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Friday, 25 March 2011

Beastmaster pack incoming

Well just ordered my Dark Eldar Beastmasters from Wayland Games. Had to cut back on my original size of my Beastmaster pack but doing this allows me to invest in some other goodies.
A Warmachine rule book for Protectorate of Menoth and the starter battleforce is also on it's way, been looking into this as a distraction from GW stuff.
Suprisingly last night I also started painting up the DE again, I almost managed to complete the squad of warriors and a squad of Wyches. Just a few final touches left to do on both of these squads, then next up will be their transports.
We will have to see how long my mojo lasts this time, whilst painting these guys? Hopefully I might get a week or two out of it, but if I feel that I'm going to rush them, then I will stop and down paints. At least now I will be able to switch to the Warmachine stuff for a change.

The Campaign which Mart designed is just around the corner, starting 1st April (ish) I'm really looking forward to this. As it will give me alot of experience in handling the DE against other armies. Space Marines (which seem to be my Bane) Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Daemons to mention a few. Biggest suprise is that Mart himself has decided to bow out of the competion, and sell his Orks. He is working on  Khornate army atm, so another Close Combat monster of an Army. Looking forward to seeing some paint on those guys.
Also Ive noticed a big spring clean out at the club. Most of the members are trying to sell GW stuff off to free up some more funds/ space for new armies. With Grey Knights around the corner I should imagine a few of Titans best will start to make appearances at the club, infact Alan probally has an unpainted force fully assembled ready to kick everyones arses.

Well thats it for now, been pretty lax on the updating of my Blog. Sorry about that must try harder in the future.

Thanks for reading Skal

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spanking Drax's sisters

Ok, its not what you think when you read the Title of this post 8).
Me and Drax had a nice little warm up game last night, ready for when the Campaign kicks off in April.
His Sisters vs my DE. I have more or less fine tuned the DE list now, all that remains is to play and play till all the nasty tricks that the DE force has becomes second nature to my gaming.
List wise I wish that I could fit my Reavers in my force, but there just isnt enough points to spare in 1500pt game, so they will have to sit on the painting table.
So what am I running with?

Incubi x5




Beastmaster Pack

Talos .

1500pts exactly. TBH I'm pretty happy with this force. Not a power gamers force by any means but I'm not out for the win everytime. I want to play a good game and have a laugh at the same time. Its those nail biting moments that I really enjoy.
So Drax turned up with his sisters, now to be fair I dont think he has had much playing time out of them recently. We started off talking about what his units were and how the Faith points system worked, mainly because I had never played against a Sisters force before. Now the faith points system really makes a Sisters force shine if you can pull off all those rolls (which Drax did-most of the time). I didnt really take note of what units he actually had with him but I think it was something like this.
2x Battle sisters + Rhino
2x Seraphim
Dominion 4x meltas with Immolator.

Now an old school army which meant Drax was going to find it hard going against my new and improved DE force. Its not often that DE out number a foe, but 1500pts doesnt really buy alot of sisters. Even I was suprised.

