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Friday, 23 December 2011

Black Legion Sorcerer.

Forgot to post a pic of my Black Legion Sorcerer. Sorry for the rubbish camera work.

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas all,

Wow another year has come and almost gone, all I know is it went bloody quick. Looking back on last Decembers post I was ranting about GW price increases, well not so this year. Times are hard, markets are up and down and things could be worse, alot worse.
So whats 2012 gonna be like? Well I'm trying again to find my love for 40K. I recently pulled out all my models from the wardrobe I have allocated for storing all the shit. My Ork army is now sat on my painting desk fully assembled apart from 5 bikers that will stay boxed, my aim is to paint these using my Air brush that hopefully Santa will be delivering. Using the air brush with these guys with help me learn the ins and outs / do's and donts and tbh it shouldnt really matter as Orks are generally a rag tag bunch and if I mess up painting them no real damage should be done.
I also dragged out my Chaos army,now I actually have two Armies. One a fully painted and assembled Khorne list, full of Berserkers and the other from the Army boxed set. This is also semi assembled and I actually started looking at a viable army list for them. The list is done, I dont know how good it will be against the new Codex's and the MSU's that they can spam out but we shall have to see. I have always wanted to field a Black Legion force, and going through my models I have 1 squad of Plague, Berserkers, Thousand Sons  and also 2 squads of tacticals, one of these I've converted/ painted so they have sworn to Slaanesh. A unit of Chaos Terminators plenty of rhinos and also Obliterators. Pretty standard for a Chaos force, I believe. I will also have to field a Sorcerer with a Lash, sorry but thats just gonna have to be a must as I gotta have a few tricks up my sleeve.
TBH after going through the list I started to paint, yeah, I actually starting to paint again. My Sorcerer was semi painted so I started with him and have almost finished him off now. The Tact squad he's gonna be riding with has also been started with the Icon bearer now complete apart from his base, the others are coming on nice. No real rush to get these done seems to be working better for me. Hopefully with my Mojo for painting back I might actually get these done.
My Dark Eldar have been shelfed until I decide I need to paint them again, shame but I lost my Mojo whilst painting them and I dont feel like doing anything to them atm.
This leads me nicely to Fantasy, I have 2 armies Dwarfs and Orges both are assembled and neither are painted. Something I've also done is never played a WFB. So in the NEW YEAR that will be an aim, get one army painted and start playing some games.
Warmachine will be getting reinforcements and hopefully it will bring my force upto 50+ points. Again as I'm still learning this system aim for new year is more games, I'm not going to expand further on the force after xmas as I still need to learn what works and doesnt work, the only addition will be another Warcaster so I could field two different forces.
I'm also slowly working on my own gaming system, though I must admit this is slow going and really doesnt get as much airing as I would like. I have the basis of the idea, and almost got the basic's of the gaming system down on paper, I drawn on my experiences with the 40K system and also others as well. Its made me think about what is right and wrong about the these systems that I've played and how would I improve on them?
Infantry, Armour and also Walkers are the basic's, set in earths future the History its based on is a massive economic crash and a rush to collect resources as finally oil starts to run out.
Well thats enough of my crap now.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

Regards Skal

Friday, 9 December 2011

Xmas idea's

Been thinking about present ideas that my family can by me. This has been a tough one tbh. Warmachine has come in at the top with lots of nice units and models all handy at roughly a tenner, cheap as chips in this economic climate, Also I have an air Brush kit plus Compressor which is wrapped next to the Christmas tree from the wife. But I have already been getting questions about what I want for my Birthday which is in the first week of Jan, and that got me thinking. First option was GW stuff, but when I thought about it there really wasnt anything that I wanted or needed. I still have my DE army to finish off, then there are the Orks which are in a similar state, so I decided against GW stuff. Warmachine? yes and no, I have almost 50 points now and I really need more games with my Menoth Force before I decide which way to go and what models I really need. Then there is Dystopian Wars, I could add more models and I aim to collect the Dreadnought to go with my starter force. But as I still hav'nt been able to get my first game with this system it will stay on the shelf awiting some paint.
However this has caught my eye http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=173&esem=1 I've been watching this game for sometime now and it looks like its slowly getting towards the finished product. I'm thinking of getting the basic starter game with models for both sides and taking it down to the club to see if any of guys wanna try it out. The starter set is a board game but the link above is for a table top game being developed by Andy Chambers, rumours are its going to be released sometime in December or New Year. The reviews I've been reading all seem quite good so I'm looking forward to its release. Who knows this might be the next big thing.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

WM reinforcements


My order arrived today, abit late, by almost 2 weeks so 3 weeks in total coming, but its been down to casting problems apparently.
So what arrived to bolster the force? Wracks, Redeemer, Convenant, Flameguard and their Officer attachment. The Force is starting to fill out nicely, about 46 points if my maths is right.
I also went to the December tournie at Hulls Angels run by Nick and Luke. I had a very good day, it was well run/ organised and I even won something, ok it was the wooden spoon but hey its a start.
The Tournie was my first proper runout with the force and even tho I had to borrow some models off Nick (thank you) it really gave me a feel to how these guys play. What do I think? Well in my hands I lost all my games, but as my first tournie game was actually my 4th game in WM overall I think I did ok. My main objective was to gain experience from the players that was going to be there and all the players were very helpful in giving out advice about the force (after they had crushed me) which was nice. In the last few games I even started to get a hang of some of the models and their abilities, what I do find frustrating me is the fact that I have to go backwards and forwards to the little stat cards but I guess that will get better over time/ experience. Im also looking seriously at the other casters of Menoth. Kreoss is nice and easy to play with but I'm just not getting that feeling with him, I just cant find the Mojo when playing with him. But then the force really isnt my sort of style, normally I go for a fast style of play but Menoth arent known for their speed. So I'm looking for something else, will have to wait and see to which I will choose.
So sorry to say but again no painting and I dont think I will get much done till Xmas period is over. I have a nice new Airbrush and compressor coming for christmas so hopefully that will inspire me to start my painting up again.
Lots of rumours on the internet about the next release for 40K, Eldar, Chaos and also Black Templars. I'm wondering which one it will be? what little I've read Chaos (if its true) is gonna be a Sick Codex, fingers crossed I hope it come soon. Then my other idea of Berserker Jump Pack Army, might actually get off the ground.

thanks for reading


Friday, 18 November 2011

Been a while


Been a while since I last posted anything. I've done no painting, no modelling and even no gaming. Yet again RL is getting in the way, however this has left me some time to go through the Necron Codex. My thoughts overall? I like it, thats all, I love the fluff and the new units/ models but I'm struggling to actually go out and buy the models I need for my army. I've written a dozen or so lists now and have picked one or two that I think will do well for my style of play, but when it comes to actually logging on and ordering over the internet I find myself thinking could I put the money to better use on a different army?
What army? Well theres my DE to finish off, but tbh deep down I'm happy with my model selection, yeah some Venom's will probally be ordered when I have some spare cash or as Xmas presents and maybe a squad of warrior's to convert into Trueborn blaster squads. But generally I'm happy with the DE, so what else? Well the Space Marines were sold on e-bay earlier and I never really played with them. My Saim Hann Eldar Wild Host is completed and fully painted but just not viable anymore in 40K, so its staying boxed up until the next Eldar Codex release (whenever that will be). I have a Tau force also in a similiar state to the Eldar, rumours of an early 2012 release is a possibility but I don't need anything for that.

