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Thursday, 27 January 2011

A little more flavour, same results.

Hi Guys,

First up apologises for not updating this blog as often as I should. Real life seems to be getting in the way more atm.
So what have I been up to since I last posted? Well not alot. Painting has more or less ground to a halt on the DE, I'm having real trouble getting the colour tones of the DE skin right. Like a noob I painted a Hellion which came out real nice but I then forgot about which colours I used, fast forward 3 weeks and I'm painting Wyches and the skin tone is totally different. Its more normal looking on the Wyches which is far to pink for my tastes, so back to the drawing board on that one.
Army wise I have been doing some research in what is working for other DE generals. As you can guess the results are pretty different. Now my experience is mostly against Marts Ork Kan List, with his Meks giving him cover saves on everything I find it very hard to take him down.
So a few changes were needed for the next game. First off I know people rave about the Ravagers but for me they just aren't doing enough damage so I decided to drop 1 dis and 1 dark lance Ravager, I replaced these with stand in models representing a Talo's and a Void raven bomber with 4x Shatterfield missiles. I decided to drop the warriors and a replace them with a Beastmaster squad. That was more or less it, turned up last night at the club and faced off against Marts Orks.
Mission Seize ground with Pitched Battle.

3x Objectives which were basically placed in the mid ground on my left flank all nice and tight within 12" of each other in a triangle. Now this was just what Mart needed, with his numbers he would just swarm over the objectives and just sit there, he has enough boys to soak up the shots and with the cover saves from his big mek's his army can defend well. Cover wise there wasnt much, a couple of trees and I thing a small tower. The board was set up for Fantasy really but we wanted a change so it was good.

Well what basically happened? He moved his Army forwards onto the objective. The WWP was deployed about 8 inches away from the objective triangle and the slaughter began. By the end of turn 5 neither of us had any troops left to capture the objectives so it was a draw, we had killed all the fleshy stuff and only vehicles were left. A very Bloody Battle, enjoyable and threw up quite a few rules queries, thanks go out to Alan and John for answering them.

So lessons learned:
New Units:

The Talos when used right is a combat monster, Str 7,T7 and benefits from Power of Pain, ouch, Marts normal Ork Boyz couldn't hurt it (but would if they charged). Basically I was limited on what I could do with it as it came through the WWP. A Dredd, 3x Killer Kans and luckily for me a big Mek+ Boyz were all in assault range, whatever happened the Talo's would have been counter-assaulted in the next turn. So in he went against the Big Mek. I rolled for attacks and guess what I got, yep a 2 (dice gods are very fickle for me) so 3 attacks which coverted to 2 wounds off went the Big Mek to Gork and Mork. Now the Talos was taken out the next turn by the combined might of the Powerklaw Nob, Dredd and Kans. But just in that small fight it showed its worth, with a better dice roll for attacks the Talos is a bargin at 125 pts, if you can get these into combat, then its gonna give your opponent a real headache.
Talos is still vulnerable to heavy weapons and Powerfists/ Thunderhammers, but a WWP can help in this regard allowing you (hopefully) to choose which squads to CC . The downside to WWP is not knowing when these guys are going to turn up, which is a pain. I'm gonna look at runing more of these in my future lists, I just wish the models were available now.

What can I say, these guys are a real steal, a very good substitute for Wyches, I had 2 razorwings and 5 Khymerae + the Beastmaster, 34 Attacks on the Charge, I 5 &6 with 4++ save and  16 wounds between them for wound allocation. This is a nasty unit for only 102 points, 8 x Wyches (tooled up) cost 136 points.
These guys will def be in the Army from now on, maybe take 2 units in the WWP. 6" move D6 for fleet and the 12" Assault range means once they are on the table nothing much is safe...even orks 8)

Void Raven Bomber
Now this is more expensive than the Ravager, topping out at 185 points, but it did have 4 one shot only Shatterfield missiles, the good thing is this can move 12" and shoot all its weapons, ALL WEAPONS. Now on turn one this can be quite nasty, especially in the Spearhead Game when your opponents army is jammed into a table quarter. Shatterfield missiles x4 = large Blast str 7 with rerolls to wound, OK it doesn't have an AP but against Guard, Orks or Nids this is going to hurt, they either take normal saves or go to ground for the cover saves which basically gives you some more breathing space and locks their units down for a turn.
then it just becomes an annoying splinter, with its 2 Voild Lances trying to take side armour shots on the enemy vehicles.

Older Units:

Old as in I've used them before in previous games.