We rolled the D6's for mission, Seize ground and Dawn of war. 5 objectives were needed and placed. 3 objectives were placed pretty centrally with the last 2 opposite each other on my right and Drax's left flank.
I won the roll off and let Drax go first, holding all my force ready to push on 1st turn.
Turn one:
I managed to pop a rhino with the DL ravager and spill out a squad of Battle sisters, careful deployment by Drax gave him a cover save from my 9 Dis shots from a ravager, which killed a few more.
Turn 2:
Drax  shot and and took a wound off my razor wing model in the beastmaster pack. I moved my Archon and Incubi squad, Wyches , Hellions and Beastmaster pack into assault range. Shooting wise the DL ravager managed to pop another Rhino spilling out the second squad of Battle Sisters, this was followed up by the Dis ravavger firing more shots into the same squad. I think I killed 3-4 which was a good result.
(now in previous games I've not had much luck with Ravagers)
Assault wise DE did what they are good at, the Archon and Incubi cut down the Seraphim squad and the Canoness withdrew to join the Battle Sisters nearby, both the Beastmasters and the Hellions assaulted the central Sisters squad beside there burnt out rhino, they killed 3 but 1 hellion was cut out of the sky and the Wyches assaulted the Seraphim squad hugging the trees on Drax's left flank, killing 4 and lost a Wych in return, the Seraphim then did the sneaky Hit and Run (old School) and left my Wyches sat in the open (not good).
Turn 3:
The Archon, Incubi and Haemie recieved alot of love from the Battle sisters, in the form of flamer templates 8(.
I think I took 11 wounds in total, but they had FnP and good armour saves (apart from the Haemie) in the end only the Haemie took a wound, sorry Drax, I have to say that was some pretty damn lucky rolls on my part. the Seaphim squad flew back into the Wyches and flamed them to death, I lost 6, wiped out the unit,  no save or cover save allowed ouch that hurt. But the Hellions and Beastmaster pack wiped out the Battle sisters.
My Archon and Incubi moved to within an inch on the Canoness and BS squad my Talos which had been out of assault range lined up on the biggest target left which was the immolator with the Dominion squad still inside, the Hellions made use of the 12" move and surrounded (just) the doors of the Immolator, the Beastmaster pack moved to avenge the dead and crispy Wyches.
The DL and Dis ravagers opened fire on the Battle sisters killing them off leaving only the Canoness standing, ready to recieve the charge of my Archon + Incubi. The Archon charged in, scored 5 wounds, Canoness used Faith again and her save of 2+ became Invul, luckily she failed 1 roll and the Husk Blade sucked out her Soul.
The Talos charged the Immolator 6 attacks left it a exploding vehicle killing 2 of my Hellions and 2 Dominions. I was hoping for a wrecked result as the squad inside would not have been able to dis-embark because of the Hellions and therefore would have been wiped out, but it was not to be.
Finally the Beastmaster pack killed off the last 3 Seraphim in assault.
Turn 4:
The last 3 Dominions killed another 2 Hellions and were inturn charged and killed by the Talos. That was that Game over.

In all it was a pretty good game for the DE. Drax all credit to him turned up with a force which is badly in need of an update (one of many atm). I learnt a couple of things in that game. Faith Points are really handy if you can make the rolls, and flamers really, really hurt (unless your an Archon+Incubi)
Thanks for the game Drax, looking forward to the Campaign, I might even get some more painting done before it kicks off.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Long time no post

So I've had 10 days off from work, and its been a very enjoyable 10 days. What painting have I done to the DE? None. For some reason my enthusiasm has waned abit with GW stuff. So I'm just taking a break from 40K for awhile or until at least the Campaign starts at the local club. I did manage to play a game on wednesday against Space marines and just missed out on a draw. Objectives based missions, a real pain for me. First 2 turns of the game, I lost more or less all my long range hitting power, none of my cover saves came out on any vehicle. Archon and Incubi + a squad of Wyches against a Space Marine Command squad.... yeah you guessed, I couldnt shift them from my objective, even after 3 turns of close combat. Because of this he finished with his commander 2" off my objective and therefore contested it. Still I learned a few valuable lessons. Space Marines still seems to be my bane. I need to double up my squads to at least ensure a win, which seems to be in contrast to what the internet forums are saying. Wyches whilst good in close combat arent very good and staying alive at the end of the game which is a problem. So in my next game I'm going to change a few things, starting with the Archon and Incubi, a great unit but totally over kill. I'm gonna split them up the Archon on the charge with his Huskblade would be a nice support for a Wych Squad, and the Incubi for the second Wych squad. That way if the Wyches do run into a unit they find hard to shift next turn I will use Mr A and Squad I to counter charge. Ravagers great models but atm I'm not finding them much of a success, I have already replaced one with a Talos Pain Engine. Now this I'm having alot more sucess with. Good WS and very high Str and T it's a royal pain in the Backside for the enemy.
So I'm heading back into the codex to have another look. The beastmaster unit is staying, its just too much fun to lose and the horrible amount of attacks this unit has is insane, gonna have another look and see what there is.