So this leads me onto some ideas have had banging around the inside of my head for some time. Being ex army I've always been interested in collecting an IG army and reading the Ghost novels recently has enforced that idea, but I want something different from the run of the mill. Now I love the ForgeWorld Death Korps of Krieg models, but for me the price is just too high, if I had the money then I would go for it, but times are hard atm so they are out of my reach. That got me thinking about conversions and how easy it is to work with plastics now.
How about a Blood Pact Army?  Based on the Cadian plastic army I think it could be done. All the helmets/ faces would need to be converted into suitable Iron masks but I think a Blood Pact army would be a cool thing on the table top. Plenty of conversion ideas of stalk tanks, Gliffs etc. This really got me thinking into the possibilies of a Chaos IG army, too many to list, but lots of ideas and conversions there.
Another thing I wanted to do was look into a Raptors Army of Chaos Space Marines. probally based on a Night Lords Force. No Codex for them and doubt there will be for sometime but I could always use the BA codex for a full on Assault army. No razorbacks, no MSU's, I'm taking about a fully equipt'd Jump Pack army right in your face assault from turn one. Would it work on the table top? Probally do about average, but it would be fun to use, and those Dread Claw drop pods from Forgeworld are sick, just begging to be used.

So my questions is this, which would you go for guys? Let me know

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Necrons are back

So Necrons have been released and in the last day or so I've been looking through the new codex. What I will say for sure is that GW have done another great job on the fluff side of things, filling out alot of blanks from the old (oldest edition ever) Codex. In fact even though I've read the fluff twice now there is so much to digess that its going to take another two or 3 more reads to fully understand and get a true fill for these metal machines.
Here are just a few changes that I've noticed so far.
Units wise well the Necrons have a glut of them. So many more now its going to be another battle just to try and select the ones I want and fit them into the 1500points standard force. For example in the old codex we had 1 HQ, 1 Troops, 3 Elites, 3 Fast Attack and 3 Heavy Support. Now we have access to 9 HQ (7 Unique, 2 Normal) these can be buffed up with a Royal court. 2 Troops, 6 Elites, 4 Fast Attack and 5 Heavy Support. For the first time ever Necrons now have access to 3 transports, 1 being a flyer.
Another nice change is that Immortals are now a Troops choice, have a massive drop in points cost and access to some nice weapon upgrades. Warriors have also dropped in cost which is nice but more or less stay the same as in the old codex.
Gauss weapons still cause a glancing hit on a armour penetration roll of 6, and also now there is a new weapon called the Tesla. For every to hit roll of 6 basically it causes 2 additional automatic hits on that unit. Also the most powerful Tesla weapons have the ability of arcing to other nearby units and causing damage which is a nice bonus.
Some changes to the we will be back system. Its now called Reanimation Protocols (RP), good points is that it will speed up the game and it should flow better. Also if I'm reading this right you get to make RP rolls against all attacks even power weapon wounds. But the bad point is models only stand back up on rolls of 5 and 6 and if the unit falls back then those models lose their RP rolls as they self destruct. But I guess a chance to come back and get back in the fight is still good in my eyes.
The Holy grail in all Old Necron players (or should that be Unholy) the Resurrection Orb has been nerfed, now it only effects the unit the the keeper is in instead of those within 6" but its still an RP of 4+ and has been reduced in points cost to reflect this.
Well that's all I'm going to write about atm, I'm going to have a go at writing a few lists and see how they look.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Necrons are back

Well its about time, Nov 5th and the Necrons are back and like the Dark Eldar before them they have been totally re-worked. Only models that are the same are the warriors and Monolith.

Click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VxsnuyMIM0&feature=player_embedded

Some damn sick models

Monday, 24 October 2011

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mojo is back up and running.


So its been three months since I took a break from the hobby. enough was enough and I felt ready to start up again.
I headed down to the club with my Menoth force for a few practice games. Wow in those 3 months lots of small changes have occurred. Entrance is now via the shop area, pay at the cash till and sign in. In the main hall all the tables looked very good so I have to say Hulls Angels is looking very professional and what you would expect a true war-gaming club to look like, well done guys.
So my first game was against Luke, I would like to say thanks for playing and answering all the questions that I had Luke, it made it a very interesting and enjoyable game for me. So I have Kreoss, Revenger, Crusader, Reckoner and of course the Choir which are fully painted and tbh this was a nice start models wise, to learn how to play the game.
 At first I felt like a right noob, trying to decide what was going to go where and planning future moves etc. this was totally different to my Warhammer 40K experiences.
However that all changed after Lukes first turn, man can Lukes force move quick, in one turn he was knocking on my door with two very angry looking wolf's, one of them hit me in lukes 2nd turn and almost scrapped my Crusader in just a few attacks. After that things just became a bit of a blur for me, straight on the back foot I had fight it out, but I did learn some important lessons during that first game. Somehow at the end I managed to pull out a win, which was a nice suprise for me, but I know it was a close game. Thanks again Luke for your patience and answering all my noob questions.

So onto the second game against a chap who I cannot remember his name (sorry) and his force from Cygnar, a couple of Jacks and unit that does nasty stuff to enemy Jacks and a Warcaster that seemed to spew lightning whenever he could. I lost alot of models in this game only the Reckoner, Revenger (badly damaged) and Kreoss (with 5 HP left) survived, but luckily I managed to kill his Warcaster. Again another sporting opponent who answered all my questions etc

I like Menoth and I chatted to Luke about starting a Merc force, but I think I'm just gonna stick with Menoth for now. I'm looking at grabbing a few more Jacks as Menoth have some nice ranged weapons (16")  that I wanna try out in future games. The Choir really is a nice unit with its abilities to buff up the Jacks, my problem was deciding what Hymn to go for and when to activate them in relation to the Jacks. In that second game I left them badly exposed and paid the price by losing them all by turn 3. So more practice games whilst adding to the force and hopefully things should start falling into place.

Warhammer 40K stuff? Well I've slowly and I mean slowly been painting through my DE, I refined a few lists that I wanna try out, but I need more models to complete the force, well I need alot of models to finish the force but thats going to be expensive. However recent rumours are now looking like fact.  The Necrons will soon make an appearance (looking like Nov/ Dec release) and I'm torn about what to do. I already have a sizable force of Necrons and even have the Apoc battle force box of Necrons in a cupboard still on thier sprues. The pictures I've seen equal the DE models in design and modelling and from the rumours of the codex they will probally just be as nasty.
So I'm gonna hold off for the release and grab the Codex and then once I've read and re-read then make my decision.
Also this year I wanna try out for a ToS Tournie again and maybe even a doubles tournie if anyone would be interested in partnering up? Let me know.

Well thats it for now, might post a few pictures on my DE soon. Thanks for reading

Saturday, 1 October 2011

New Games, New Hope

Well its been two weeks since I last posted something, a lot has happened in those two weeks as well. I've just got back from a great  holiday with the wife in the Lake District and I'm feeling recharged and on a high. However the high turned to a low as on the way back home I got some pretty sad news that a work mate had pasted away, I'm gutted that this has happened but I guess that's life. He fought against all the odds stacked against him and lasted almost 2 weeks before passing peacefully away in the hospital bed, my thoughts go out to his family at this sad time.

On this low note I've decided to look at other things with a more open mind. Both in my hobbies and life in general, I guess I have already started to to do this in the gaming world with my purchase of Warmachine and Dystopian Wars products. Yeah this was probably more to do with the fact that I've been disheartened by the way things have gone at GW recently, but after thinking long and hard I'm not ready to give up on 40K yet. I'm gonna wait till the 6th edition comes out and check it out then.
In the mean time I'm gonna finish painting my DE and  look at new systems like WM and DW, but I've also been looking at a game called Dust Tactic's.
Now for some reason, and I don't know why, I think I'm going to get this game. If you wanna have a look at it click on these links http://www.wargamesworkshop.com/GroupList.aspx?CatID=5&DivID=138 and http://www.arcaneminiatures.co.uk/miniatures-detail.asp?ID=35100.
the game itself is actually a board game but I think and its stated in the first video link that it could easily be used as a table top game as well. The models look pretty good imo and most importantly you can get started with a pretty cheap force.
If anyone else is interested in giving this system a go then let me know and when I get it I will bring it down to the club for a few testers.