Still a good unit in C.C. Even tho I have my doubts I just dont seem to be able to roll anything decent than below average on my Dice. Their 4++ save is nice tho, this time they were equipted with Haywire Grenades. On paper they look good, needing a 2-5  for Glancing and a 6 for Pen, however against walkers I found them next to useless. With just 1 attack with grenades and needing 6's to hit walkers, I averaged 2 hits from 8 Wyches and got 1 glancing which ended up being a 1 on the damage chart. Against stationary vehicles they might be better but I doubt it. Would I take Haywires again? Probally as only 2 points per model it does give you greater options on the field of battle, and maybe, just maybe, one day I might roll better dice and actually do some damage. Wyches still managed to do well in combat against the Orks, against other armies with lesser amounts of return attacks they will really earn their points back. The only drawback to Wyches is the fact that they are a Troops choice, and when your needing to capture objectives and the fact Wyches tend to die well in CC, it leaves you very little troops left by turn 5. I'm going to have to bring back the warriors and really only use them as objective takers.

Archon and Incubi:
These guys if played right can cut through large units like a hot knife through butter. Unfortunately for me my dice rolled was utter carbage on the turn they charges 15 attacks on the charge from just the incubi and I manged only 1-2 wounds, dreadfull. The archon managed alittle better and killed the Big Mek so got his Str increase from the Soul Trap, then lost his 2++ save after rolling a 1 on his saves. Two turns they lasted against a normal Ork Boyz squad. I really cant comment on these guys yet, mainly due to my horrible dice rolling. So Ive ordered some more dice, enough said.


Again didn't really do much for the entire game, averaging 1-2 hits per turn, but again failing to do damage against any of the Kans. Against AV 13 and above then the Dark Lances are ideal, but lots of AV 11 and 12 they didn't really do much. Dis armed Ravagers might be the way to go. Will try it out next game.

Well thats it for this post, Marts found me a nice link on painting DE flesh which I'm going to try out. I'm also working on the Army list, refining the units that I've tried so far. I think I need to play against other armies as well to see how the original list works out.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Week 2, 2nd Game


