked up my first Tanks for flames of War. Tiger tanks, yes I love the old Tigers. Just got to build them up and paint up (even more painting) ready for Alans FoW campaign.
I've also built up and started painting my first models for the tale of many planets 40K campaign. 500 points of Orks, I wanted a change from DE so I decided to dig out my Orks which have been sat at the bottom of the Wardrobe since they were released, unassembled and unpainted. I decided to convert an Ork Trukk into a Flying transport, similar to the FW design, I hav'nt been as succesful as FW, but I'm happy with the end result. What do you guys think? Here are some picks.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pictures of new Darke eldar releases

Wow guys, Dark Eldars newest releases, just gotta love their designers man.
Dark Eldar Scourges, Venom, Talos Pain engine and Cronos Parasite engine.

Enjoy the pics

Renaming My Blog

Well its been a busy month or so for me. How much painting have I done? Well to tell the truth very little and 40K seems to have lost its flavour at the club with the new gaming systems being taken up by alot of players. I've been busy at work, painting and decorating at home (still loads to do) and also trying to sort through 12 odd years of gaming models that now occupy almost a double wardrobe at home. I've also had to contend with a very dodgy internet connection which seems to stop working just when I need it the most. Has anybody had the same problem? I was shocked at first, but it made me realise just how much I depend on it to do my daily crap, internet banking, shopping looking up something that I dont understand. When you lose your internet its like losing your right hand (I'm right handed).
So a new re-designed Blog, why? Well sorting through my models I realised that I needed something else than just a Dark Kin and forces of Dis-order. I have Tau, Space Marines, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons and Chaos Space Marines in my 40K collection. In Warhammer I have Dwarfs, Tomb Kings and Orge Kingdoms. In Battlefleet Gothic the fleets I have are Imperial (Large force) Tau, Eldar, Chaos and a scratch built Tyranid fleet. I have also started a Warmachine force which I am going to learn how to play tonight at the Club. Sometime in the future I hope to gain a Flames of War force, so rather than have a dozen Blogs I have decided to put them all under one roof.
For those of you who follow me I'm sorry about the next week or so as I will be slowly updating this blog and re-arranging its layout.

Oh and by the way that double wardrobe is now 50% less, its amasing how much crap you  actually store.