Back to Warmachine and my painting is progressing, atm I'm just finishing off the Choir and then all I have left is the Errants unit to do. Once these models are done I'm heading back into Hulls Angels for a few practice/ learning (getting my arse kicked) games. From there I'm going to build my force up to about 50 points worth, but Ive also been looking at the Mercenaries forces and I quite like the idea of putting a totally merc force together... Is it possible to play with just a merc force without them being allied to anyone else? If you know the answer to this then let me know please.

Dystopian War models are still the same ie unpainted (sorry Drax). I'm thinking that I need to get an airbrush to really give these models a good paint job. There are some great paint jobs of DW models on the internet completed mainly by airbrush methods, so thats what I'm aiming for. I tried the hand painted way on one of my Tiger tanks for FoW but even though its ok it wasnt the look I was after.

Well thats it for now, thanks for reading.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

List planning

Well no painting done at all since my last post, I've been working hard at work and manning issues did force some 12 hour shifts and tbh I just could'nt be bothered to actually do any modelling or painting when I got home.

But I did pick up the Dark Eldar Codex for a flick through and it got me thinking on my Dark Eldar Army. Normally for me, I dont worry too much about writing lists first. I tend to buy what models I like the look of then try and fit them into my lists later and see how they perform during my test games.
Most of the time this seems to work for me, but lack of funds in the old bank account is/ will force me to re-assess my buying habits in the future and look into what actually seems to work on paper first then go out and buy said models. I've decided I'm not going to invest 300 to 400+ pounds in a new force if it is not going to work on the table top because of my poor list building. Everybody likes to win, I like the tournaments and I wanna do well in them as I'm investing my money in them, so from now on wallet first, fluffy models second.

Now my Dark Eldar force started fluffy, and I've tried out some different models during my test games, some units have done well others hav'nt and have been dropped. Now my games have been limited to certain types of armies (Orks mainly and a few Marines) but if I'm truthful my Dark Eldar Army just doesn't seem to be good enough in Close Combat, its not the codex or the force but its down to me I guess and my poor dice rolling abilities.

Blag will know what I'm saying here with this example "Beastermaster squad charges, rolls 30+ attacks and only causes 2 wounds, return attacks from enemy squad causes morale check which they fail and run/ wiped out."
It just seems to be my bad luck.

With that in mind I'm looking at the Dark Eldar in a new light, I'm going to try and keep my DE out of close combat if that is possible and kill/ wipe out the enemy force with superior speed/ movement and firepower.
Is this possible? Yes it should be, its my main tactic for my Saim Hann force so why cant I use it on my DE?
My Saim Hann force uses high str weaponry and speed for side shots against enemy armour and the farseer to buff up the forces saves. Well the Dark Eldar have feel no pain which is a buff and the amount of High str weapons that they can field is frightening. So I've come up with a few lists that I wanna try out at the Club, when I do decide to head back into the game fully.

Any volunteers wanting to help me test out my new lists?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Building up some steam


Well its been sometime since I last posted (17th July I think). The reason being as I felt that I had lost my Mojo for the the Hobby. In the 2 months or so that I have been away, all I've really done is read the rules for Warmachine and Dystopian Wars and recharged the Mojo battery so to speak.

Last week tho, I picked up the hobby again and slowly started to get back into modelling/ painting.

I have a Menoth starter Force to get through as well as a Choir, Exemplar Errants and a heavy Warjack, The Reckoner.
Before my self imposed absense from the hobby I invested in some bases and the other items that I needed to play WM, Dyst Wars.
These have been sat in the box opened but unpacked, what followed over a few hours was the pinning and re-basing of all my Menoth models, with the entire force re-based I then uncoated the lot in one go. TBH that was enough for me so they sat there not doing much for the next couple of days.

Well my Kreoss figure is finished, something I managed to do before my time away, looking through the models I decided upon the Reckoner and choir models to begin with, whilst finishing off the part painted Revenger.
Painting on and off for about 30-45 mins at a time, then just walking away for a few hours has helped maintain my motivation. Here are a few pictures of the progress that I'm making to the above models. The Revenger is almost complete and I think the Reckoner isnt too far off either. I'm still waiting for basing materials to arrive so I can finish off the bases to a good standard.

I'm really happy with the way the off white colour on the models has come out. I have always struggled painting white models in the past, with the finished results always looking poor, but after reseaching on the net Ive got a few really effective techniques that have worked for me. It even got me starting to think about a Deathwing force for 40K lol.

Here are some pictures on my Choir and Reckoner, unfinshed of course.

I also recieved my Dyst Wars fleet last week (Covenant of Antarctica) this army was only released on Aug 6th so I'm hoping to read up on the rules and have a few learner games with Drax who also has a fleet, I must admit that these models are really detailed and I think these will look really effective when painted up.
More pic's of my Fleet and remaining models to paint up for WM.

 So I'm looking forward now to playing with these down at Hulls angels. I'm alittle behind on the other guys with experience and rules etc, but hopefully I will have alot more teachers who will be able to help me out when Im sure to get stuck.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Taking a Break

Well the title says it all, I have not picked up a paint brush for over a month now. Everytime I go into my gaming room I see the models that need building up and painting but I just cant be arsed. I've lost my gaming mojo. To that end I'm going to take a break from gaming till I feel the bug again. Dont know how long its gonna be so I wish you all well and hopefully I will see you guys again down at the club when I find my mojo.

regards Skal

Sunday, 26 June 2011

No real update

Well I've not been doing much on the hobby side of things. Busy again at work and RL which seems to be taking alot of my time up.
I have however been slowly working through my Warmachine stuff. But I've have abit of a misshap with my WM bases. I didnt like what I had done the first time round whilst basing them so decided to strip the paint off and start again, in they went into some nail polish remover....dont worry its the acetone free one. BAD MOVE, it stripped the old paint off but it also ruined the bases making them real soft. So now I'm going to be looking for some more bases lol, luckily they do sell them which is a good thing. Here is a picture on my Warcaster Kreoss.
Once I get the new bases and the other goodies that I will order, I should have a 35 point force with which to learn with, which I'm looking forward to. Im also looking at yet another 40K army, lol I'm a mug I know, but for a while now, I've been wanting to start an Imperial Guard force. Two types stand out for me and that is a fully Air Cav and also the Forge World Death Corps of Kreig http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/Imperial_Guard/Death-Korps-of-Krieg?filter_reset=1
I really like this style of army but its just a shame that it's so damn expensive. Decisions, decisions. But time is on my side and tbh I will have to see how much the whole army will be before I step up and lay my cash down on the counter.

Thats all for now


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Storm Templar Pictures

Sorry for the quality of pictures but my camera ran out of batteries so have to use the wifes i-phone. Here are a few squads, and also my first Tiger Tank for Flames of war. Not a great paint job but I dont have access to a air brush and for me that would make a better job of the camo scheme

Storm Templar Dreadnought

Crusader Squad with Plasma Cannon

Storm Templar Assault Squad

Terminators with Cyclone Launchers
Terminator Assault Squad

Tiger Tiger Tiger

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Damn and Blast

Well I spent all day trying to figure out an army and it looks like I was looking at the wrong game. I read through my old mails from drax and it looks like he wants to play Game 3, if thats the case I need to redo my list for 1500 points. Oh well, pays to pay attention to small print.

