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Monday, 29 November 2010

Cold Weather

Well with all the cold weather we have had recently, I've been pretty busy at work which has left very little time for the Dark Eldar painting. Luckily I have managed to finish off my first Ravager and Im quite happy with the results, even if it did take me almost 2 weeks to complete. I had to stop myself a few times from taking short cuts whilst painting this model, I get bored too easily. But I have learned some good lessons with this first paint job, so hopefully other vehicles wont take as long. I'm now working on the Archon and the squad of warriors for a change as I cant bear to paint another vehicle just yet. Maybe I will have something else to post soon.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Colour Scheme

Well I've selected a colour scheme for the army. I wanted something that would stand out on the table top and I believe most Dark Eldar would go for the darker colours when painting their forces. Mine are based on a few pictures in the codex (page 71) which have been called the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. I quite like the build up from black-red-final orange highlight. My first test subject (warrior) was scrapped as I was to heavy handed on the orange highlights, the second attempt came out alot better. I'm still not 100% happy with it though, the last highlight needs to be really thinly applied otherwise a closer inspection just looks ugly.
But damn there are so many little details on the Raider/ Ravager models, these are going to take up alot of time to paint well.

Here are a few photo's enjoy...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Designing the Army

So I've had the DE codex now for just over two weeks. I sat down and read through the book several times selecting the models that I like the look of and what I think will work well on the table. I've also done some research on internet at the various Dark Eldar sites as to what other players think works and wont work in the codex.
Now I have a list which I'm happy with and is basically just short of 1500 pts, this template force is what I will use to play games and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the DE Army, this will be used in games at my local club and I will refine it over the coming months till I have a force I'm comfortable and happy with.

The force so far:

Huskblade, Combat Drugs, Soul trap and Shadowfield 

WWP, Liquifier gun, Venomblade

Incubi x5
Raider. Flickerfields and nightshield

Kabalite warriors x8
Blaster, Sybarite with Agoniser
Raider. Flickerfield

Wyches x7
Hekatrix, agoniser, Hydragauntlets
Raider. Flickerfield

Wyches x8
Hekatrix, agoniser, Hydragauntlets

Helions x8
Helliarch, stunclaw, Phantasm Grenade launcher

Reavers x6
Cluster Caltops 

Ravager. Flickerfield
Ravager. Flickerfield

Not a power list as you can see, but I'm not really that kind of player. I tend to go for the balanced lists or what models I like the most and try and make them work on the gaming table.
Now I have to assemble and glue.

Dark Eldar

So why did I pick the Dark Eldar?
I've always liked the DE background and like others I have been waiting and waiting for games-workshop to release the new codex. The wait was worth it though, I think the Dark Eldar models are some of, if not the finest models GW have released to date. So once I heard on the rumour mill about the upcoming release I started to save my pennies for a new army.
I wouldnt be diving in straight away, as I like to read and re-read the codex to understand roughly how each unit will work on the battlefield.
Now I'm not a powergamer, so my armies tend to be fairly relaxed builds (no Alpha Strike, etc) as I like to collect what I think looks good and would work well tactically on the gaming table.

What do you think of the new Dark Eldar models?