So its Week 2 of 2011 and I've just played my 2nd game with Dark Eldar. Still learning the Tactics and feel of my force and you really do have to seriously think about where you are deploying and where you are going to be moving next turn.
I played Mart tonight with his Big Mek Orks. Mission was Seize Ground using Spearhead conditions. 5 objectives where placed and Mart chose his side of the board.
Now Mart was playing Orks which I can only describing as a moving wall of steel. 2 Big meks with Kustom force Fields, 3x3 Killa kans,3x rockets, 3x kustom mega blasta and 3x grotzooka's. 2x Deffdreads CCW, 2 large units of Boyz about 20-25 in each, one squad with shoota's. 12 Loota's and a gretchin squad.
Basically his deployment was tight, his Killa Kans provided the steel wall with the CCW Deffs right behind them, next up was his Meks each assigned to a unit of Boyz.
Rolling for my Combat drugs was a 4 so I re-rolled failed to wound rolls which is good.
I set my Warriors up in a Building/ruin in my Table quarter with everything else hidden behind the same ruin. Well first 2 turns nothing much really happened, he ran forwards and I moved my Ravagers to get some shots on his Kans and Deffdreads. Just to let you know in 3 turns and I destroyed only 1 Kan and had Imobilised his one of his Dreads, but the grot riggers repaired him. His Meks were doing their job and keeping his force alive with the cover saves from their Kustom force fields.
I was pretty much screwed, I couldn't break out as he had penned me in with all his running Kans/ Dreads. My inability to destroy his Steel Wall meant I was unable to get my Wyches in safely to have a crack at his Ork Boyz. The only option was to wait until he was close enough with his Kans and move my Raiders/Ravagers flat out and try and break out.
This happened on Turn 3, by this time I think he has 3 objectives to my 0. The break out cost me a Ravager destroyed and an imobilised Raider, I also lost a gun on the Dis Ravager. My Helions flew in from reserve and weathered a turn of fire from his Loota's, loosing only one of their number to their shots (very lucky dice, cheers for the loan Mart)
Turn 4 is where its started to happen for me, his Kans pushed forwards again whilst his troops stuck close to 3 of the objectives he had claimed. The Hellions shot then assaulted one of the Boyz units, they actually managed to kill a fair few Oks and only lost 2 in reply. Using the hit and run rule, they grabbed the Big Mek out of the unit and moved him 11" away.  I managed to flat out my Archon's raider and 2nd raider full of Wyches in behind the steel wall, the Dis Ravager moved forward to provide cover for the Raiders from the Kans.
Turn 5, well up to this point Mart had it pretty much wrapped up. He held 3 objectives and at most I had one. If it had ended here then he would have won fair and square. Mart moved his kans foward towards my Wyches and warriors which had claimed an objective. He turned one of his Deffdreads around and basically moved it into assault range of the hellions/ Big Mek combat, shot at and destroyed the Dark Lance on the Archons Raider, his Kans destroyed the Dis Ravager, then it was assault. 2 squads of Kans assaulted the Warriors and Wyches killing 3 warriors and 1 Wych, both of these units passed their LD test. Deffdread assaulted the Hellions and basically left just the Helliarch alive, but the Hellions had managed to kill off the Big Mek (one down, one to go). Using the Hit and run rule again I moved the remaining Hellion out of combat of the Deffdread and towards the Ork boyz with the last Mek in it.
My turn the Archon's Raider moved forwards and the Archon+Incubi dismounted well within assault range of the gretchin claiming an objective The Wyches dismounted and where ready to show the pain to the Orks holding the central objective. The only remaining Ravager tried unsucessfully to blow up the Deffdread that had torn through the Hellion squad, and then it was onto assault, the Archon and Incubi tore through the Gretchin earning their Feel no Pain token, the Wyches killed 10 orks, but lost 2 to the return attacks, because the Orks were fearless they had to make another 8 saves/ I think 7 died, which was enough to draw them off and away from the central objective, the Hellion Hit and Ran with the Big Mek 13" and dropped him behind the Archons Raider.
So turn 5 finished and a third party (thanks Alan) rolled to see if the game continued he rolled a 3, so onto turn 6.
The Deffdread moved up to assault position on the Archon/ Incubi squad, the Loota's and Ork shoota boyz let rip into the Archons unit, after the smoke cleared only one Incubi had been cut down, but the Archon had lost his Shadowfield. Assault wise, the Kans continued to batter the Warriors/Wyches, killing another 3 Warriors and 1 Wych, the Deffdread assaults the Archon/Incubi and cuts down another Incubi. The Wyches in the centre finish off the Ork Boyz and consolidate.
My turn the Wyches move forwards and capture the central objective, the Ravager and a Raider move forwards and provide a wall to protect my Wyches from the other Deffdread, the last remaining Raider goes flat out and tries to contest an objective that the last unit of Ork Boyz have, but falls short by 1".
I lose another Incubi to the Deffdread but the squad passes its LD test, managing to stay contesting an objective. The Big Mek kills off the last remaining Hellion, the Warriors and Wyches lose again but still hold their ground.
Its at this point that we decide its a draw. Basically we ran out of time, I somehow managed to pull out a draw (we had 1 objective each), but I'm under no illusion that if it had gone on for another turn then Mart would have won.
Seize Ground and Spearhead was a hard game for the DE, Marts Ork force is a real pain in the backside to deal with. His Mobile Steel Wall and his Mek's providing cover saves for his troops and vehicles really shut down my mobility. If I had moved any sooner in the game then I would have been assaulted by the Kans and Dreads and my DE dont have the ability to take out vehicles in assault. Once he was close enough I risked the move and was able to break out, but only just. This left me with just 1-2 turns to assault his troops and try and make an Impact. Luckily the Wyches, Archon and the Incubi didnt disappoint.
Using 2 Haemies worked really well for me, both the Warriors and Wyches benefited from the FnP token. The Webway Portal wasn't used again and I'm seriously starting to doubt if its worth the 35 points, but its only my 2nd game and I need more time before making that decision. I'm gonna look at what options the DE have for killing vehicles in assault and try a see if that can be added into my army.
The Hellions actually managed to fight in this one, and were very effective in their Hit and Run/ Stunclaw move.
Also I'm going to look at the Tank Shock Prow and try and fit them to a Ravager and Raider, this would have really helped in this game, maybe even managed to claw me a win. But again its finding the points and correct balance for the army. Only time and more experience will tell.

So another very good game. Hats off to Mart, his force is very nicely painted and works well on the table top. I would like to play the other missions with him and see if he can shutdown my mobility again (I think it would be hard for him).
Lessons were again learnt the hard way, but I really enjoyed the game and its given me some more things that I want to look at and maybe refine my list some more.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year, New Army, New Tactic's

So I rolled out to Hulls Angels last night with the DE. I decided I couldnt wait for them to be fully painted and convinced myself that it would be a waste not to start the learning curve and have some battles.
What a learning curve is was. So many things went wrong in that first game that I could kick myself over and over, so where do I start.
I was playing 1500 pts Annihilation/ D of W against a nice chap called Angryhatter and his Ultramarine army.