Dusting off the Storm Templars

Right because I'm a nice bloke I agreed with Drax to play a 2500 point game to help him in his Badab War tournie.
So 2500 points and I have to play the Loyalists, so I'm like wtf am I going to take. Just to let you all know I hav'nt played with my Storm Templars Chapter since 2008 Throne of Skulls Tournie, which was so far in the past that I've had to break out the dusting off brush and give the models a good clean before I could use them.
So now what? OK, download the newest rules update and get to grips with them again....done that, now to break out the dex and put an army together, well it took me another hour or two to locate the codex and to read through it a few times noting the rules updates etc.
Reading Drax's Blog he seems to be leaning towards the Deathwing more and more, which is a pretty elitist army to play and play against. So what do I have to counter that type of army? Well looking at the Dex the Black Templars can field some pretty tooled up lads, bonus for me.
One of the rules for the Loyalists in this game is that I have to take 3 HQ's which then become the objectives in the game, so I have to keep them alive and Drax has to kill them, mmmm well with the deployment rules are also going against me, this is going to be harder than I first thought. Here is a linky to the rules/ game http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1830362a_Download_the_Badab_War_Part_1_Scenarios

As you can see Drax gets to deploy last and anywhere within 6" of my forces, which will be deployed centrally in the board. So if I lose the roll of to go first I'm screwed, if I win maybe I'm still screwed but we will see. After pondering about this for awhile I started coming up with a plan, but I guess tomorrow I will know for sure if it works.
So back to my force selection, Drax if you read this then you need to close your eyes at this point.

Objectives of the game three HQ's.

Well it has to be a Marshal, Chaplain and of course the Emperor's Champion, both the Marshal and Chaplain will be suited in Termie Armour and be allocated a Termie Command squad with the Furious charge special rule and 2x Assault cannons mounted in a Land Raider Crusader to transport them into battle.
The Champion with Accept the Challenge, no matter the odds vow will be deployed with a crusader squad in a Rhino. What does this vow give me? Preferred enemy, basically giving all my Storm Templars re-rolls on missed to hit rolls in close combat.
So thats all 3 Hq's sorted and a troops choice. Time to fill out the numbers abit, so another Crusader squad with plasma cannon mounted in a Razorback, Assault Terminators (Furious Charge) mounted in another Land Raider and finally a last Terminator squad with 2x Cyclone Launchers (Tank Hunters) on foot. So that gives me a good amount of anti tank and anti infantry but I'm still not happy with the numbers, but I'm already getting tight on the points. So I choose an assault squad which has good movement and can hit hard in Close Combat, I really like the Dreadnought and would have preferred to take 2 but I can only manage to fit 1 in due to points, so one it is. By now I'm very limited to what models I have left on my shelf, but there looking mighty fine was a Vindicator (nick named the fire magnet)
I fielded this in the Throne of skulls tournie, it never lasted more than 2 turns in every game, but its such a nice model I grab it and place it with the chosen few.
So there we have it, my force ready to do battle with the Secessionists/ Traitors, the good thing about this game is that both forces are old boys lists from 4th edition, so points wise we should be very similiar. Abilities wise the Deathwing are fearless but then so are my Storm Templar's and they also get the re-rolls in CC as well, so whatever happens its going to be bloody, hard and over quickily in assault.
Thanks for reading

Thursday, 26 May 2011

BFG still lives

Well last night me and Alan broke out and dusted off the old BFG game. This made a nice change and the game was alot of fun. It's a shame that GW let this game slip off the radar as I really like it. Alan and myself both agreed that some of the rules could do with an upgrade as after the inital fight it takes an age to change course and get back in the fight. Alan did what he does best and beat me again (does he never lose?) But I think we played a good 6-7 turns and I still enjoyed the game.
I also picked up my first Tanks for flames of War. Tiger tanks, yes I love the old Tigers. Just got to build them up and paint up (even more painting) ready for Alans FoW campaign.
I've also built up and started painting my first models for the tale of many planets 40K campaign. 500 points of Orks, I wanted a change from DE so I decided to dig out my Orks which have been sat at the bottom of the Wardrobe since they were released, unassembled and unpainted. I decided to convert an Ork Trukk into a Flying transport, similar to the FW design, I hav'nt been as succesful as FW, but I'm happy with the end result. What do you guys think? Here are some picks.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pictures of new Darke eldar releases

Wow guys, Dark Eldars newest releases, just gotta love their designers man.
Dark Eldar Scourges, Venom, Talos Pain engine and Cronos Parasite engine.

Enjoy the pics

Renaming My Blog

Well its been a busy month or so for me. How much painting have I done? Well to tell the truth very little and 40K seems to have lost its flavour at the club with the new gaming systems being taken up by alot of players. I've been busy at work, painting and decorating at home (still loads to do) and also trying to sort through 12 odd years of gaming models that now occupy almost a double wardrobe at home. I've also had to contend with a very dodgy internet connection which seems to stop working just when I need it the most. Has anybody had the same problem? I was shocked at first, but it made me realise just how much I depend on it to do my daily crap, internet banking, shopping looking up something that I dont understand. When you lose your internet its like losing your right hand (I'm right handed).
So a new re-designed Blog, why? Well sorting through my models I realised that I needed something else than just a Dark Kin and forces of Dis-order. I have Tau, Space Marines, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons and Chaos Space Marines in my 40K collection. In Warhammer I have Dwarfs, Tomb Kings and Orge Kingdoms. In Battlefleet Gothic the fleets I have are Imperial (Large force) Tau, Eldar, Chaos and a scratch built Tyranid fleet. I have also started a Warmachine force which I am going to learn how to play tonight at the Club. Sometime in the future I hope to gain a Flames of War force, so rather than have a dozen Blogs I have decided to put them all under one roof.
For those of you who follow me I'm sorry about the next week or so as I will be slowly updating this blog and re-arranging its layout.

Oh and by the way that double wardrobe is now 50% less, its amasing how much crap you  actually store.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Daemons are still bane to DE

Well the title says it all. Fought Blag for the rights to the spaceport and was crushed. Killpoints,  with Dawn of War.
Blag won the roll off and let me go first.
First two turns not much really happened, then it got very bloody. But by the end of turn five the game finished, I had 6 Killpoints and Blag had12. Well done m8.
So its upto others to take the spaceport in the Campaign, whilst the DE withdraw to lick their wounds and plan again.
Damn rending attacks from Slaanesh daemons was painful, that and my appalling dice rolls for my Beastmaster pack. 23 attacks 7 hits, 3 wounds Daemons saved 2, so they lost be 2 wounds failed their Ld test and then ran to be caught and butchered.
From that point on I was on the ropes, with the whole centre of my lines left wide open for the Deamons to pour in.
Still a good game and another learning curve as I've never played daemons before.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Oops I forgot to post pictures.

Reinforcements finally arrive

Well they are here. The models I said I wouldnt buy because of the cost landed on my doorstep this afternoon. I placed the order with Wayland games almost 10 days ago, why the delay? well I also placed an order for the Warmachine models Protectorate of Menoth and yes I happened to order what was out of stock. After waiting for stock to arrive (7 days) and didnt turn up they sent the order out missing the out of stock models and giving me a full refund on the missiong models. I have no complaint with wayland games, they kept me informed by E-mail all the time about the status of my order. I will def be ordering from them again.
So what did I get?
Well a full Beastmaster squad was ordered to finish off my DE Army, not the original beastmaster squad that I have been play testing, I scaled it back to the min, which consists of a Beastmaster, 5 x Khymera's, 2 x Razorwing Flock's and of course a Clawed Fiend. After spending so much time carefully assembling and painting my Dark Eldar, I thought it was rude not to purchase the last pieces of the force.( my stand in models just didnt look the part. ie were crap).
I know there are some more models being released by GW in the near future, but tbh I'm pretty happy with my Army list as it is now. The true test will be against Alan's (Blag) Daemon Army on Wednesday night, I dont think I will win against such an evil mastermind, but I'm going to give it my best, and maybe, just maybe steal that spaceport off him (cue evil laughter).
The second part of the order was of course the new Warmachine force. I made a slip up not actually ordering the game rules (DOH). But I'm hoping to pick that up on the way into Hulls Angels on Wed night.
I recieved a nice hardcopy Forces of the Protectorate of Menoth, the starter Battle group 4x members of the Choir and High Allegiant Amon Ad-Raza (what a cool name). I was missing the Warpriest and Acolytes to finish off the choir but I'm not too concerned about that atm.
My aim is to get these models put together soon and have a few starter battle group fights with others at the club and start learning the rules.

