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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Daemons are still bane to DE

Well the title says it all. Fought Blag for the rights to the spaceport and was crushed. Killpoints,  with Dawn of War.
Blag won the roll off and let me go first.
First two turns not much really happened, then it got very bloody. But by the end of turn five the game finished, I had 6 Killpoints and Blag had12. Well done m8.
So its upto others to take the spaceport in the Campaign, whilst the DE withdraw to lick their wounds and plan again.
Damn rending attacks from Slaanesh daemons was painful, that and my appalling dice rolls for my Beastmaster pack. 23 attacks 7 hits, 3 wounds Daemons saved 2, so they lost be 2 wounds failed their Ld test and then ran to be caught and butchered.
From that point on I was on the ropes, with the whole centre of my lines left wide open for the Deamons to pour in.
Still a good game and another learning curve as I've never played daemons before.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Oops I forgot to post pictures.

Reinforcements finally arrive

Well they are here. The models I said I wouldnt buy because of the cost landed on my doorstep this afternoon. I placed the order with Wayland games almost 10 days ago, why the delay? well I also placed an order for the Warmachine models Protectorate of Menoth and yes I happened to order what was out of stock. After waiting for stock to arrive (7 days) and didnt turn up they sent the order out missing the out of stock models and giving me a full refund on the missiong models. I have no complaint with wayland games, they kept me informed by E-mail all the time about the status of my order. I will def be ordering from them again.
So what did I get?
Well a full Beastmaster squad was ordered to finish off my DE Army, not the original beastmaster squad that I have been play testing, I scaled it back to the min, which consists of a Beastmaster, 5 x Khymera's, 2 x Razorwing Flock's and of course a Clawed Fiend. After spending so much time carefully assembling and painting my Dark Eldar, I thought it was rude not to purchase the last pieces of the force.( my stand in models just didnt look the part. ie were crap).
I know there are some more models being released by GW in the near future, but tbh I'm pretty happy with my Army list as it is now. The true test will be against Alan's (Blag) Daemon Army on Wednesday night, I dont think I will win against such an evil mastermind, but I'm going to give it my best, and maybe, just maybe steal that spaceport off him (cue evil laughter).
The second part of the order was of course the new Warmachine force. I made a slip up not actually ordering the game rules (DOH). But I'm hoping to pick that up on the way into Hulls Angels on Wed night.
I recieved a nice hardcopy Forces of the Protectorate of Menoth, the starter Battle group 4x members of the Choir and High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza (what a cool name). I was missing the Warpriest and Acolytes to finish off the choir but I'm not too concerned about that atm.
My aim is to get these models put together soon and have a few starter battle group fights with others at the club and start learning the rules.

Well thats all, got lots of building to do, so if you will excuse me I'm off

Regards Skal