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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Arrivals

So finally, looks like the DE are getting there second wave at the end of March. Mart kindly gave me the link http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat440160a
this morning to GW and the models look great.
My only concern is the cost of them, seems to be more and more of an issue for me, just for the unit of Beastmasters its going to cost me £117.80. which by anyones standards is a hell of alot for just one unit. Abit of a disappointment was no new Talos in the new arrivals? So after I worked out how much the Beastmasters unit was going to cost me I decided to have a go and scratch build one. Now I have loads of left over parts from old Dark Eldar armies, so I started looking through my bits box to see what I could come up with and I am very happy with the results.

Below you can see some pictures that I took. Now just to painting it and the rest of the army lol

Here is the old one

My version of the Talos, looks kind of like an evil Transformer lol.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Right place, right time.

So in the ongoing play testing of my Dark Eldar force I managed another game down at the club again last night. This one was abit strange as I was play 2 opponent's at the same time. Using Marts Ork Army, Mart and Drax are heading down to GW HQ in Nottingham to play in the doubles Tournie in a few weeks and they wanted to get some practice games in before that date arrived.
So I tweaked my Army list from my last game with Mart, not really changing much but basically I dropped the Void Raven bomber and took a Dis Ravager instead, this gave me enough points (just) to be able to expand the Beastmaster squad. Now I'm not going to give a Turn by Turn account of what happened, but basically the mission was Seize ground (3 objectives) and Spearhead. objectives were placed 2 quite centrally and another far on the right flank. I won roll off and decided to go 2nd.
Basically I started with my Hellions, 1 squad of Wyches, Beastmaster Squad and the Talos in reserve. My Archon and Incubi Bodyguard mounted in a Raider and Haemie and Wyches in a Raider.
Turns 1 and 2 saw the Orks run forward to capture the 2 centrally objectives whilst my Wyches and Haemie darted forward in their raider dismount. The Haemie parted company with the Wyches giving them the FNP token and deploy the webway portal, the Wyches fleeted forward and were just in charge range of a unit of Lootas.
Carnage followed and the Lootas were wiped out, Wyches recieved their second Pain token of Furious charge but were then counter assaulted next turn by a massive unit of orks losing 3 of their number. FNP actually did some good and saved 6 wounds.
Basically turns 3 and 4 saw the arrival of my reserves and a massive CC fight over the 2 central objectives, the wyches assaulted a DeffDread to delay the ork advance, the Talos assaulted 3 Killa Kans the Hellions assaulted with the Beastmasters into the Orks and Wyches combat, at the end of the combat the Hellions played their dirty tricks and pulled the Big Mek from out of the combat with the Wyches using the Stun claw and Hit and Run rules ( getting to really like this tactic).
By turn 5 it was more or less over, the Orks had lost all their troops, I had one squad of Wyches falling back, the Beastmaster was falling back, the Talos was going toe to toe with the 2nd Deff Dread but my warriors were still standing on the 3rd objective, giving me a win.

Now as I play more and more battles with DE I'm beginning to get a feel for how the Army works. Yes its T3, generally vulnerable to shooting (especially Rapid fire) and isnt the biggest army at 1500 points. But what you get is a very deadly force able to slice through an enemy Army like a hot knife through butter. You can't handle them like SM, infact they play differently to any other army in the 40K world.

After last night I was thinking in bed of how it all seemed to come together and finally start to work? Well maybe Mart and Drax's luck wasnt too great. They made some mistakes early in the game, but this was the first time these two had played together as a team using Marts Orks, so you would expect that.
But I realised that I was starting to think ahead in turns of where I was wanting to be and then start to work out where I would position certain units to get the best out them and also if I was charged then I would be charged by something I could actually hurt back. The 2 Squads of Wyches did well, but you have to use these carefully, yes they can go toe to toe with most units but they need support, having a 4++ invuln save and FNP is a bonus but the small squad size ( mine are 7 models) means it doesnt take much to get them below half srength.
Beastmasters didnt really do much in this game but against massive amounts of cheap troops even they put the Wyches to shame. The amount of attacks this unit dishes out on the charge is frightning, 24 str 3 rending attacks and 32 str 4 attacks + the 4 str 3 attacks from the Beastmasters themselves can damn well hurt. I have 2 Beastmasters 4 razorwings and 8 Khymera's this gives me a total of 30 wounds for wound allocation. When these guys hit they hit hard. they just need to hit the right targets, all this for just 190 points.... bargin.

The Talos did well and went head to head with the Kans and Dreads, everything it touched died horribily, so it's going to stay in the army for now.

Hellions for me as now a dead cert when I select a DE force, there ability to be able to jump over terrain and other troops, Hit and Run rule and the Stun claw is just too good to pass up on. You do have to be careful again with these guys, they die quickily to shooting so always try and get them a cover save.

Warriors were good at what I set them up to do which was basically camp the objective, armed with a Blaster they even threaten any transports that might come within range.

Ravagers now I'm still not sure about these vehicles. I just dont seem to be able to kill anything with them. Im gonna keep them in until I fight other armies like SM as I think they will work better against their vehicles rather than the Orks.

Thats it for now, so two losses ,1 draw and finally a win, with the up and coming campaign in March these tactic's will hopefully get honed into a sharp and deadly Agoniser.

Thanks for reading.