Well thats all, got lots of building to do, so if you will excuse me I'm off

Regards Skal

Friday, 25 March 2011

Beastmaster pack incoming

Well just ordered my Dark Eldar Beastmasters from Wayland Games. Had to cut back on my original size of my Beastmaster pack but doing this allows me to invest in some other goodies.
A Warmachine rule book for Protectorate of Menoth and the starter battleforce is also on it's way, been looking into this as a distraction from GW stuff.
Suprisingly last night I also started painting up the DE again, I almost managed to complete the squad of warriors and a squad of Wyches. Just a few final touches left to do on both of these squads, then next up will be their transports.
We will have to see how long my mojo lasts this time, whilst painting these guys? Hopefully I might get a week or two out of it, but if I feel that I'm going to rush them, then I will stop and down paints. At least now I will be able to switch to the Warmachine stuff for a change.

The Campaign which Mart designed is just around the corner, starting 1st April (ish) I'm really looking forward to this. As it will give me alot of experience in handling the DE against other armies. Space Marines (which seem to be my Bane) Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Daemons to mention a few. Biggest suprise is that Mart himself has decided to bow out of the competion, and sell his Orks. He is working on  Khornate army atm, so another Close Combat monster of an Army. Looking forward to seeing some paint on those guys.
Also Ive noticed a big spring clean out at the club. Most of the members are trying to sell GW stuff off to free up some more funds/ space for new armies. With Grey Knights around the corner I should imagine a few of Titans best will start to make appearances at the club, infact Alan probally has an unpainted force fully assembled ready to kick everyones arses.

Well thats it for now, been pretty lax on the updating of my Blog. Sorry about that must try harder in the future.

Thanks for reading Skal

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spanking Drax's sisters

Ok, its not what you think when you read the Title of this post 8).
Me and Drax had a nice little warm up game last night, ready for when the Campaign kicks off in April.
His Sisters vs my DE. I have more or less fine tuned the DE list now, all that remains is to play and play till all the nasty tricks that the DE force has becomes second nature to my gaming.
List wise I wish that I could fit my Reavers in my force, but there just isnt enough points to spare in 1500pt game, so they will have to sit on the painting table.
So what am I running with?

Incubi x5




Beastmaster Pack

Talos .

1500pts exactly. TBH I'm pretty happy with this force. Not a power gamers force by any means but I'm not out for the win everytime. I want to play a good game and have a laugh at the same time. Its those nail biting moments that I really enjoy.
So Drax turned up with his sisters, now to be fair I dont think he has had much playing time out of them recently. We started off talking about what his units were and how the Faith points system worked, mainly because I had never played against a Sisters force before. Now the faith points system really makes a Sisters force shine if you can pull off all those rolls (which Drax did-most of the time). I didnt really take note of what units he actually had with him but I think it was something like this.
2x Battle sisters + Rhino
2x Seraphim
Dominion 4x meltas with Immolator.

Now an old school army which meant Drax was going to find it hard going against my new and improved DE force. Its not often that DE out number a foe, but 1500pts doesnt really buy alot of sisters. Even I was suprised.

We rolled the D6's for mission, Seize ground and Dawn of war. 5 objectives were needed and placed. 3 objectives were placed pretty centrally with the last 2 opposite each other on my right and Drax's left flank.
I won the roll off and let Drax go first, holding all my force ready to push on 1st turn.
Turn one:
I managed to pop a rhino with the DL ravager and spill out a squad of Battle sisters, careful deployment by Drax gave him a cover save from my 9 Dis shots from a ravager, which killed a few more.
Turn 2:
Drax  shot and and took a wound off my razor wing model in the beastmaster pack. I moved my Archon and Incubi squad, Wyches , Hellions and Beastmaster pack into assault range. Shooting wise the DL ravager managed to pop another Rhino spilling out the second squad of Battle Sisters, this was followed up by the Dis ravavger firing more shots into the same squad. I think I killed 3-4 which was a good result.
(now in previous games I've not had much luck with Ravagers)
Assault wise DE did what they are good at, the Archon and Incubi cut down the Seraphim squad and the Canoness withdrew to join the Battle Sisters nearby, both the Beastmasters and the Hellions assaulted the central Sisters squad beside there burnt out rhino, they killed 3 but 1 hellion was cut out of the sky and the Wyches assaulted the Seraphim squad hugging the trees on Drax's left flank, killing 4 and lost a Wych in return, the Seraphim then did the sneaky Hit and Run (old School) and left my Wyches sat in the open (not good).
Turn 3:
The Archon, Incubi and Haemie recieved alot of love from the Battle sisters, in the form of flamer templates 8(.
I think I took 11 wounds in total, but they had FnP and good armour saves (apart from the Haemie) in the end only the Haemie took a wound, sorry Drax, I have to say that was some pretty damn lucky rolls on my part. the Seaphim squad flew back into the Wyches and flamed them to death, I lost 6, wiped out the unit,  no save or cover save allowed ouch that hurt. But the Hellions and Beastmaster pack wiped out the Battle sisters.
My Archon and Incubi moved to within an inch on the Canoness and BS squad my Talos which had been out of assault range lined up on the biggest target left which was the immolator with the Dominion squad still inside, the Hellions made use of the 12" move and surrounded (just) the doors of the Immolator, the Beastmaster pack moved to avenge the dead and crispy Wyches.
The DL and Dis ravagers opened fire on the Battle sisters killing them off leaving only the Canoness standing, ready to recieve the charge of my Archon + Incubi. The Archon charged in, scored 5 wounds, Canoness used Faith again and her save of 2+ became Invul, luckily she failed 1 roll and the Husk Blade sucked out her Soul.
The Talos charged the Immolator 6 attacks left it a exploding vehicle killing 2 of my Hellions and 2 Dominions. I was hoping for a wrecked result as the squad inside would not have been able to dis-embark because of the Hellions and therefore would have been wiped out, but it was not to be.
Finally the Beastmaster pack killed off the last 3 Seraphim in assault.
Turn 4:
The last 3 Dominions killed another 2 Hellions and were inturn charged and killed by the Talos. That was that Game over.

In all it was a pretty good game for the DE. Drax all credit to him turned up with a force which is badly in need of an update (one of many atm). I learnt a couple of things in that game. Faith Points are really handy if you can make the rolls, and flamers really, really hurt (unless your an Archon+Incubi)
Thanks for the game Drax, looking forward to the Campaign, I might even get some more painting done before it kicks off.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Long time no post

So I've had 10 days off from work, and its been a very enjoyable 10 days. What painting have I done to the DE? None. For some reason my enthusiasm has waned abit with GW stuff. So I'm just taking a break from 40K for awhile or until at least the Campaign starts at the local club. I did manage to play a game on wednesday against Space marines and just missed out on a draw. Objectives based missions, a real pain for me. First 2 turns of the game, I lost more or less all my long range hitting power, none of my cover saves came out on any vehicle. Archon and Incubi + a squad of Wyches against a Space Marine Command squad.... yeah you guessed, I couldnt shift them from my objective, even after 3 turns of close combat. Because of this he finished with his commander 2" off my objective and therefore contested it. Still I learned a few valuable lessons. Space Marines still seems to be my bane. I need to double up my squads to at least ensure a win, which seems to be in contrast to what the internet forums are saying. Wyches whilst good in close combat arent very good and staying alive at the end of the game which is a problem. So in my next game I'm going to change a few things, starting with the Archon and Incubi, a great unit but totally over kill. I'm gonna split them up the Archon on the charge with his Huskblade would be a nice support for a Wych Squad, and the Incubi for the second Wych squad. That way if the Wyches do run into a unit they find hard to shift next turn I will use Mr A and Squad I to counter charge. Ravagers great models but atm I'm not finding them much of a success, I have already replaced one with a Talos Pain Engine. Now this I'm having alot more sucess with. Good WS and very high Str and T it's a royal pain in the Backside for the enemy.
So I'm heading back into the codex to have another look. The beastmaster unit is staying, its just too much fun to lose and the horrible amount of attacks this unit has is insane, gonna have another look and see what there is.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

New Arrivals

So finally, looks like the DE are getting there second wave at the end of March. Mart kindly gave me the link http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat440160a
this morning to GW and the models look great.
My only concern is the cost of them, seems to be more and more of an issue for me, just for the unit of Beastmasters its going to cost me £117.80. which by anyones standards is a hell of alot for just one unit. Abit of a disappointment was no new Talos in the new arrivals? So after I worked out how much the Beastmasters unit was going to cost me I decided to have a go and scratch build one. Now I have loads of left over parts from old Dark Eldar armies, so I started looking through my bits box to see what I could come up with and I am very happy with the results.

