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Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 here we come

So 2010 is drawing to a close, 2011 is about to be unleashed. In typicial British style I'm gonna have a moan to see out 2010, whats the moan about? GW pricing. I've just been down to my local GW shop to purchase models to finish off a tyranid army. My God what a shock, all I wanted was two Zoanthrope models for the army, now if a member of the public was asked in the High street, how much for this peice of metal? Im sure they would not ever ask the £13.50 price tag.
GW if you arent careful you are going to price yourself out of the market. I know recently they have started to change their marketing ploy and that they are steadily increasing the amount of models that we use in 1500pts battles, I dont have a problem with that, but to charge £13.50 for a single metal model, which probally costs them about maybe £2 to produce is bordering on criminal.
Times like this, companies like GW must rely on their customers loyality to keep them going. I have been collecting models now for over 20 years and can usually afford the price. But how the hell does a new child fresh into the hobby have a chance? Rich parents? Not in these times... If I was a complete noob and didnt know what GW was about I would probally say to my kid £13.50 for that tiny peice of metal? No lad, find something else, find another hobby, find a cheaper hobby.
GW you need to look at yourselfs, like all businesses that keep raising the prices in hard times something will give. The public are being asked to give more and more, the VAT raise comes into effect Jan 2011 how much will the models cost then? There are cheaper hobbies out there in the market, I thought the idea was to increase the fan base = increase profits, not to destroy the fan base and hence lose your business. Dont lose what has been a magical 25-30 years. But then I guess you do have to think about your share holders first!

In the End I thought sod it, and bought one model instead of two. If everybody does that then times will be hard for GW in the New Year.

Rant over

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New Year Update

Ok guys,

Xmas has come and gone, I had a really great time spent with my wife and no work which is the first time in 5 years.
Presents wise I received a couple of Ravagers, wyches and hellions for my DE army. Also grabbed a couple of wierd looking toys which I aim to use as Spores for my Nids, they are about the same size/ shape as drop pods so I think they will look good on the table.
Painting is ongoing, Warriors are about 80% done now just the small details and basing which requires finishing off, I might change the face plates on the models, atm I have a green glow coming from most of the face plate, but Im not sure that I like the look of it, what do you think?
Ive also included a few more pic's of other stuff that Im working on in my spare time or when I get bored of painting DE. The tyranid is my scratch built Tervigon which is starting to come together nicely and Im learning alot about modelling with the green stuff.
Thats All Folks

Xmas Pressies
 Organised Chaos ie my Paint and modelling station
 Almost there with the warriors
 DEcided to re-do the Archon Face/ helmet
 Test model of my Spore for nids
 Scratch built Tervigon
 Side view (almost completed side)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Quick Update

Not much happening on the DE painting, been very busy at work and with social engagements, so here is my work in progress