His army list is something like this:

Chief labarian Tiguruis
Terminators x5
2x Tactical squads of 10 men Missile launcher
2x Devastator Squads 1 with 4 heavy Bolters the other with 2 Las and 2 Missiles
Dreadnought with multi-melta
Landspeeder with Assault cannon and Flamer
Predator with Twin las and Heavy Bolter spons and Hunter killer.

I went for a slight change on my original list and basically ran with:

Incubi x5

Warriors x8

Wyches x8

Wyches x7
Helions x8
Reavers x4

2x Ravagers (DL)
1x Ravager (Dis)

First Error, can you guess what it is?
Well I was so caught up in the game I didnt realise until turn four what I had missed, by which time we had other players from the club watching.
What a NOOB. How daft is that?
Well thats the first lesson of the evening.

Angry won the first turn and set up deciding to deploy the 2 troops and move the rest on his first turn. He set up on a table edge which didnt really have much terrain to block line of sight. I decided to bring my guys on the first turn with the night fighting rules in play, DE + Night vision, I fanced my chances of at least hitting a few of his vehicles and taking them down before return fire to hurt me.

All his forces basically ran forwards, Tact squad 1 managed to get into cover behind a wall and act as a speed bump for the Las / Miss armed Dev's taking cover in a large tower giving good line of sight to the battlefield. Just to their right the Predator took up position with the 2nd squad of devs. Tact squad 2 moved forward taking cover behind the central building bang in the middle of the board, the Termies and Chief running up behind them. On the right the Dread and Landspeeder moved forward.
I deployed most of my forces on the right flank thinking if I could take out the Tact squad behind the wall then the Las/ Miss Devs would be easy meat. On the left as a distraction I placed the Archons Raider in between two buildings. Time to kill some vehicles.
Well I was wrong, in the first two turns the 2x DL Ravagers only managed to blow off the twin-linked las on the Predator. The Dis armed Ravager did alot better and killed 3 termies, the landspeeder was shaken by the Archons Raider and that was about it for my shooting as everything else was in cover or blocked. His return stunned one of my Ravagers (DL) and thats was it luckily.
2nd Error
I didnt deploy the webway portal, Instead I charged the unit of warriors with the Haem into the Tact squad hidding behind the central building. This is when the dice gods left me, I only managed to kill 1 marine, in turn I lost 4 warriors, which then failed their LD and were run down. I couldnt believe it. Bang goes the WWP and access to my reserve Hellions and Wyches. From this point it basically went down hill, the wyches on my right flank failed to kill the Tact squad behind the wall and infact where held to a draw until the end of the game. Most of my Vehicles were destroyed with only the Archons raider left, the Archon and incubi where killed with mass Las and missile shots after wiping out the tactical squad in the centre. Reavers managed to be a pain for a turn or two, but by the end they were down to 1 bike.

So lessons learned?
Roll for combat drugs at the start of the game lol.
Deploy the Web Way Portal and the fact that I dont lose the units which are in reserve
Haem and his feel no pain token (another thing I forgot, and would have helped the warriors in CC)
Wyches arent as effective as in the last Codex, again the Combat drugs would have helped I'm sure. Maybe need to increase the squad size to max or insert a Haemie in there as well for the F no P bonus.
Ravagers need room to move and keep enemy at range.
Need to be more Aggressive in my play style, assaults on Turn 2 are possible, even turn 1 with bad deployment from the other player.

Reflections on the game.
Well even tho I lost it was still a good game, Angryhatter deserved the win and I'm sure I will get my revenge again some day. Army wise Im going to make a few changes before the next match against Mart and his Orks. I'm not going to tailor it to kill orks as I want an allcomers Army for tournie play.
Reavers are pretty good as a distraction but maybe their points can be used elsewhere better but I have about another 20+ games to figure that out. 20+ games? Well thats what I've given myself to learn the basic Tactics of the army and hopefully afew evil tricks to play

Apologises to Mart as time had run out and he had made a trip to the club to play me, Sorry m8. But I'm sure your future wins against me will be worth it....I hope.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

This year I have decided that I want to play at least 1 game every week, but we shall have to see. Projects wise I'm going to finish off the DE and my dwarfs before I look at anything else, no matter how shiny the new stuff GW release.

Thats All Folks