Below you can see some pictures that I took. Now just to painting it and the rest of the army lol

Here is the old one

My version of the Talos, looks kind of like an evil Transformer lol.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Right place, right time.

So in the ongoing play testing of my Dark Eldar force I managed another game down at the club again last night. This one was abit strange as I was play 2 opponent's at the same time. Using Marts Ork Army, Mart and Drax are heading down to GW HQ in Nottingham to play in the doubles Tournie in a few weeks and they wanted to get some practice games in before that date arrived.
So I tweaked my Army list from my last game with Mart, not really changing much but basically I dropped the Void Raven bomber and took a Dis Ravager instead, this gave me enough points (just) to be able to expand the Beastmaster squad. Now I'm not going to give a Turn by Turn account of what happened, but basically the mission was Seize ground (3 objectives) and Spearhead. objectives were placed 2 quite centrally and another far on the right flank. I won roll off and decided to go 2nd.
Basically I started with my Hellions, 1 squad of Wyches, Beastmaster Squad and the Talos in reserve. My Archon and Incubi Bodyguard mounted in a Raider and Haemie and Wyches in a Raider.
Turns 1 and 2 saw the Orks run forward to capture the 2 centrally objectives whilst my Wyches and Haemie darted forward in their raider dismount. The Haemie parted company with the Wyches giving them the FNP token and deploy the webway portal, the Wyches fleeted forward and were just in charge range of a unit of Lootas.
Carnage followed and the Lootas were wiped out, Wyches recieved their second Pain token of Furious charge but were then counter assaulted next turn by a massive unit of orks losing 3 of their number. FNP actually did some good and saved 6 wounds.
Basically turns 3 and 4 saw the arrival of my reserves and a massive CC fight over the 2 central objectives, the wyches assaulted a DeffDread to delay the ork advance, the Talos assaulted 3 Killa Kans the Hellions assaulted with the Beastmasters into the Orks and Wyches combat, at the end of the combat the Hellions played their dirty tricks and pulled the Big Mek from out of the combat with the Wyches using the Stun claw and Hit and Run rules ( getting to really like this tactic).
By turn 5 it was more or less over, the Orks had lost all their troops, I had one squad of Wyches falling back, the Beastmaster was falling back, the Talos was going toe to toe with the 2nd Deff Dread but my warriors were still standing on the 3rd objective, giving me a win.

Now as I play more and more battles with DE I'm beginning to get a feel for how the Army works. Yes its T3, generally vulnerable to shooting (especially Rapid fire) and isnt the biggest army at 1500 points. But what you get is a very deadly force able to slice through an enemy Army like a hot knife through butter. You can't handle them like SM, infact they play differently to any other army in the 40K world.

After last night I was thinking in bed of how it all seemed to come together and finally start to work? Well maybe Mart and Drax's luck wasnt too great. They made some mistakes early in the game, but this was the first time these two had played together as a team using Marts Orks, so you would expect that.
But I realised that I was starting to think ahead in turns of where I was wanting to be and then start to work out where I would position certain units to get the best out them and also if I was charged then I would be charged by something I could actually hurt back. The 2 Squads of Wyches did well, but you have to use these carefully, yes they can go toe to toe with most units but they need support, having a 4++ invuln save and FNP is a bonus but the small squad size ( mine are 7 models) means it doesnt take much to get them below half srength.
Beastmasters didnt really do much in this game but against massive amounts of cheap troops even they put the Wyches to shame. The amount of attacks this unit dishes out on the charge is frightning, 24 str 3 rending attacks and 32 str 4 attacks + the 4 str 3 attacks from the Beastmasters themselves can damn well hurt. I have 2 Beastmasters 4 razorwings and 8 Khymera's this gives me a total of 30 wounds for wound allocation. When these guys hit they hit hard. they just need to hit the right targets, all this for just 190 points.... bargin.

The Talos did well and went head to head with the Kans and Dreads, everything it touched died horribily, so it's going to stay in the army for now.

Hellions for me as now a dead cert when I select a DE force, there ability to be able to jump over terrain and other troops, Hit and Run rule and the Stun claw is just too good to pass up on. You do have to be careful again with these guys, they die quickily to shooting so always try and get them a cover save.

Warriors were good at what I set them up to do which was basically camp the objective, armed with a Blaster they even threaten any transports that might come within range.

Ravagers now I'm still not sure about these vehicles. I just dont seem to be able to kill anything with them. Im gonna keep them in until I fight other armies like SM as I think they will work better against their vehicles rather than the Orks.

Thats it for now, so two losses ,1 draw and finally a win, with the up and coming campaign in March these tactic's will hopefully get honed into a sharp and deadly Agoniser.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A little more flavour, same results.

Hi Guys,

First up apologises for not updating this blog as often as I should. Real life seems to be getting in the way more atm.
So what have I been up to since I last posted? Well not alot. Painting has more or less ground to a halt on the DE, I'm having real trouble getting the colour tones of the DE skin right. Like a noob I painted a Hellion which came out real nice but I then forgot about which colours I used, fast forward 3 weeks and I'm painting Wyches and the skin tone is totally different. Its more normal looking on the Wyches which is far to pink for my tastes, so back to the drawing board on that one.
Army wise I have been doing some research in what is working for other DE generals. As you can guess the results are pretty different. Now my experience is mostly against Marts Ork Kan List, with his Meks giving him cover saves on everything I find it very hard to take him down.
So a few changes were needed for the next game. First off I know people rave about the Ravagers but for me they just aren't doing enough damage so I decided to drop 1 dis and 1 dark lance Ravager, I replaced these with stand in models representing a Talo's and a Void raven bomber with 4x Shatterfield missiles. I decided to drop the warriors and a replace them with a Beastmaster squad. That was more or less it, turned up last night at the club and faced off against Marts Orks.
Mission Seize ground with Pitched Battle.

3x Objectives which were basically placed in the mid ground on my left flank all nice and tight within 12" of each other in a triangle. Now this was just what Mart needed, with his numbers he would just swarm over the objectives and just sit there, he has enough boys to soak up the shots and with the cover saves from his big mek's his army can defend well. Cover wise there wasnt much, a couple of trees and I thing a small tower. The board was set up for Fantasy really but we wanted a change so it was good.

Well what basically happened? He moved his Army forwards onto the objective. The WWP was deployed about 8 inches away from the objective triangle and the slaughter began. By the end of turn 5 neither of us had any troops left to capture the objectives so it was a draw, we had killed all the fleshy stuff and only vehicles were left. A very Bloody Battle, enjoyable and threw up quite a few rules queries, thanks go out to Alan and John for answering them.

So lessons learned:
New Units:

The Talos when used right is a combat monster, Str 7,T7 and benefits from Power of Pain, ouch, Marts normal Ork Boyz couldn't hurt it (but would if they charged). Basically I was limited on what I could do with it as it came through the WWP. A Dredd, 3x Killer Kans and luckily for me a big Mek+ Boyz were all in assault range, whatever happened the Talo's would have been counter-assaulted in the next turn. So in he went against the Big Mek. I rolled for attacks and guess what I got, yep a 2 (dice gods are very fickle for me) so 3 attacks which coverted to 2 wounds off went the Big Mek to Gork and Mork. Now the Talos was taken out the next turn by the combined might of the Powerklaw Nob, Dredd and Kans. But just in that small fight it showed its worth, with a better dice roll for attacks the Talos is a bargin at 125 pts, if you can get these into combat, then its gonna give your opponent a real headache.
Talos is still vulnerable to heavy weapons and Powerfists/ Thunderhammers, but a WWP can help in this regard allowing you (hopefully) to choose which squads to CC . The downside to WWP is not knowing when these guys are going to turn up, which is a pain. I'm gonna look at runing more of these in my future lists, I just wish the models were available now.

What can I say, these guys are a real steal, a very good substitute for Wyches, I had 2 razorwings and 5 Khymerae + the Beastmaster, 34 Attacks on the Charge, I 5 &6 with 4++ save and  16 wounds between them for wound allocation. This is a nasty unit for only 102 points, 8 x Wyches (tooled up) cost 136 points.
These guys will def be in the Army from now on, maybe take 2 units in the WWP. 6" move D6 for fleet and the 12" Assault range means once they are on the table nothing much is safe...even orks 8)

Void Raven Bomber
Now this is more expensive than the Ravager, topping out at 185 points, but it did have 4 one shot only Shatterfield missiles, the good thing is this can move 12" and shoot all its weapons, ALL WEAPONS. Now on turn one this can be quite nasty, especially in the Spearhead Game when your opponents army is jammed into a table quarter. Shatterfield missiles x4 = large Blast str 7 with rerolls to wound, OK it doesn't have an AP but against Guard, Orks or Nids this is going to hurt, they either take normal saves or go to ground for the cover saves which basically gives you some more breathing space and locks their units down for a turn.
then it just becomes an annoying splinter, with its 2 Voild Lances trying to take side armour shots on the enemy vehicles.

Older Units:

Old as in I've used them before in previous games.

Still a good unit in C.C. Even tho I have my doubts I just dont seem to be able to roll anything decent than below average on my Dice. Their 4++ save is nice tho, this time they were equipted with Haywire Grenades. On paper they look good, needing a 2-5  for Glancing and a 6 for Pen, however against walkers I found them next to useless. With just 1 attack with grenades and needing 6's to hit walkers, I averaged 2 hits from 8 Wyches and got 1 glancing which ended up being a 1 on the damage chart. Against stationary vehicles they might be better but I doubt it. Would I take Haywires again? Probally as only 2 points per model it does give you greater options on the field of battle, and maybe, just maybe, one day I might roll better dice and actually do some damage. Wyches still managed to do well in combat against the Orks, against other armies with lesser amounts of return attacks they will really earn their points back. The only drawback to Wyches is the fact that they are a Troops choice, and when your needing to capture objectives and the fact Wyches tend to die well in CC, it leaves you very little troops left by turn 5. I'm going to have to bring back the warriors and really only use them as objective takers.

Archon and Incubi:
These guys if played right can cut through large units like a hot knife through butter. Unfortunately for me my dice rolled was utter carbage on the turn they charges 15 attacks on the charge from just the incubi and I manged only 1-2 wounds, dreadfull. The archon managed alittle better and killed the Big Mek so got his Str increase from the Soul Trap, then lost his 2++ save after rolling a 1 on his saves. Two turns they lasted against a normal Ork Boyz squad. I really cant comment on these guys yet, mainly due to my horrible dice rolling. So Ive ordered some more dice, enough said.


Again didn't really do much for the entire game, averaging 1-2 hits per turn, but again failing to do damage against any of the Kans. Against AV 13 and above then the Dark Lances are ideal, but lots of AV 11 and 12 they didn't really do much. Dis armed Ravagers might be the way to go. Will try it out next game.

Well thats it for this post, Marts found me a nice link on painting DE flesh which I'm going to try out. I'm also working on the Army list, refining the units that I've tried so far. I think I need to play against other armies as well to see how the original list works out.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Week 2, 2nd Game


So its Week 2 of 2011 and I've just played my 2nd game with Dark Eldar. Still learning the Tactics and feel of my force and you really do have to seriously think about where you are deploying and where you are going to be moving next turn.
I played Mart tonight with his Big Mek Orks. Mission was Seize Ground using Spearhead conditions. 5 objectives where placed and Mart chose his side of the board.
Now Mart was playing Orks which I can only describing as a moving wall of steel. 2 Big meks with Kustom force Fields, 3x3 Killa kans,3x rockets, 3x kustom mega blasta and 3x grotzooka's. 2x Deffdreads CCW, 2 large units of Boyz about 20-25 in each, one squad with shoota's. 12 Loota's and a gretchin squad.
Basically his deployment was tight, his Killa Kans provided the steel wall with the CCW Deffs right behind them, next up was his Meks each assigned to a unit of Boyz.
Rolling for my Combat drugs was a 4 so I re-rolled failed to wound rolls which is good.
I set my Warriors up in a Building/ruin in my Table quarter with everything else hidden behind the same ruin. Well first 2 turns nothing much really happened, he ran forwards and I moved my Ravagers to get some shots on his Kans and Deffdreads. Just to let you know in 3 turns and I destroyed only 1 Kan and had Imobilised his one of his Dreads, but the grot riggers repaired him. His Meks were doing their job and keeping his force alive with the cover saves from their Kustom force fields.
I was pretty much screwed, I couldn't break out as he had penned me in with all his running Kans/ Dreads. My inability to destroy his Steel Wall meant I was unable to get my Wyches in safely to have a crack at his Ork Boyz. The only option was to wait until he was close enough with his Kans and move my Raiders/Ravagers flat out and try and break out.
This happened on Turn 3, by this time I think he has 3 objectives to my 0. The break out cost me a Ravager destroyed and an imobilised Raider, I also lost a gun on the Dis Ravager. My Helions flew in from reserve and weathered a turn of fire from his Loota's, loosing only one of their number to their shots (very lucky dice, cheers for the loan Mart)
Turn 4 is where its started to happen for me, his Kans pushed forwards again whilst his troops stuck close to 3 of the objectives he had claimed. The Hellions shot then assaulted one of the Boyz units, they actually managed to kill a fair few Oks and only lost 2 in reply. Using the hit and run rule, they grabbed the Big Mek out of the unit and moved him 11" away.  I managed to flat out my Archon's raider and 2nd raider full of Wyches in behind the steel wall, the Dis Ravager moved forward to provide cover for the Raiders from the Kans.
Turn 5, well up to this point Mart had it pretty much wrapped up. He held 3 objectives and at most I had one. If it had ended here then he would have won fair and square. Mart moved his kans foward towards my Wyches and warriors which had claimed an objective. He turned one of his Deffdreads around and basically moved it into assault range of the hellions/ Big Mek combat, shot at and destroyed the Dark Lance on the Archons Raider, his Kans destroyed the Dis Ravager, then it was assault. 2 squads of Kans assaulted the Warriors and Wyches killing 3 warriors and 1 Wych, both of these units passed their LD test. Deffdread assaulted the Hellions and basically left just the Helliarch alive, but the Hellions had managed to kill off the Big Mek (one down, one to go). Using the Hit and run rule again I moved the remaining Hellion out of combat of the Deffdread and towards the Ork boyz with the last Mek in it.
My turn the Archon's Raider moved forwards and the Archon+Incubi dismounted well within assault range of the gretchin claiming an objective The Wyches dismounted and where ready to show the pain to the Orks holding the central objective. The only remaining Ravager tried unsucessfully to blow up the Deffdread that had torn through the Hellion squad, and then it was onto assault, the Archon and Incubi tore through the Gretchin earning their Feel no Pain token, the Wyches killed 10 orks, but lost 2 to the return attacks, because the Orks were fearless they had to make another 8 saves/ I think 7 died, which was enough to draw them off and away from the central objective, the Hellion Hit and Ran with the Big Mek 13" and dropped him behind the Archons Raider.
So turn 5 finished and a third party (thanks Alan) rolled to see if the game continued he rolled a 3, so onto turn 6.
The Deffdread moved up to assault position on the Archon/ Incubi squad, the Loota's and Ork shoota boyz let rip into the Archons unit, after the smoke cleared only one Incubi had been cut down, but the Archon had lost his Shadowfield. Assault wise, the Kans continued to batter the Warriors/Wyches, killing another 3 Warriors and 1 Wych, the Deffdread assaults the Archon/Incubi and cuts down another Incubi. The Wyches in the centre finish off the Ork Boyz and consolidate.
My turn the Wyches move forwards and capture the central objective, the Ravager and a Raider move forwards and provide a wall to protect my Wyches from the other Deffdread, the last remaining Raider goes flat out and tries to contest an objective that the last unit of Ork Boyz have, but falls short by 1".
I lose another Incubi to the Deffdread but the squad passes its LD test, managing to stay contesting an objective. The Big Mek kills off the last remaining Hellion, the Warriors and Wyches lose again but still hold their ground.
Its at this point that we decide its a draw. Basically we ran out of time, I somehow managed to pull out a draw (we had 1 objective each), but I'm under no illusion that if it had gone on for another turn then Mart would have won.
Seize Ground and Spearhead was a hard game for the DE, Marts Ork force is a real pain in the backside to deal with. His Mobile Steel Wall and his Mek's providing cover saves for his troops and vehicles really shut down my mobility. If I had moved any sooner in the game then I would have been assaulted by the Kans and Dreads and my DE dont have the ability to take out vehicles in assault. Once he was close enough I risked the move and was able to break out, but only just. This left me with just 1-2 turns to assault his troops and try and make an Impact. Luckily the Wyches, Archon and the Incubi didnt disappoint.
Using 2 Haemies worked really well for me, both the Warriors and Wyches benefited from the FnP token. The Webway Portal wasn't used again and I'm seriously starting to doubt if its worth the 35 points, but its only my 2nd game and I need more time before making that decision. I'm gonna look at what options the DE have for killing vehicles in assault and try a see if that can be added into my army.
The Hellions actually managed to fight in this one, and were very effective in their Hit and Run/ Stunclaw move.
Also I'm going to look at the Tank Shock Prow and try and fit them to a Ravager and Raider, this would have really helped in this game, maybe even managed to claw me a win. But again its finding the points and correct balance for the army. Only time and more experience will tell.

So another very good game. Hats off to Mart, his force is very nicely painted and works well on the table top. I would like to play the other missions with him and see if he can shutdown my mobility again (I think it would be hard for him).
Lessons were again learnt the hard way, but I really enjoyed the game and its given me some more things that I want to look at and maybe refine my list some more.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Year, New Army, New Tactic's

So I rolled out to Hulls Angels last night with the DE. I decided I couldnt wait for them to be fully painted and convinced myself that it would be a waste not to start the learning curve and have some battles.
What a learning curve is was. So many things went wrong in that first game that I could kick myself over and over, so where do I start.
I was playing 1500 pts Annihilation/ D of W against a nice chap called Angryhatter and his Ultramarine army.

His army list is something like this:

Chief labarian Tiguruis
Terminators x5
2x Tactical squads of 10 men Missile launcher
2x Devastator Squads 1 with 4 heavy Bolters the other with 2 Las and 2 Missiles
Dreadnought with multi-melta
Landspeeder with Assault cannon and Flamer
Predator with Twin las and Heavy Bolter spons and Hunter killer.

I went for a slight change on my original list and basically ran with:

Incubi x5

Warriors x8

Wyches x8

Wyches x7
Helions x8
Reavers x4

2x Ravagers (DL)
1x Ravager (Dis)

First Error, can you guess what it is?
Well I was so caught up in the game I didnt realise until turn four what I had missed, by which time we had other players from the club watching.
What a NOOB. How daft is that?
Well thats the first lesson of the evening.

Angry won the first turn and set up deciding to deploy the 2 troops and move the rest on his first turn. He set up on a table edge which didnt really have much terrain to block line of sight. I decided to bring my guys on the first turn with the night fighting rules in play, DE + Night vision, I fanced my chances of at least hitting a few of his vehicles and taking them down before return fire to hurt me.

All his forces basically ran forwards, Tact squad 1 managed to get into cover behind a wall and act as a speed bump for the Las / Miss armed Dev's taking cover in a large tower giving good line of sight to the battlefield. Just to their right the Predator took up position with the 2nd squad of devs. Tact squad 2 moved forward taking cover behind the central building bang in the middle of the board, the Termies and Chief running up behind them. On the right the Dread and Landspeeder moved forward.
I deployed most of my forces on the right flank thinking if I could take out the Tact squad behind the wall then the Las/ Miss Devs would be easy meat. On the left as a distraction I placed the Archons Raider in between two buildings. Time to kill some vehicles.
Well I was wrong, in the first two turns the 2x DL Ravagers only managed to blow off the twin-linked las on the Predator. The Dis armed Ravager did alot better and killed 3 termies, the landspeeder was shaken by the Archons Raider and that was about it for my shooting as everything else was in cover or blocked. His return stunned one of my Ravagers (DL) and thats was it luckily.
2nd Error
I didnt deploy the webway portal, Instead I charged the unit of warriors with the Haem into the Tact squad hidding behind the central building. This is when the dice gods left me, I only managed to kill 1 marine, in turn I lost 4 warriors, which then failed their LD and were run down. I couldnt believe it. Bang goes the WWP and access to my reserve Hellions and Wyches. From this point it basically went down hill, the wyches on my right flank failed to kill the Tact squad behind the wall and infact where held to a draw until the end of the game. Most of my Vehicles were destroyed with only the Archons raider left, the Archon and incubi where killed with mass Las and missile shots after wiping out the tactical squad in the centre. Reavers managed to be a pain for a turn or two, but by the end they were down to 1 bike.

So lessons learned?
Roll for combat drugs at the start of the game lol.
Deploy the Web Way Portal and the fact that I dont lose the units which are in reserve
Haem and his feel no pain token (another thing I forgot, and would have helped the warriors in CC)
Wyches arent as effective as in the last Codex, again the Combat drugs would have helped I'm sure. Maybe need to increase the squad size to max or insert a Haemie in there as well for the F no P bonus.
Ravagers need room to move and keep enemy at range.
Need to be more Aggressive in my play style, assaults on Turn 2 are possible, even turn 1 with bad deployment from the other player.

Reflections on the game.
Well even tho I lost it was still a good game, Angryhatter deserved the win and I'm sure I will get my revenge again some day. Army wise Im going to make a few changes before the next match against Mart and his Orks. I'm not going to tailor it to kill orks as I want an allcomers Army for tournie play.
Reavers are pretty good as a distraction but maybe their points can be used elsewhere better but I have about another 20+ games to figure that out. 20+ games? Well thats what I've given myself to learn the basic Tactics of the army and hopefully afew evil tricks to play

Apologises to Mart as time had run out and he had made a trip to the club to play me, Sorry m8. But I'm sure your future wins against me will be worth it....I hope.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

This year I have decided that I want to play at least 1 game every week, but we shall have to see. Projects wise I'm going to finish off the DE and my dwarfs before I look at anything else, no matter how shiny the new stuff GW release.

Thats All Folks